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vate entry.

graduate and reduce the price of the public lands to actual settlers and the land became cultivators," approved August fourth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, the subject to prirespective periods therein referred to shall be computed from the dates on which the lands became subject to private entry, after the first or original offering of the same.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

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1854, ch. 244.

Vol. x. p. 574.

CHAP. CLXVII. An Act making Appropriations for Fortifications and other Works Aug. 18, 1856. of Defence, and for Repairs of Barracks and Quarters, for the Year ending the thirtieth of June, eighteen hundred and fifty-seven.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be and they are hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the construction, preservation, and repairs of certain fortifications, barracks, and quarters, for the year ending the thir- Appropriations tieth of June, one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven.

For Fort Montgomery, outlet of Lake Champlain, twenty-five thou

sand dollars;

For Fort Knox, at the Narrows of the Penobscot River, Maine, sixty thou-and dollars;

For Fort Winthrop, Governor's Island, Boston harbor, ten thousand dollars;

For Fort Richmond, at the Narrows, New York harbor, seventy-five thousand dollars;

For Fort Warren, Boston harbor, twenty thousand dollars;

For Fort Delaware, Delaware River, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars;

For Fort Carroll, Baltimore harbor, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars;

For Fort Calhoun, entrance to Hampton Roads, Virginia, fifty thousand dollars;

For Fort Sumpter, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, fifty thousand dollars;

For Fort Pulaski, Savannah River, Georgia, nineteen thousand dollars;

For Fort Clinch, entrance to Cumberland Sound, Florida, twenty-five thousand dollars;

For Fort McRee, and preservation of its site, Florida, twenty-five thousand dollars;

For Fort Barrancas, Pensacola harbor, Florida, twenty-five thousand dollars;

For Fort Gaines, Dauphin Island, Alabama, fifty thousand dollars ; For Fort Taylor, Key West, Florida, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars;

For Fort Jefferson, Tortugas, Florida, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars;

For fortifications at Alcatraz Island, San Francisco Bay, California, two hundred thousand dollars;

For fortifications at Fort Point, entrance of San Francisco Bay, California, three hundred and fifty thousand dollars;

For repairs of Castle Pinckney, Charleston harbor, ten thousand dollars;

For repairs of Fort Jackson, Savannah River, fourteen thousand dollars;

For repairs of Fort Morgan, mouth of Mobile Bay, Alabama, twentyfive thousand dollars ;

For extension of Battery at Fort Jackson, Mississippi River, ten thousand dollars;

VOL. XI. PUB.-16


For repairs and extension of Fort St. Philip, Mississippi River, thirty thousand dollars;

For contingent expenses of fortifications not herein mentioned, the preservation of sites, the protection of titles, and repairs of sudden damages to forts, thirty thousand three hundred dollars. APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

Aug. 18, 1856.


CHAP. CLXVIII.-An Act to establish certain Post-Roads.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following be established as post-roads :


From Burnt-Corn, via Andalusia, Elba, Indigo Head, Hawkridge,
Westville, Daleville, Newton, Abbeville, to Fort Gaines, Georgia.
From Clayton, via Louisville, Justice's Store, Rocky Head, Haw-
Ridge, Indigo Head, to Elba.

From Burnt-Corn, in Monroe county, to Ft. Gaines, Georgia.
From Elba, via Old Town, to Almaranti, in Florida.

From Elba, via Indigo Head, and Rocky Head, to Louisville.

From Greenville via Starlington, to Sparta.

From Elba, via Indigo Head, Rockyhill, and Louisville, to Clayton.
From Greenville, via Milleville, Cook's Store, Greenland, to Elba.
From Genoa, via Barber's Ferry, to Andalusia.

From Andalusia to Williams' Mill, in Covington county.

From Eufala, via Fort Browden, Spring Hill, Enon, to Tuskagee.
From Jonesboro' to Mudd Creek.

From Jonesboro' to Waldrop's Mill.

From Fort Gaines, Georgia, via Abbeville, Newton, Daleville, Indigo Head, Elba, Andalusia, Sparta, to Burnt-Corn, Alabama.

From Louisville in Barbour county, via Justice's Store, Rocky Head,

to Indigo Head, in Coffee county.

From Woodshop, in Dale county, to Newton.

From Elba, via Greenland, Cook's Store, Millville, to Greenville.
From Abbeville, via Flag Pond, to Big Creek, in Dale county.

From Andalusia, in Covington county, to Ucheanna, Florida.

From Perote, in Pike county, to Monticello.

From Mount Meigs, via Lime Creek, Bruceville, Arbor Vitæ, Perote, Indian Creek, to Mount Andrew.

From Waverly, via Home, to Wind Creek.

From Oxford, via Arbacoochu, Bowdon, and Cawatton, (Georgia,) to
Newman, (Georgia.)

From Benton, by Pleasant Hill, Cantonville, and Richmond, to Camden.
From Greenville, via Oaky Streak, to Andalusia.

From Marion, in Perry county, by Burrough's Ferry, on the Cahaba
River, Ford's Mill, and James Griffins, to Randolph, Bibb county.
From Abbeville, via Flag Pond, to Big Creek.

From Newton, via William Britt's and Barker's Mills, to Genoa.
From Andalusia to Uchee Anna, (Florida.)

From Beaverton to Orin Davis', (at Thornhill.)

From Eufaula, via Fort Browden, Springhill, Enon, to Tuskegee. From Winchester, on Mobile and Ohio Railroad, to Linden, Merango county, Alabama, via Jersey, Butler, Mount Sterling, and Tompkinsville, in Choctaw county, Alabama.

From Thornhill, Hancock county, to Moscow, Marion county, via Greene Haley's.

From the Lauderdale Springs, in the State of Mississippi, via Livingston, in Sumpter county, Alabama, Demopolis, Spring Hill, Dayton, and

McKinley, in Marengo county, Orville, Cahaba, to Selma, in Dallas Alabama. county, Alabama.

From Oak Level, via Pumpkin Pile, Georgia, to Cedartown, Georgia. From Wetumpka, via Buycksville, Travellers' Rest, Weogufka, Marble Valley, Talladega Springs, and Fayetteville to Syllacogga.

From Columbiana via residences of James M. Walhn, Henry Webster, and E. Cook, to Cross well.

From Asheville to Levi C. Blair's.

From Crawford, via Waughtula, to Society Hill.

From Van Buren to Asheville.

From Gadsden, via Fairview, Lookout Mountain, Hendrixville, to Bellefonte.

From Asheville, via Chesallyric, to Blountsville.

From Asheville, St. Clair county, to Blountsville, via Chepultepec, Blount county.

From Wedower, via Haywood, K. B. Shorts to Franklin, Georgia.
From Mount Meigl, via Line Creek, Bruceville, Arbor Vitæ, Perote,
Indian Creek, to Mount Andrew.

From Jacksonville via Nances Creek, to Cedartown, Georgia.
From Shippersville via Summer Hill, to Newton.

From Oak Bowery, via Kendall's X Roads, to Dudleyville.

From Newton to Woodshoss.

From Newton, (east of the river,) via Wm. Buitt's, Barker's Mill, to Genoa.

From Perota, via Monticello, to Troy.

From Shippersville in Dale county, to Newton.

From Fredonia, via Hickory Flat, to Roanoke.

From Jasper, by Thornhill, to Russellville.

From Mobile, via Hollywood, to Donnelly's Mills, Baldwin county.
From Crawford, via Waughtula, to Society Hill.


From Pocahontas, via Cherokee, to Poplar Bluffs, Missouri.

From Pocahontas, by James D. Cross', in Randolph county, to Doniphan, in Missouri.

From St. Charles, via De Witt, to Brownsville, in Prairie county.
From London to Jones', St. Francis county.

From Danville, up Dutch Creek, to Waldron.

From Desarc, Prairie county, to Oakland, St. Francis county.

From Chienla, Yell County, via Pleasant Valley, Shoal's Creek, Morrison's Bluff, to Roseville, Franklin county.

From Mount Ida, Montgomery county, by Maddox Sulphur Springs and Big Bend, to Pauther, Polk county.

From Desarc, in Prairie county, to Cotton Plant in St. Francis county.

From Holly Point, Ashley county, by Hazzard's Store, Newport, Cooper's Store, and D. P. Stevens', in Drew county, to Monticello.

From Hot Springs, via Howell's, P. P. Pytchlins, Robinson, in Polk county, Suckfata, and Wright's Ferry, on Red River, to Paris, in Lamar county, Texas.

From Pine Bluff, in Jefferson county, to Aberdeen in Prairie county.
From Salmora, Izard county, to Locust Grove, in Leary county.
From Pocahontas, in the State of Arkansas, via Cherokee Bay, to
Poplar Bluffs, in the State of Missouri.


From Placerville to Genoa, Carson county, Utah Territory.

From Trinidad, in Kalamath county, by Orleans, Bar Forks of Salmon River, and Bestville, to Petersville.







From Orleans Bar, by Happy Camp, to Yreka, in Liskyion county.
From Nelson Point to Quincy, C. H., of Phimas county.

From Port of St. Francisco, by sea, direct to Humboldt Bay.
From San Diego, via El Paso, to San Antonia, Texas.

From Pitulena, in Sonora county, to Tomales.

From Stockton to San Bermiadino, via Millerton, Visalid, and Fort Lyon.


From Litchfield, by Milton, Warren, and East Kent, to Kent.


From Pensacola to Greenville, Alabama.

From St. John's River, on the Bellamy road, via Danielsville and the Sand Hills, to Newmansville.

From Sosschoppy, by way of Gov. Call's, to White Bluff.

From Orange Spring to Cedar Key.

From Quincy, via William Winderwerdler's and D. B. Rich's, to Ridleysville, in Gadsen county.

From Mariana to Osheesee, extending the route from Columbia, Georgia, to the latter place.

From Fort Yates, via Liola, Orange Lake, Fort Drane, Flemington,
Wacoopootee, and Shell Pond, to Long Pond, Levy county.

From Ferdandina to New York City, in steamers.
From Cedar Key to New Orleans, in steamers.


From Blakeley, via Colquitt, the site of Miller, to Bainbridge. From Chenubba, by Terrill Court-house, Dover, and Morgan, to Colquitt, the county site of Miller.

From Roswell, by Cherokee line, Troy, Field's Cross Roads, Freemansville, and Hickory Flat, to Canton.

From Tennville to Mount Vernon.

From Calhoun, via Floyd's Springs, to Rome.

From Jacksonville to Trader's Hill, (Georgia,) via Josiah Lewis', on Mill Creek.

From Colquitt, via Milford, to Newton.

From Vienna, via Pennsboro', and Hahira, to Troupville.

From Reidsville, in Tatnall county, Georgia, to Hinesville, in Liberty county, Georgia.

From Mount Pleasant, in Glynn county, to Pendarvis' Store, in Wayne county, Georgia.

From Cook's Store in Appling county, via Daniel Morrison's, in Coffee county, to Douglass, the county site of Coffee county.

From Canton, via Sharpe Top, Rich Mountain Copper Mines, to Jesper, Pickens county.

From Preston, via Richland, Lumpkin, and Bladen Creek, to Eufald,

From Cartersville, via Dallas, to Villa Rica, Haralson county.
From Marietta, via Dallas, Vanwert, to Cedartown, Polk county.


From Decatur, in the county of Adams, in the State of Indiana, by way [of] Oakes, Bluffton, and the Salamonie, in Wells county, to Warren, in Huntington county.

From Frankfort to Reece's Mills, to Lebanon, thence to Danville, via New Brunswick, Elizabethtown, and Jamestown.

From Noblesville, in Hamilton county, to Andersontown, by Strawtown, Perkinsville, and Hamilton.

From Le Gras, in Wabash county, via Dora, New Holland, and Mount Etna, to Warren, in Huntingdon county.

From Renssalear, in Jasper county, to Momence, in Kankakee county, Illinois.

From Anderson to Noblesville.

From Crawfordsville, via Jacksonville, Harveysburg, Lodiville and Eugene, to Georgetown, in Illinois.

From Sullivan, via New Lebanon, Merom, in Indiana, and Palestine, to Robinson, in Illinois.

From Renssalear, via Pilot Grove, and Morocca, to Kankakee City, Illinois.

From Lexington, in Scott county, to Little York, in Washington county, via Camargo, Wooster, New Frankfort and Austin.

From Leavenworth, in Crawford county, to Paoli, in Orange county, via Magnolia English, Mt. Prospect and Williamsburg.

From Richmond to Union City, via Middleborough, Hillsborough, Bethel, Arba, Spartansburg, Bartonica and Salem.

From New Providence, in Clark county, to Martinsburg, in Washington county.

From Williamsport, via West Lebanon, to Danville, Illinois.

From Austin, via New Frankfort, and Wooster and Camargo, to Kent, in Jefferson county.

From Salem to Little York, via New Philadelphia.

From Princeton, via Mount Carmel, to Olney, in Illinois.

From Spencer, Owen county, Indiana, by way of Cataract, to Cloverdale, in Putnam county.


From Avon, via Greenbush, to Monmouth.

From New Boston, High Point, Aledo, Viola, Oxford and Bishop's
Hill, to Galva Station.

From Maquon, via Elliott's Mills, Truro and Victoria, to Walnut Grove.
From Ridge Farm, via Indianola, New Homer, and Sydney, to Ur-


From Kankakee City, via Limestone, Kinoza and Essex to Gardiner.
From Quincy, via Mill Creek, to Douglasville.

From Macomb to Canton.

From Mount Carroll, via Rock Creek, Elkhorn, Milldegeville, Genesee,
Grove, Mt. Pleasant, New Genesee, and Emline, to Sterling.

From Mt. Carroll, via Argo, and Bluffville, to Fulton City.
From Polo, via Mount Morris, Oregon and Daysville, to Franklin.
From Carrolton, via Pearl P. O., Monument P. O. and Pleasant Hill.
From Elgin, along Fox River, to Aurora.

From Aurora, via Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, and Clinton, to Elgin.
From St. Charles and Clinton, to Elgin.

From Crawfordsville, via Jacksonville, Harveysburg, Lodiville, Eugene,
Georgetown, Indianola, Hickory Grove, and New Albany, to Piscatum

From Lewistown, via Cuba, Fiatt and Ellisville, to Avon.

From St. Mary's to Fountain Green.

From Huntsville to Putnam.

From De Kalb to Dorset P. O.

From Mt. Vernon, Indiana, via Carmi and Fairfield, Illinois, to Xenia, Illinois.

From McLeansboro', via Lovilla to Mt. Vernon.

From McLeansboro', via the Mill Shoals, in White county, to Fairfield, Illinois.

From Caledonia, via Walbridge, to Thebes, Illinois.

From Emporium City to Villa Ridge, Illinois.


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