Sivut kuvina


From Gallatia, via Locust Grove, Frankfort, and Mulkeytown, to Duquoin, Illinois.

From Caledonia to Valley Forge, Illinois.

From Golconda, via Big Bay, New Liberty, and Brooklyn, to Metropolis City.

From Equality, Illinois, via Cave-in-Rock, to Marion, Kentucky.
From Carbondale to Urbane, in Jackson county, Illinois.

From Carbondale, via Jacob Millikin's and Willard's Ferry to Jackson,

From Carlinville, via Otter Creek, Greasy and Chapman's Point, to Waverly.

From Springfield, via Taylorsville and Owamco, to Paria.

From Springfield, via Athens, Petersburg, and Chandlersville, to Beanstown.

From Clinton, on East Feleciana, via Darlington, Guwsba and Kemp's Bridge, to Amita on the New Orleans and Jackson Railroad, from Lake Providence, in the Parish of Carroll, thence to Pecan Grove, in said Parish.

From Kankakee City, Kankakee county, thence to Limestone, Kainosa and Essex, to Grundy.

From Mount Carroll, by Rock Creek, Elkhorn, Milldegville, Genesee Grove, Mt. Pleasant, New Genesee, Emline, to Sterling.

From Richmond, Illinois, to Milwaukie, Wisconsin.


From West Union, Fayette county, to Lodi, Cook's, Jacksonville, Prairieville, Howard, Wilksburg, Cardiff, Mitchell, St. Augar, and Orville, to Jordan and Austin, in Minnesota Territory.

From Freeman, Floyd county, by Floyd, Gilmantown, and Cora, to Mitchellville, Mitchell county.

From Decorah, Wineshick county, by New Oregon, Howard county, Villanovia, and Nute, to Mitchell.

From Vinton, Benton county, by Yankee Grove, Collins' Grove, Union Grove, Tama county, and Green Mountain, to Albion, Marshall county, Decorah, by Stephenville, Houston and Looneyville, to Menona, in Wisconsin.

From Jonesville, by Shell Rock Village, Clarksville, and Cline's Springs, Butler county, Beeler's Grove, Rockford, Floyd county, and Owen's Grove, Mason county, to Clear Lake City.

From Dubuque, by English Mill, John Graham's, Preston, Mt. Pleasant, Hopkinton and Vinton, to Fort Des Moines.

From Cedar Rapids, by Sister's Grove, Bishop's Grove, Redman, Temaville, Toledo, and Reedsville, to Albion, in Marshall county.

From Dubuque, by Independence, Wambo, Bradford, St. Charles, and Floyd Centre, to Osage, Mitchell county.

From McGregor's Landing, by Fort Atkinson, and Howard, Howard county, to Osage.

From Dyerville, Dubuque county, by Hickory Grove, Eads Grove, Forest Hill, Buffalo Grove, and Greetier's Grove, to Waverly, Brewer county.

From Montezuma, Poweshick county, by Mill Grove, Granville, and Peoria, to Pella, in Marion county.

From Independence, Buchanan county, by Greely's, Burch's Point, and Long Grove, to West Union, Fayette county.

From Cedar Rapids, by Coleman's Hotel, Clinton township, Linn county, Pickaway, Bishop's Grove, and Salt Creek, in Benton county, to Toledo, Talma county.

From Clarksville, Butler county, via Hardin City and Point Pleasant, to Nevada, the court-house of Story county.

From Lancaster, by Potosi, Wisconsin, to Dunleith, in Illinois.
From Sioux City, by the Vermillion River, Minnesota Territory, to
Fort Pierre, Nebraska Territory.

From Sioux City, by L.' Edw-qui-cours River, in Nebraska Territory, to the South Pass.

From Decorah, by Vernon Springs Howard Centre, Jamestown and Cardiff, to Cora, in Mitchell county.

From Adel, C. H. of Dallas county, by Pierce's Plantation, Paduca, and Ripley, to Jefferson, C. H.

From Lansing, by Dorchester, and Bellville, to Elliota, in Fillmore county, Minnesota Territory.

From Waterloo, up Black Hawk Creek, by Grundy Centre, to Eldora,

in Hardin county.

From St. Charles, by Freeman's Rock, Creek City, to Shell Rock Falls, in Cerro Gordo county.

From Dyersville, by Poultney, Plum Springs Yankee Settlement, Honey Creek, Cox Creek, Volga City, Highland, Elgin, and Clermont, to Decorrah.

From Rockville, by Cascade, to Canton; Rockville, by Colony, to Elkador, Old Mission, by Burr Oak Springs, Vernon Springs, Howard, Cora and Mitchell, to Ausgar.

From West Union to Bradford, by St. Charles.

From Phito to Bedford, via Union City and Lexington.

From Maringo Crossing to Millersburg.

From Chariton to Plattsmouth, Nebras. Territory, via Oceola, Quincy, Frankfort, and Glenwood.

From Council Bluff, to Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.

From Fort Des Moines to Nevade, thence to Qubeck and Eldora.

From Marietta to Fort Dodge.

From Waterloo to Fort Dodge, via Grandy Centre, to Eldora.

From Clear Lake to Algona.

From Council Bluffs and Sioux City, in the State of Iowa, to Fort Laramie, or Great Salt Lake, in Utah Territory.


From Olive Hill to Portsmouth.

From Woodstick in Pulaski county, to Jamestown, in Russell county. From Germantown, via Minerva, to Dover, Monticello, Wayne county, (Kentucky,) to Huntsville, Scott county (Tennessee).

From Maysville, via Minerva, to Dover.

From Cloverport by Falls of Rough, and Caneyville to Bowling Green.

From Hopkinsville to Greenville, Ceralvo, to Hartford.

From Henderson to Steamport.

From Henderson by Spottsville, to Owensboro.

From Calhoun, via Livermore, to Hartford.

From Fort Washington, Chaplinton, via Fairfield and Bloomington.

From Louisville, via Fairfield, to Bloomfield.

From Paducah, via Benton, Waidsboro and Murray, to Paris, (Ten


From New Concord to Mouth of Sandy River, (Tennessee.)

From Canton, via Vance's Ferry, to Murray.

From Manchester, via Red Bird Creek and Cumberland River, to Mount Pleasant.

From Mount Pleasant, via Isaac W. Huff's, to Jonathan Richmond's, Lee county, Virginia.

From Manchester, Clay county, by way of Reuben May's Steam Mill, thence to Red Bird Creek, thence up Red Bird, and with the county road to





the Cumberland River, and up said Cumberland River, to Harlan CourtHouse, in the county of Harlan.

From Jackson, Breathitt county, Kentucky, the main county road, crossing the middle fork of the Kentucky River, to Proctor, in the county of Owsley, State of Kentucky.

From Whitesburg, in the county of Letcher, to the residence of John Lewis, on the poor fork of Cumberland River in the county of Harlan. From Jackson to Boonville.

From Irvine to Boonville or Manchester.

From Manchester to Harlan, C. H.

From John Lewis to Whitburg.


From Ossawattamie to Neosho City.

From Cofachi que, via Le Roy, to Columbia.

From Fort Scott to Cofachique, via Le Roy, to Columbia.

From Columbia to Council Grove.

From Sac and Fox Agency, to Le Roy.

From Le Compton, via Glendale, to One Hundred and Ten, or (Richardson.)

From Shermanville to Cofachique.

From Allen to Columbia.

From Topeka in Kansas, via Nebraska City, to Mount Pleasant and Burlington, (Iowa.)


From Vermillionville, via Randolph Cady's, on the Bayou Quene Tortue and Miers Settlement on the Bayou Blanc, to Cottrell's, on the Mermonton River.

From Providence, by Floyd, to Bastrop.

From Pecan Grove to Floyd.

From Marion, via Brook's Store, Cherry Ridge, Spearsville, Cornic Bluffs, and Lisbon, to Homer.

From Harrisonburg, in Catahoula parish, to Good Water, in Winn parish.

From Clinton, in East Feliciana, to Prospect Hill, on railroad, via Darlington, Greensburg, and Kemps Bridge.

From Bastrop to Ashton, on the Mississippi River.

From Columbia to Natchitoches, via Castor Spy's.

From Louisville, (Arkansas,) to the Orchard Grove, in the parish of Bossier, (Louisiana,) by way of F. D. Harris, and A. Byrne's.

From Franklington, in Washington parish, to Davidson, via Charles
Knight's and Dunn Crane's.

From Huddleston, via Anacoco, Mill Creek and Manny, to Belmont.
From St. Martinsville, by way of Cote Jellee, to Vermillionville.


From West Buxton, via Bonny Eage Village, and Ruvel, to Livingston Village.

From Standish, via East Livingston, North Livingston, Cornish, Hiram and Brownsfield, to Fryesburgh.

From Exeter Corner, via South Exeter and Stetson, to Etna.

From North Dixmouth, via Dixmont Corner, to Jackson.

From Pittsfield, by Hartland, St. Albans and Ripley, to Cambridge.

From Emery's Mills, via Sharpleigh, to West Newfield.

From Oxford, via West Poland and North Raymond, to Gray.

From Mattewamkeag to Nicheton, Starks-Village, by Anson, to New Portland.

From Lyndon Corner to Island Pond, (Vermont.)

From Gardner to Damariscotta.

From Sabatus to Lewistown.


From Freeland, via Union Meeting House, to Paper Mills. From Churchville, by Hartford Furnace, to Perrymanville, by the most direct public roads.

From Upper Marlboro, via Hill's Bridge, Bristol and Dunkirk, to Friendship.

From Piscataway, in Prince George's county, to Pomunkey, in Charles county.

From Cambridge to a convenient point near Hill's Point.

From Cambridge to a convenient point on the Rail Road from Dover to Seaford.

From Cambridge, via Airy's Meeting House, Bucktown and Drawbridge, to Vienna.

From Federalsburg to Vienna, via Harrison and Crotcher's Ferry. From Cambridge, via Church Creek, Tobacco Stick, Taylor's Island, Golden Hill, Lakesville, to Bladensburgh.

From Princes Anne to Fairmount.

From Princes Anne to Deals Island.

From Princes Anne to Tyaskin.

From Kingston to Shelltown.


From Hillsboro, by Sherman Hill, to Garlandville.



From Ocean Springs to Dwyer's Ferry, in Jackson county.
From Okalona, via Redland, to Sarepta.

From Paulding, by Colemanna and Roaring Creek, to Ocoha.
From Oshalona, via Palmetto and Chesterville, to Ellistown.
From Beaverdam, by Napier and Owenton, to Erata.
From Hillsboro, via Sebastopol and Steel's, to Philadelphia.
From Westville to Harrisville.

From Yazoo City to W. H. Lambeth's, on Silver Creek.

From Macon, by Marshalville, Louisville, New Prospect, French Camps, Middleton, to Carrolton.

From Scorbar to Cooksville.

From Charleston, via Big Mound, to McNutt, Mississippi.

From Grenada, by way of Tuscahama and Big Mound, to McNutt.
From Pittston to Greysport.

From Hernando, in De Sota county, by way of Areabutta, Hudson's

Ferry, to Austin.

From Canton, via Madisonville and Densontown, to Hillsboro.

From Wahalak to Scoober.


From Hartville, via Hickory Springs, to Thomasville.

From Aarom Rock to Cambridge.

From Caledonia to Centreville.

From Hermitage to Lynn Creek.

From Warm Fork, via Mammoth Springs, (Arkansas,) to Smithville,


From Osceola to Montervallo.

From Versailles to California.

From Chamois, via Bailey's Creek, Pryor's Mill, Mount Sterling, to


From Appleton, via Attenberg, Neely's Landing, Pleasant Hill and Jackson, to Apple Creek.

VOL. XI. PUB.-17


From Apple Creek to Murphrysboro, (Illinois.)

From Palmyra, via Houston and Nelsonville, to Newark.
From Gentry's C. H. via Grant's Mill, to Winterset, (Iowa.)
From Camden, via Ashland and St. Bernard, to Liberty.

From Jefferson City, via E. E. Basse's and A. Bradford's, to Columbia.

From Gray's Summit, via Port William and Traveller's Repose, to Wishons.

From Linden, via Sonora, to Mount Vernon, Nebraska.

From Louisiana, via Saverton, to Hannibal.

From Williamsburg to Portland.

From Louisiana to Frankfort.

From Calhoun, in Henry county, to Warrensburg, in Johnson county
From Monticello to Newark, in Knox county.

From Versailles, via St. Mark's, Camden county, and Black Oak Point, to Hermitage.

From Kirsksville, in Adair county, to Unionville, via Ninevah and Shelby's Point.

From Waynesville, via Vienna and Rich Fountain and Linn, to Wallace's Landing.

From Lexington, via Jasper and Wagon Knob, to Rose Hill, Johnson county.

From Kansas City, via Fremont, to Springfield.

From Princeton to Cainsville, thence to Eaglesville, thence to Lott's Grove, in Gentry county.

From Sharpsburg to Shelbyville, in Shelby county, via Samuel B. Hardy's Store.

From Milan to Middleburg, in Mercer county, via J. N. Winter's Store.

From Point Pleasant to Walnut Grove, via Dr. Parker's, in West Prairie.

From Logan's Creek to Huston, in Texas county, via Dr. Reed's on Current River, Chilton's Mills, and Mehin's Mills.

From Gray's Summit to Wishon's, in Crawford county.

From Appleton to Jonesborough, Illinois, via Pleasant Hill and Verncell's Ferry.

From Poplar Bluff to Van Dove's, at Little Black Post-Office.

From the town of St. Genevieve, by French Village, in St. Francis county, to Silver Springs.

[blocks in formation]

From Okemos, via Bath, Victor, to Dusslain.

From Newago P. O. direct to Sabastopol, P. O.

From Gardner's Corners, in the town of Bingham, by East Essex, to

Maple Rapids, and Essex P. O.

From Brady, via Wakeshma and Pine Creek, to Abscota.

From Allegan, by Monterey, Salem, Byron, and Grandville, to Grand Rapids.

From Otsego to Paw Paw.

From Newago, by Weaver's Mills, to White River.

From Laphamville, by Cedar Springs, Nelsontownship, in Kent county,
John Moore's, and Thornplains, in Mecosta county, to Croton and the
Forks of Muskegon River.

From Corunna, by Hartwellville, Perry, and Woodhull, to Lansing.
From Owosso, by Maple Valley and St. John's, to Lyons.
From Owosso, by Bennington and Woodhull, to Lansing.
From Flint, to Flushing and North Venice, to Corunna.

From Corunna, by Shiawasse, Vernon and Byron, to Howell.

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