Sivut kuvina

From St. John's, by Gardner's Corners, Springbrook, Pompeii, Gratiot
Centre, and St. Louis, to the coun y seat of Isabella county.
From St. Louis, by Midland, to Hampton.

From Midland, by Titibawasse, and Jay, to Saginaw.

From East Saginaw, by Portsmouth, to Hampton.

From Vassar, by Watrousville, Fairgrove and Akron, to Auchville.
From Vassar to Port Sanilac.

From Bridgeport to Corunna.

From Fentonville, by Tyrone, Hartland, North Brighton, and Whitmore Lake, to Ann Arbor.

From Lapeer, by North Branch and Buel, to Lexington.

From Almont, by Goodland, to North Branch.

From Croton to Traverse City.

From Transerse City, by Glen Harbor, and Carp River, to Northport.

From Traverse City, by Dougherty's Mission, and Centreville, to Northport.

From Traverse City, by Stephen's, Charlevoix, and Little Traverse, to Duncan.

From Greenville, by Montcalm, to Muskegon Rapids.

From Greenville, by North Shade, to Gratiot Centre.

From Escanawba, by Sturgeon's River, and North Mainstee, to Saultde-Ste-Marie.

From Hillsdale to Angola, Indiana, via Reading and Frémont.


From St. Paul to Hudson, Wisconsin.

From Brownsville to Mankato, via Wilton and Winebago agency.
From Red Wing to Verona, via Owatonia and Wilton.

From Red Wing, via Owatonia, to Blue Earth City.

From Owatonia to Glencoe, via Henderson.

From Red Wing, via Wasioga, in Dodge county, to St. Nicholas, in Freeborn county.

From Owatonia to Hastings, in Franklin.

From Red Wing, via Pine Islands, and Mantooville, to Austin, in

Mercer county.

From Owatonia to St. Nicholas, via Lemon and Adamsville.
From Minneska to Oronoko, via Beaver Dam and Greenwood.

From St. Paul to West Union, (Iowa,) via Cannon Falls, Mantorville, Pleasant Valley, Frankford, Lime Spring, New Oregon, and Fort Atkinson.

From Winona to Mankato, via Stockton, Utica, St. Charles, &c.

From Anoka to Henderson, via Pagaska.

From La Cross, (Wisconsin,) via Hokah, to Decorah.

From St. Cloud to Superior, (Wisconsin,) via Mille Lac.

From St. Cloud to Fort Ridgley.

From St. Cloud to Pembina, via Sauk River and Otter Tail Lake.

From St. Cloud to Crow Wing.

From St. Cloud to Taylor's Falls.

From St. Cloud to Lacqui Parle.

From Burr Oak, (Iowa,) to Winona.

From St. Paul to Monticello, via Greenwood.

From Manklo to Blue Earth City.

From Shakapee, via Chaska, and Glencoe, to Fort Ridgeley.

From Glencoe to St. Cloud.

From Glencoe to Traverse des Sioux.

From Shakapee to Faribauet.


New York.

From Henderson, via Glencoe, Hutchinson and Red Cedar Lake, to mouth of Sioux Wood River.

From St. Cloud to Long Prairie.

From Manhattan to Forrest City.

From Manhattan to Mille Lac.

From Manhattan to Greenwood and Glencoe.

From Minneapolis to Chaska.

From Lansing, (Iowa,) to Brownsville, Minnesota, via Caledonia, to La Crosse, (Wisconsin,) via High Forest and South Bend.

From Target Lake, Houston county, (Minnesota,) to the South Bend of Minnesota River, via High Forest.

From Elliota, via Spring Valley, High Forest, Mantorville, to Cannon Falls.

From Austin, via Mantorville, to Cannon Falls.

From Rochester, via Mantonville, to Fairbault.

From La Crosse, (Wisconsin,) to Chatfield.

From Winona to Oronoko, via Minnesota City.

From Michell (Iowa,) to Mankato, (Minnesota), via St. Nicholas.

From Reed's Landing, via Mazeppa, to Fairbault.

From Reed's Landing, via West Albany and Oronoko, to Darango.
From Crow Rapids to St. Peter.

From Dayton, via Crow Rapids, to Lacqui Parle.

From Red Wing, via Northfield, to Le Seuer.

From Hastings to Northfield.

From Shakopee to Northfield.

From Little Falls, via Long Prairie, to Red River.

From Little Falls to Superior, (Wisconsin,) via Mille Lac.

From Fort Ripley, via West-side, Mississippi River, to St. Cloud.

From Le Crescent to Chatfield.

From St. Paul to Alhambra.

From Taylor's Falls, Minnesota, to Bayfield, Wisconsin.

From Bayfield to Superior.

From St. Paul to Cambridge.

From Minneapolis to Hutchinson.

From Traverse des Sioux to Hutchinson.

From Hastings, via Hampton, Lewiston, Northfield, Cannon City, and Fairbault, to St. Peter.

From Hastings, via Cannon Falls, to Mantorville.

From Monticello, via Buffalo and Red Cedar Island Lake, to Traverse

du Sioux.

From Minneapolis, via Greenwood and Buffalo, to Forest City.
From Minneapolis, via Hutchinson and Red River, to Pembina.
From Elliota to Prairie du Chein, (Wisconsin,) via Freeport, Wemkann,
Waterville, and Johnson's Landing, Iowa.

From Greenwood to Forest City.

From Minneapolis, via Watertown, Camden, Glencoe, Highland Lake, Lake Addie, Hutchinson, Cedar City, and Forest City, to Monticello.

From St. Augusta to Torch.

From St. Augusta to Glencoe.

From St. Augusta to Forest City.


From St. Johnsville, via Crum Creek, Oppenheim and Lotville, to Whitesburgh.

From Rose by Huron, to North Huron.

From Crosbyville, via Buena Vista, to Howard.

From Chenango Fork to Harpersville.

From Palmyra, via Walworth, to Ontario.

From Hopkinton Turnpike, via Duane, to Malone

From Rome to Lowell, by Vernon, Vernon Centre, Knox, Knox Corners, to Boackville and Hamilton.

From Clarksburgh, by New Oregon and Woodward-Hollow, to Morton's Corners.

From West Sand Lake, by South Sand Lake and North Nassau, to Hodge Corners.

From Booneville to Constableville.

From Illion, via Columbian Springs, Cedarville and Winfield, to West Winfield.

From Carthage, via Natural Bridge and Diana, to Edwards.


From Raleigh, via New Hill, Haywood, Oakland, Egypt, The Gulf, Carbonton, to Carthage.

From Burnsville to Marshall.

From Burnsville, via Crab-Tree, Blue Ridge, Turkey Cove, and Thomas' Creek, to Marion.

From Ashboro, via Cedar Falls, Frankinsville, Reed Creek, Long's Mill, to Graham.

From Reed Creek to Pittsboro.

From Elizabethton to Clinton.

From Hendersonville, via John Evan's, Solomon Whitaker's, Jesse Israel's, to Curtis, in Buncombe county.

From Hendersonville to Buncombe.

From Good Springs, via Auman's Hill and Matamoras, to Troy.
From Troy, by James Page's, to Plank Road in Randolph county.
From Childsville to Boone.

From Cherryfield, via Tonaway, Cain Creek, Eastatohee, to Niger

From Milton to Moore's Store.

From Reed Creek, via John Pope's, Isaiah Cheeks, John Brewer's, to Robert Goldstone in Randolph county.

From Gibsonville to Summer's Mills.

From Shocco Springs to Belford.

From Shelby, via Sloan's Store, and Zion Church, to Newton.

From Eagle Rock to Newton.

From Mitchenor Station to Smithfield.

From Winston to Yankinville, by the way of Red Plain, East Bend, Mt. Nebo, Yadkin Institute, and Jonesville.

From Winston to Glen's Ferry, Red Plains, Yadkin county.

From Eagle Rock, in the county of Wake, to Wilson, in Wilson county.

From Branch to Hayward, in Chatham county.


From Nebraska City to Marysville, Kansas Territory.

From Omadi to Fort Lookout.

From Omadi to Elk Horn River.

From Omaho City, by Fort Kearney and Fort Laramie, to Great Salt Lake City.

From Omaha City, by Elkhorn, Fontenelle, and Running Water, via Fort Randall to Fort Pierre.

From Omaha City, by Florence, Fort Calhoun, De Soto, Cuming City, Tekama, Black Bird, and Omadi, to Dahkota City.

From Omaha City to Kearney City.

From Omaha City, by Nebraska City, Kearney City, Brownville, and Nemaha City, to Whitehead.

From Dahkota City to Sergeant's Bluff, Iowa.

North Carolina





From Dahkota City, by Ayoway Creek and Running Water River, to Fort Laramie.

From Dahkota City to Fort Pierre.

From Amadi to Sergeants Bluff, Iowa.

From Plattsmouth, by Kenosha and Wyoming, to Kearney City.
From Wyoming to Sidney, Iowa.

From Wyoming to Salt Creek.

From Nebraska City to Salt Creek.

From Kearney City to New Fort Kearney.

From Brownville to New Fort Kearney.

From Brownville to Linden, Missouri.

From Missouri River, between Great and Little Nemaha River, by Archer and Salem, and to Big Blue River.


From Leipsic, via Ottoway, Buckey, and Cairo Lima.

From Lallipolis, by Mercersville, Kennedy's Cross Roads and Scottsville, to Quaker Bottom.

From Lee to Berlin Cross Roads.

From Oak Hill, via Centerville, Ridgeways, Harrisburg Porter, Pine Grove, Anselm, and Rigersville, to Middle Port.

From Oakhill via Centerville, Ridgeway's Harrisburg, Pine Grove, Anselm, Kygerville, Middle Port, to Pomeroy.

From Gilliad, by Westfield, Milton Corners, Jackson, and Pleasantville to Portageville, in Hancock county.

From Kinsman, via East Gustavus, Lindinville, and East Cherry Valley, to Jefferson Court-House.

From New Philadelphia, via Buchers, Rogersville, Rowville, New Bedford, Kelley's, to Millersburg.

From Beaceville, via New Falls, to Milton.

From New London, via Clinton, North Fairfield, to Centreston, and Steuben.

From Harrisonville to Wilksville, through Salem township.

From Cambridge, Guernsey county, via Creighton, Adamsville, to Dresden, in Muskingum county, Ohio, (twenty-eight miles.)

From New London to Centreville.

From "Lee's," in Athens county, to Berlins Cross Roads.
From Sunfish to Woodsfield.

From Marysville, by the Kenton Pike, to Boke's Creek post-office.
From Canton, Stark county, via Mount Airy and McDonaldsville, to
Akron, in Summit county.

From Pomeroy, Ohio, via Chester, Meigs county, Coalville, Athens county, Belpre, Washington county, Ohio, to Parkersburgh, Virginia. From Dayton, in Montgomery county, via Clayton, to Centre, in said county.


From Corvallis, in Benton county, to Eugene City, via Pierce's Office, on the Coast Fork, on the Williamettee River, to Winchester, in Douglas county.


From Bristol, via Londebaugh's Corner, Oxford Valley, Summerville, and Ashland, to Dallington.

From Bethlehem to Bath.

From New Castle, via Brooks, Harlandsburg, and Pelain Grove, to Centerville, (Stepping Rock,) Post-Office.

From Bristol, by Londe Borough's Corner, Oxford Valley, Summerville and Oakland, to Dallington.

From Bristol, via Centreville and Falls, to Yardleville.

From Shakelegville, via Londy Creek and Luttons' Corner, to Evansburg.

From Reading, in Berks county, to New Holland, in Lancaster county.
From Staddardsville, via Clifton, to Summersville.

From Saxonburgh, via Cypher's Cross Roads and Winfield Furnace, to
Slate Lick.

From Kittaning, via Davis', Knoxville, Rural Village, to Dayton.

From Brady's Bend, via Miller's Ferry and Black Fox Furnace, to Callensburg.

From Worthington to Millersburg.

From New Washington, via Miller's Store, Horton's and Neal's Mill, to Punxsutawney.

From Southwest to Garland.

From Callensburg to Reimenburg in Clarion County.

From Morrisdale to Kylartown.

From Punxsatawney, via Speankles Mill, to Pleasantville.

From Laporte, via Eaglesmen, Forkville, Eldreds, Shenk, to Canton.

From Brady's Bend to Miller's Eddy.

From Wind Gap P. O., by Bushhill Center, to Moorstown P. O.

From Indiana to West Lebanon, in Indiana county.

From Centerville, (Penn's Creek P. O.,) through Mercer's Valley, to Middle Creek P. O.


From Natural Grove to Johnsonville.

From Yorkville to Lyon's Store, North Carolina.

From Jefferson P. O., via Neil Graham's, Blackeney's Bridge, Lynchwood, and Perkins, to Camden.

From Lexington Court-House, by Sawyer's Mills, Bull Swamp, to F. M. Rastes, &c.

From Camden, via Jefferson, McCroghan, Chesterfield, C. H., to Cheraw.

From Ninety-six Depot, via Coopersville, Grove Hill, to Richardsonville.

From Ritching's Mills, via Robert Garvin's, jr., and Neil Ablis, to Rishe's Store.

South Carolina


From Seviersville to Strawberry Plains.

From Hillsboro, by Prairie Plains, Kenley's Store, to Deehard, Franklin county.

From Russelsville to Sneidsville.

From Clinton, via Montgomery, Jamestown, to Livingston.

From Concord, via Scarborough Mills, to Robertsville.

From Post Oak Springs to Yellow Springs.

From Waverly to Dover by Magnolia, in Stewart County.

From Straight Fork to Snyders.

From Russelville, via Spring Vale and Warrensburg, to Conoy Branch. From Springhill, via Vastal's Fan Yard and Santa Fe, to Williamsport.

From Speedwell, via Clearfork, to Boston, (Kentucky.)

From Lebanan to Cookville, via Gordensville and Trousdale's Ferry. From Concord, via Lowe's Ferry P. O., and Louisville, Marysville, to Mount Vale Springs.

From Mossy Creek, by Leadvale and Parrotsville, to Warm Springs, (N. C.)

From McMinville, (Tenn.) to Danville, (Ken.) via Sparta, Cookville, Livingston, (Tenn.) thence to Danville.


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