Sivut kuvina


From Austin, via Kapps Mills, Cannonville, Pittsburg, Middleton, and
Curiate, to Sisterdale.

From Wheelock, by Owensville, Eutaw, Polk, and Steel's Creek, to

From Liberty, via Livingston and Sumpter, to Crockett.
From Eutaw, via Alto Springs, to Springfield.
From Waco, by Birdsdale, Alton, and Sherman's, to Preston's.

From Jefferson, via Linden, Douglassville, Boston, and De Kalb, to

From Dallas, by Birdsville and Weatherford, to Fort Belknap.
From Paris, via Greenville, to Kaufman.
From Austin, by Gatesville, Meridian, and Wardville, to Dallas.
From Crockett, via Palestine and Athens, to Kaufman.
From Kaufman, via Millwood, Spring Hill, to Bonham.

From Tyler, in Smith county, by Hamburg and Teleco, to Waxahache's, in Ellis county.

From Birdville, via Ashland, Walnut Creek Village, to Fort Belknap.

From Alton, via Dallette, Ranch, Ashland, Cream Level, to Weath erford.

From San Antonio to San Diego, in California.
From McKinney, via Alton, to Birdville.

From Alto, in Cherokee county, by Rusk, Jacksonville, Larisso, to
Tyler in Smith county.

From Camden, via Belleview and Berrien, to Tyler.
From Indianola, by New Braumfels and Middleton, to Fredericksburg.
From Chaffeville, via Lafayette, Bacon's Store, to Quitman.
From Palestine to Alto Springs.
From Henderson to Carthage, via Grand Bluff.

From Linwood, by the Rossel Place, near the Ferry on Neuces River and Hancock's, to Noyallis Prairie, in Trinity county.

From Anderson, via Kellum's, Sulphur Springs, Lee's, Vassbuiders, Wilson's Store, Joseph Henson's, to Fairfield.

From Bonham, via Kentucky Town and Pilot Grove, to McKinney.
From Springfield, by Killsborough, Wardville, Fort Worth, and Mount
Calem, to Birdsville.

From Tyler, via Hamburg, Telico, to Waxahatchie.
From Crockett by Randolph, Calthops, and Fishers, to Nachogdoches.
From Clarksville, via Mt. Pleasant, to Tyler.

From Henderson, via Knoxville, Larissa and Kickapoo, to Palestine in
Anderson county.

From Austin to Fredericksburg.
From Tarrant, by Paris and Lake creek, to Jernigan.
From Austin, via Florence and Gatesville, to Waco.

From Jasper, by Anderson's Ferry on the Angelina River, Motts, and
Jonesville, in Cherokee county.

From Galveston, via Richmond, to Lagrange.

From Cofferville, Cpshur county, by Lafayette Bacon's Store and Hooker's, to Quitman, in Wood county.

From Austin, via up the west bank of the Colorado, to Burn's Ford, from thence by Mormon Mill to Hamilton.

From Nacogdoches by Rainbolts, Caledonia, and Walnut Hill, to
Carthage, in Panola county-

Froin Austin, via Burleson, to Gatesville.
From Fort Belknap to Preston.
From Liberty Hill to Lamposas.
From Sabine Pass, via Beaumont and Jasper, to San Augustine.
From Austin to Benleson.



From Fredericksburg to Austin.
From San Augustine via Carthage and Brewster's Bluff, to Marshall's.
From La Grange, in Fayette county, to Galveston, via Richmond.
From Austin to Gatesville, Coyell county,

From Huntsville, via Madisonville, Leona, Centreville, Fairfield, and
Corsicanica to Waxahatchic.

From Tyler, by Hamburg, Brownsboro, Athens, Buffalo, Taos, to Waxahatchie.

From Anderson, via Kellem's Springs, Lee, Washbimdee's, Wilson's
Store, and Henson's, to Fairfield.

From Alto to Sumpter.
From Cedar City, via Harmon's Pine Valley, to Santa Clora.

From Paris, by Wright's Ferry, on Red River, Lackfatah, Eaglestown,
Pytchlin's, Howell's, Harris' Mill, and Sterritt's, to Hot Springs, in

From Cedar City, via Harmony, Pine Valley, to Santa Clara.

From Morgantown, via Urffington, Clinton Furnace and Gladesville, to

From Central Plains, to Seven Island in the county of Flurvanna.
From Boggsville, via Spring Creek, to Running Spring.
From West Milford, via New Milton, to Oxford.
From Goshen Bridge, Alum Springs, to Cow pasture Bridge.

From Rock Creek, via Mouth Gilbert Creek, Little Halfs Creek, and
Clearfield Fork of Sandy River, to Tazwell Court-house.

From near Coleman's Store, Jackson county, via Pond and Tucker's Creeks, to West co. house.

From Penn's Boro to North Bend.

From Middlebourne, via Mouth Elk Fork Creek and Carises Schoolhouse, to New Martinsville.

From Jackson Court-house, via Elk Fork of Mill Creek, to Walton.
From Langley, via Lewinville, to Fairlfield C. H.
From Sweet Spring to Stephen looks.
From Blaunt's Store to Sinking Creek.
From Central Depot on V. & F. R. R. to Laurel Fork.

From Madison in Rockingham county, North Carolina, via Smith's
Store, and Smith and Moore's Store in IIenry county, Virginia, to Horse
Pasture Store, in the same county.

From Martinsville, via Fraylorsville and County Line Mills, thence by Magis Store and Spa Brook Station, to Patrick Court-house.

From Elamsville, via Mr. Griffin's Store and Robert Sander's, to Rocky Mount in Franklin county.

From Martinsville, via Rough and Ready Mills, and Pallamans, to Mr. Griffin's Store in Franklin county.

From Leatherwood's Store in Henry county, by Elger's Store, to Shady Grove in Franklin county.

From Nevis Ferry, on the Richmond and Danville railroad, via Peytonsburg and Raceville, to Chalk Level in Pittsylvania.

From Appomatox Depot, on the South Side railroad, via Oakville and
Panky and Gray's Store, to Berk Creek.

From Central Plains to Seven Islands, Flurvanna county.
From Amherst C. H., via Pedler Mills, to Big Island, Bedford county.
From Jettersville, in Amelia county, to Cumberland C. H.

From Chapmansville, Logan county, by Mrs. Toney's and Twelve
Miles Creek, to Wayne Court-house.
From Central Depot, Virginia and Tennessee railroad, Montgomery



county, Virginia, via Grayson's Mills, to Indian Creek, Floyd county, Virginia



From Lynden Corner to Island Pond.

From Sparta C. H., by Burr Oak, Los Angelos, Galesville, to Monteville
on the Mississippi.

From Mineral Point, by Linden, Constance, Highland, Tulaskee, Miscada and Orion, to Richland Centre.

From Burlington in the county of Racine, by the way of Vienna, Honey Creek, East Troy and Troy Centre, in the county of Waurester.

From Port Andrew, via Spencer's, Petersburg and Langdon’s, to Lynxville.

From Ontonagon to Superior.
From Hudson, via River Falls, Forestville, Seely's, to North Pepin.
From River Falls, in Pierce county, to Brookville in St. Croix county.
From Mineral Point to Orion and Richland Centre.

From Labrosse in Jarget, Lake Hokah, San-Jacinto, Houston, Rushford,
Chatfield, High Forest, to Mankota, Minnesota Territory.

From Unleith, (Illinois,) via Potosi, to Lancaster, Wisconsin.

From Hayle Green, via Meeker's, North Elk Grove, and Bethel, to Cottage Inn.

From Wingville, via Sylvester and Knowlton's Mill, Bascobel, Manhatton, Marietta, Towersville, to Vieroquar.

From Newport, via Plainville, Point, Bluff, Quincy, Strong's Prairie,
Grand Rapids and Plover Portage, to Steven's Point.

From Hudson to St. Paul.
From Hudson, via River Falls and Rush River, to North Pepin.
From Hudson to Prescott (increase) Prairie du Chien to Stillwater (do.)

From Prairie du Chien, by Johnson's Landing and Waukon Iowa, to
Elliotta, Minnesota Territory.

From Kewaunee to Sturgeon Bay.
From Green Bay to Wausau.
From Columbus, via Waterloo, to Jefferson.
From Waupacca, via Secundinaria to Steven's Point.
From Wyocena, via Pardueville to Montillo.
From Warsaw to Bayfield.
From Bayfield to Superior.
From Falls of St. Croix, to Bayfield, Minnesota.
From Berlin, in Marquette county, to Steven's Point, in Portage county.

From Cowlitta Landing to Boice, Fort Prairie.
From Pacific City to Olympia, via Oysterville and Bruceport.
From Cathlamet to Olympia.
From Oakpoint to Mount Prairie.

From Olympia, to Fort Montgomery, via Nathan Eaton's, and Selm

From Steilacoom, to Fort Walla Walla, via Military Road.
From Steilacoom, to Seattle.
APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

Washington Territory.

Avg. 18, 1856. CHAP. CLXIX.-An Act supplemental to an Act entitled " Ar Act to amend the several

acts respecting Copyright,approved February third, eighteen hundred and thirty-one. 1831, ch, 16. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Vol. iv. p. 436. States of America in Congress assembled, That any copyright hereafter

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granted under the laws of the United States to the author or proprietor Copyright of

Dramatic of any dramatic composition, designed or suited for public representation, positions shall shall be deemed and taken to confer upon the said author or proprietor, extend to prehis heirs or assigns, along with the sole right to print and publish the said went

ized performcomposition, the sole right also to act, perform, or represent the same, or ances thereof. cause it to be acted, performed, or represented, on any stage or public place during the whole period for which the copyright is obtained ; and any manager, actor, or other person acting, performing, or representing the said composition, without or against the consent of the said author or proprietor, his heirs or assigns, shall be liable for damages to be sued for and recovered by action on the case or other equivalent remedy, with costs Penalty for

violation. of suit in any court of the United States, such damages in all cases to be rated and assessed at such sum not less than one hundred dollars for the first, and fifty dollars for every subsequent performance, as to the court having cognizance thereof shall appear to be just : Provided, nevertheless, That nothing herein enacted shall impair any right to act, perform, or represent Proviso as to a dramatic composition as aforesaid, which right may have been acquired, or rights acquired shall in future be acquired by any manager, actor, or other person previous before copyright to the securing of the copyright for the said composition, or to restrict in any way the right of such author to process in equity in any court of the United States for the better and further enforcement of his rights.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

CHAP. CLXX.–An Act to amend an Act entilled An Act requiring Foreign Regulations Aug. 18, 1856.

of Commerce to be laid annually before Congress," approved August sixteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-two, and for other Purposes.

1842, ch. 181,

Vol. v. p. 507. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in addition to the information com

Commercial changes and modifications in the commercial systems of other nations, municated by now required by said act, it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State consuls, &c., to

be reported to to lay before Congress annually, within sixty days after the commence-Congress. ment of each ordinary session, as a part of said report, all other commercial information communicated to the State Department by consular and diplomatic agents of this government abroad, or contained in the official publications of other governments, which he shall deem sufficiently important.

Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That to enable the Secretary of State to make said report, it is hereby declared to be the duty of consuls Consuls, &c., and commercial agents of the United States in foreign countries, to pro- cure such inforcure and transmit to the Department of State authentic commercial in- mation. formation respecting said countries, of such character, and in such manner 1866, ch. 127, and form, and at such times, as said department may, from time to time

Ø 22. prescribe; and it shall be the duty of the Secretary of State in said Ante, p. 60. annual report, to specify the names of any of said officers who may have been remiss in their duty enjoined by this act.

Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of State be Superintendent and is hereby authorized and required to appoint one clerk, who shall of Statistics. have charge of statistics in said department, and shall be called “ Superintendent of Statistics,” and shall receive a salary of two thousand dollars per annum, and shall be allowed as an assistant, one clerk of the third class, which clerk the Secretary of State is hereby authorized and required


to pro


to appoint.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

Chap. CLXXI.–An Act making an Appropriation for the Survey of the Southern Boun- Aug. 18, 1856.

dary Line of Kansas Territory. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Appropriation States of America in Congress assembled, That to enable the President for "survey of

southern boun- of the United States to execute the act entitled “ An act to authorize the dary of Kansas.

President of the United States to cause the southern boundary line of 1856, ch. 59.

Kansas Territory to be surveyed and marked," the sum of thirty-five Ante, p. 27.

thousand four hundred dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury.

APPROVED, August 18, 1856.

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Aug. 18, 1856. CHAP. CLXXII.-An Act to continue the Land Offices at Vincennes, Indiana, and to as

certain and adjust the Titles to certain Lands in the States of Indiana and Illinois, for.

merly included within the Vincennes Land Districk Commissioners Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United on certain land States of Americà in Congress assembled, That the register and receiver claims in Indiana and Illinois.

of the land-offices at Vincennes, to be appointed, together with a fit and proper person learned in the law, and a stizen of Indiana, to be appointed by the President of the United States, are hereby constituted commissioners to ascertain and adjust the title of any claimant to any tract of land,

or any part or subdivision thereof, granted by the resolution of Congress 1791, ch. 27.

of the twenty-ninth of August, seventeen hundred and ninety-one, enVol. i.

titled “ An act for granting lands to the inhabitants and settlers at Vincennes, and the Illinois country, in the territory northwest of the Ohio, and for confirming them in their possessions," and the several acts in aid

of and supplementary thereto. Claims to be SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That every such claimant to any filed in three

tract of land so granted, or any part or subdivision thereof, sball, within months.

three months after the publication of the notice herein provided for, file his claim in writing with the said register, in which he shall specifically

set forth such facts as shall be required in the instructions of the ComProviso. missioner of the General Land-Office: Provided, That in any case in

which good cause may be shown why the claim was not filed within the period stipulated, such claim may be presented and acted upon at any time

before the expiration of the commission. Notice to file Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That such register, upon the receipt claim.

of such instructions, shall give notice in the several newspapers of general circulation within said district and in the vicinity of said lands, by publication, of his readiness to receive applications of claimants, to which notice shall be appended the instructions of the Commissioner and a copy

of this act. Meeting of Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That said commissioners shall meet commissioners. immediately after the time allowed for filing such claims, and shall hold

their sessions at the town of Vincennes. They shall have power to issue Their powers.

subpænas, and compel the attendance of witnesses, administer all necessary oaths, and to hear and decide, in a summary manner, all matters respecting such claims. Minutes of the proceedings, decisions, meetings, and adjournments of the board, shall be regularly entered in a book kept


for that purpose.

What claims Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That every claimant to any tract of shall be confirm- land so granted, or any subdivision thereof, who can produce to such comed.

missioner a regular chain of title from the original confirmee or donee to himself, or who can show to their satisfaction a continuous and connected possession in himself, and those under whom he claims, for a period of twenty years or more next preceding the filing of his claim, or can show such a claim or title as would, in the courts of Indiana, bar an action of

ejectment, such claimant shall be confirmed in his title. Transcript of Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That said commissioners shall, in decisions.

one year from the date of organizing said commission under this act, or sooner, if the cases on their docket are all disposed of, transmit to the Commissioner of the General Land-Office a transcript of their decisions in favor of claimants, which shall contain a fair statement of the evidence

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