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Repairs of cus- For annual repairs of custom-houses, thirty thousand dollars.

For building vaults as additional security to the public funds in sixtysix

depositories, sixty-six thousand dollars. Ventilating

For ventilating basement-rooms of the Treasury building, in addition to basement

surplus funds for ventilating and lighting upper rooms of the same buildtre:1sury buildiug.

ing, fifteen thousand dollars. Extension of For continuing the Treasury extension, four hundred thousand dollarstreasury build- and that the appropriation for removing the stone wall which now forms ing

the southern boundary of the park at the President's, may be expended in accordance with such plan as may be hereafter approved by the President, for the purpose of removing said wall and enclosing said

park. Capitcl exten

For continuing the Capitol extension, seven hundred and fifty thousand

dollars. Mall.

For continuing the grading and planting with trees the unimproved

portions of the mall, ten thousand dollars. Washington For paying existing liabilities for the Washington aqueduct, and preAqueduct.

serving the work already done from injury, such sum of money as shall Post, p. 323.

necessary, not exceeding two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. New dome of For continuing the construction of the new dome of the Capitol, one Capitol. hundred thousand dollars.

House for plants That the President shall cause the money appropriated for the erection from Japan. of a suitable house for the plants recently brought from Japan, for the Vol. x. p. 669. United States, to be applied as directed by the act making appropriations

for the civil and diplomatic expenses of government for the year ending

the thirtieth of June eighteen hundred and fifty-six. Public build- And that the Secretary of the Treasury be and he is hereby authorized ings at Detroit.

to cause the building provided by law to be constructed at Detroit, in the State of Michigan, for a custom-house, post-office, and court-house, to be increased in length over the plan heretofore adopted for that purpose, not to exceed twenty-five feet, and to modify and enlarge said plan so as to adapt the same to such increased length, if in the opinion of the Secretary the public convenience shall require such modification: Provided, That such extension and modification can be accomplished at an expense not exceeding thirty thousand dollars, and a sum not exceeding ten per cent on the said last-mentioned sum, for superintendence and contingencies, which sums, or so much thereof as shall be necessary, are hereby appropriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated : And provided, further, That no money shall be paid under this clause of this bill, until the Secretary of the Treasury shall contract for the completion of said so extended building, at a cost within the sums heretofore

and hereby appropriated therefor. Electoral mes- For payment of messengers of the respective States for conveying to sengers. the seat of government the votes of the electors of the said States, for

President and vice-President of the United States, twenty thousand

dollars. Land Surveys.

Survey of the Public Lands.-For surveying the public lands, (exclusive of California, Oregon, Washington, New Mexico, Kansas, Nebraska, and Utah,) including incidental expenses and island surveys in the interior, and all other special and difficult surveys demanding augmented rates to be apportioned and applied to the several surveying districts according to the exigencies of the public service, including expenses of selecting swamp lands and the compensation and expenses to survey or to locate private land claims in Louisiana, in addition to the unexpended balances of all former appropriations, one hundred thousand dollars.

For resurveying and correcting erroneous surveys in the lower peninsula of Michigan, at a rate not exceeding six dollars per mile, nine thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars.

For correcting erroneous and defective lines of public and private surveys in Illinois and Missouri, at a rate not exceeding six dollars per mile, two thousand dollars.

For completing the survey of towns and villages in Missouri, one thousand two hundred dollars.

For the resurvey and correction of old erroneous surveys in Arkansas, discovered since the last report by the Surveyor-General, at a rate not exceeding six dollars per mile, nine thousand seven hundred and twenty dollars.

For the renewal and correction of old, erroneous, and defective surveys in Arkansas, discovered since the last estimate by the SurveyorGeneral, where the marks have become obliterated by time, accident, and other causes, at a rate not exceeding four dollars per mile, five thousand seven hundred and sixty dollars.

For surveying in Louisiana at augmented rates now authorized by law, five thousand and fifty-five dollars and sixty-six cents.

For preparing the unfinished records of public and private surveys to be transferred to the State authorities under the provisions of the act

1840, ch. 36. of twelfth June eighteen hundred and forty, in those districts where Vol. v. p. 384. the surveys are about being completed, eighteen thousand one hundred dollars.

For resurvey and examination of the survey of the public lands in those States where the offices of the surveyors-general have been or shall be closed under the acts of the twelfth June, eighteen hundred and forty, and twenty-second January, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, in- 1853, ch. 24.

Vol. x. p. 152. cluding two thousand dollars for the salary of the clerk detailed to this special service in the General Land-Office, three thousand dollars.

For continuing the survey of the keys off the coast of Florida by the Florida Keys. officers of the coast survey, thirty thousand dollars.

That all public lands heretofore reserved for military purposes in the Certain reserState of Florida, which said lands, in the opinion of the Secretary of War, da may be sold.

vations in . are no longer useful or desired for such purposes, or so much thereof as said Secretary may designate, shall be and are hereby placed under the

1858, ch. 156, control of the General Land-Office, to be disposed of and sold in the

§ 6. same manner and under the same regulations as other public lands of

Post, p. 336. the United States: Provided, that said lands shall not be so placed under the control of said General Land-Office until said opinion of the Secretary of War, giving his consent, communicated to the Secretary of Interior in writing, shall be filed and recorded.

For continuing the survey of the islands off the coast of California by the officers of the coast survey, forty thousand dollars.

For surveying the public lands and private land claims in California, including office expenses incident to the survey of claims, and to be disbursed at the rates prescribed by law for the different kinds of work, fifty thousand dollars.

For continuing the survey of the base, meridian, correction parallels, township and section lines in the Territory of Utah, fifty thousand dollars.

For continuing the survey of base, meridian, standard parallels, township and section lines in New Mexico, thirty thousand dollars.

For defraying the expenses of running the boundary line between Boundary bethe State of Texas and the Territory of New Mexico, ten thousand tween Texas and dollars.

For the support, clothing, and medical treatment of the insane of the District of Columbia, and of the army and navy at the asylum in said trict of ColumDistrict, including five hundred dollars for books and incidental expenses, twenty thousand five hundred dollars.

For the erection of a barn and carpenter's shop at the Insane Asylum of the District of Columbia, seven thousand two hundred dollars.


Insane in Dissus.

For enclosing the grounds of the Insane Asylum of the District of Columbia, thirteen thousand eight hundred and seventy-two dollars.

For the completion of the centre building and three other sections of the Insane Asylum of the District of Columbia, one hundred and

thirty-eight thousand six hundred and seventy-three dollars. Lots in Con- To enable the Secretary of the Interior to purchase five hundred burial gressional bury- lots in the Congressional burying-ground, a sum not exceeding five thouing ground.

sand dollars: Provided, That the same be expended in the construction

of an iron fence on the north side of said burial-grounds. Ingraham medal. To enable the Secretary of the Treasury to pay for or allow for the Vol x. p. 594. engraving of the “ Ingraham Medal,” in pursuance of a contract made

by direction of the Secretary of the Navy under authority of law, two

thousand two hundred dollars. Works of ex- For replacing the works of the Exploring Expedition, destroyed by ploring expedi- the fire at Philadelphia, on the eleventh April last, the sum of ten thoution.

sand four hundred and ninety-four dollars and forty-six cents. Public build- To authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to enlarge the building ings at Toledo. now in progress of erection, to be used as a custom-house, and post

office at Toledo, in the State of Ohio, by the addition of another story and otherwise, as he may find expedient, the sum of nineteen thousand five hundred dollars, with ten per centum thereon for contingencies: Provided, That the money hereby appropriated shall not be expended until the Secretary shall have contracted, upon such security as he may approve, for the completion of the said building so enlarged, at a sum

equal to or less than the amount heretofore and hereby appropriated. Seventh cen- For arranging and binding for preservation the original returns of

the seventh census, and those prior thereto two thousand five hundred

dollars. Surveys in For surveying the necessary base, meridian, standard parallels, townKansas and Ne- ship and section lines in Kansas and Nebraska, also outlines of Indian braska.

reservations, one hundred and one thousand dollars. Paupers in For support, care, and medical treatment of transient paupers, medical Washington in- and surgical patients in Washington Infirmary, three thousand dollars. firmary. Public grounds.

For purchase of manure for the public grounds one thousand dollars.
For hire of carts on the public grounds, one thousand dollars.

For purchase and repair of tools used in the public grounds, five hundred dollars.

For purchase of trees and tree-boxes, to replace where necessary such as have been planted by the United States, and the repair of pavements

in front of the public grounds, five thousand dollars. Works of art For furnishing and ornamenting the Capitol with such works of art for the capitol.

as may be ordered and approved by the Joint Committee on the Library, to be placed in either wing of the extension, when ready for their recep

tion, twenty thousand dollars. Law-library For enlarging and shelving the law-library room, and a new carpet

and other furniture for the same, four hundred dollars. Repairs of cap- For annual repairs of the Capitol, water-closets, public stables, wateritol.

pipes, pavements, and other walks within the Capitol square, broken

glass, and locks, eight thousand dollars. Of President's For annual repairs of the President's house and furniture, improvehouse.

ment of grounds, purchasing trees and plants for garden, and making hotbeds therein, and contingent expenses incident thereto, six thousand

dollars. Fuel and lights. For fuel in part for the President's house, one thousand eight hundred


For lighting the President's house, and Capitol, the public grounds around them, and around the Executive offices, Pennsylvania avenue, and East Capitol street to Second street, twenty-seven thousand dollars.


For grading, gravelling, and completing the culvert across Tiber Culvert. creek on Indiana avenue six thousand dollars.

For the payment of laborers employed in shovelling snow from the Shovelling snow. walks to and around the Capitol, the President's house and other public buildings, five hundred dollars.

For the purchase of books for library at the Executive mansion, to be Executive liexpended under the direction of the President of the United States, two brary. hundred and fifty dollars.

For repairs of the Potomac navy yard and upper bridges, eleven thou- Bridges. sand dollars.

And, with a view to the construction of a new and substantial bridge Plans and estiacross the Potomac, the Secretary of the ļnterior be and he is hereby mates for a new

bridge across the authorized to cause drawings and estimates for the construction of an Potomac. iron suspension bridge and also for a stone-arched bridge to be prepared and submitted to Congress at its next session : and with a further view of enabling Congress to select the most eligible site for said bridge, the Secretary aforesaid is instructed to cause drawings and estimates to be prepared for a bridge at or near the site of the present Potomac bridge, another at or near a place known as the “ Three Sisters” and another at such intermediate-point as may be deemed most eligible. For repairs of Pennsylvania avenue, three thousand dollars.

Public grounds. For filling up ravine in Judiciary square, three thousand dollars.

For the purchase of one dozen settees for Lafayette square, one hundred and seventy-five dollars. For repairs of water pipes, five hundred dollars.

Miscellaneous. For repairing heating apparatus, raising, repairing passages, painting, reglazing and extending seed-room and green-house according to plan, six thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Buildings.

For public reservation number two, and Lafayette Square, three thousand dollars.

For rebuilding Franklin-engine house, including the purchase of a suitable lot, &c., &c., five thousand dollars.

For taking care of the grounds south of the President's house, continuing the improvements of the same, and keeping them in order, three thousand dollars.

That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby authorized and Site for new required to cause a suitable site for a new jail to be selected at or near jail. the Penitentiary, in the city of Washington, and that he cause to be prepared drawings and specifications for said jail to be submitted to Congress on or before the tenth day of December next, together with estimates of the cost of building said jail.

For the collection of agricultural statistics, investigations for promoting Agricultural agriculture and rural economy, and the procurement and distribution of statistics. Re

port. cuttings and seeds seventy-five thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Commissioner of Patents : Provided, That the Commissioner shall report to Congress the varies (various] kinds, and amounts of saids (seeds] purchased, and to be purchased under this appropriation, from whom, and where obtained and the cost of the same.

Towards the erection of the north front of the Patent-Office building, Patent-office for the accommodation of the Department of the Interior, two hundred building. thousand dollars.

To complete the bridge across the Potomac at Little Falls, agreeably to the plan already adopted, seventy-five thousand dollars.

bridge. To meet necessary expenses attendant upon the execution of the neu

Expenses of trality act of the twelfth (twentieth) April, one thousand eight hundred executing neuand eighteen, ten thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction trality act. of the President, pursuant to the third section of the act of Congress of Vol. iii. p. 447. the first May, one thousand eight hundred and ten, entitled " An aet 1810, ch. 44. VOL. XI. Pub.--12

Vol. ii. p. 608.

Little Falls

1818, ch, 88.

" Birds

fixing the compensation of public ministers and consuls residing on the

coast of Barbary, and for other purposes." Suppression of To enable the President of the United States to carry into effect the slave-trade.

act of Congress of the third March, one thousand eight bundred and 1819, ch. 101. nineteen, and any subsequent acts now in force for the suppression of the Vol. iii. p. 532.

slave-trade, eight thousand dollars. Audubon's To enable the Secretary of State to purchase one hundred copies, each,

and of Audubon's “ Birds of America,” and “ Quadrupeds of North AmeriQuadrupeds."

ca,” for presentation to foreign governments, in return for valuable works
sent by them to the government of the United States, sistein ihousand

Filling up dock For filling up the dock between Central and Long wharves in Boston,
in Boston. the widening of the street on the east front of the custom-house, and the

extension and maintenance of the drains, fifteen thousand dollars.
Minnesota. For arrearages on account of legislative expenses of the Territory of

Minnesota, being for printing, binding, and miscellaneous items, for the
sessions of eighteen hundred and fifty-one, eighteen hundred and fifty-
two, eighteen hundred and fifty-three, eighteen hundred and fifty-four,
eighteen hundred and fifty-five, and eighteen hundred and fifty-six,

twenty-two thousand one hundred and twenty-two dollars and four cents. Powder maga- For the construction of a powder magazine for the naval service at zine at Man Is- Man Island, California, the sum of one hundred and nineteen thousand land, California.

three hundred dollars. Extra clerks in For the continuation of extra clerk hire in the office of Indian Affairs office of Indian authorized by an act making appropriations for the support of the army, atfairs. 1854, ch. 267. approved August fifth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, and the act makVol. x. p. 576. ing appropriations for the current and contingent expenses of the Indian 1865, ch. 204. department, approved March third, eighteen hundred and fifty-five, seven Vol. x. p. 686.

thousand dollars. Compensation For additional compensation and mileage of senators for the present and mileage of Congress, one hundred and seventy-eight thousand one hundred and

of twenty-eight dollars. House of Repre- For additional compensation and mileage of members of the House sentatives of and of Representatives and delegates from Territories for the present Con

ployees. gress, seven hundred and seventy-three thousand four hundred and thirty-

two dollars; and to enable the clerk of the House of Representatives to
pay the additional compensation to its employes and others autþorized by
the resolution of the House of Representatives of August fifteenth, eigh-
teen hundred and fifty-six, a sum sufficient for that purpose is hereby ap-
propriated out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated,
and is hereby added to the contingent fund of the House of Repre-

Revenue cutters SEC. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Treas-

ury be, and he is hereby authorized to cause to be sold at public auction
Sale of the the revenue-cutter “Ingham,” now stationed at Detroit, and the “ Harri-
Ingham, and of
the Harrison.

son,” now stationed at Oswego, and in lieu thereof, to cause to be built
six cutters for the protection of the revenue on the lakes, of the burden
of about fifty tons each ; and that the sum of forty-five thousand dollars
be and the same is hereby appropriated for said purpose, out of any
money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated, in addition to the pro-

ceeds of the sale above authorized.
Officers for Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That not more than two competent

officers (one of whom to be a captain or first lieutenant, at the discretion

of said Secretary) shall be allowed to each of said six cutters.
Additional Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That in addition to those now
clerks of Post- allowed by law, the Postmaster-General shall be authorized to employ

four clerks of class one ; and the sum of four thousand eight hundred
dollars is hereby appropriated, out of any money in the treasury not
otherwise appropriated to pay such increased compensation and the


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on the Lakes.

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said cutters.

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