Anglo-French treaty of January 23, 1860, Anglo-Belgium treaty of July 23, 1862, with tables of import duties. Also Anglo-French ready-reckoner


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Sivu 23 - In case neither party gives notice, twelve months before the expiration of the said period of ten years, of its intention...
Sivu 24 - If the Custom-house authorities shall be of opinion that the declared value is insufficient, they shall be at liberty to take the goods on paying to the importer the price declared, with an addition of five per cent. This payment, together with the restitution of any duty which may have been levied upon such goods, shall be made within the fifteen days following the declaration.
Sivu 24 - IX. Independently of the duties of Customs, articles of goldsmith's work and of jewellery of British manufacture in gold, silver, platina, or other metals, imported into France, shall be subject to the system of control established in that country for similar articles of domestic manufacture, and shall pay, if it becomes necessary, on the same basis as those, the duties of marking and guarantee. ARTICLE X.
Sivu 22 - But in all that relates to local treatment, the dues and charges in the ports, basins, docks, roadsteads, harbours, and rivers of the two countries, the privileges, favours, or advantages which are or shall be granted to national vessels generally, or to the goods imported or exported in them, shall be equally granted to the vessels of the other country, and to the goods imported or exported in them.
Sivu 22 - The subjects of one of the two High Contracting Powers shall, in the dominions of the other, enjoy the same protection as native subjects in regard to the rights of property in trade marks and in patterns of every description.
Sivu 23 - In order to establish the fact that the goods are of British origin or manufacture, the importer must present at the French Custom-house, either an official declaration made before a British magistrate exercising jurisdiction at the place of...
Sivu 24 - January, 1860, may, if he prefers to do so, demand a valuation of his goods by Experts. The same demand may be made by the French Customs when they may not think fit to have immediate recourse to pre-emption.
Sivu 23 - ... expiration of the agreement ; and if the parties fail to give such notice the agreement shall continue in force for another year, and so on from year to year until such notice is given.
Sivu 26 - V. Each of the High Contracting Powers engages to extend to the other any favour, any privilege or diminution of Tariff, which either of them may grant to a third Power in regard to the importation of goods mentioned, or not mentioned, in the Treaty of the 23rd of January, 1860.
Sivu 23 - Treaty shall be calculated on the value at the place of production or fabrication of the object imported, with the addition of the cost of transport, insurance and commission, necessary for the importation into France as far as the port of discharge.

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