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wherein the Circuit Court of Appeals of the Sixth Circuit discussed the interrelationship between "substantial evidence," "ultimate facts," and "primary" or "evidentiary" facts. [P. 45.]

In Kobe Import Co. v. United States, 42 CCPA 194, C.A.D. 593, Judge Cole said:

Appellant's right to introduce evidence by means of affidavit cannot be questioned. It is expressly given to him by statute. 19 U.S.C. 1501; 28 U.S.C. 2633. The fact that the evidence in question was introduced by affidavit does not, however, affect the substantive issue of whether the statements therein appearing constitute substantial evidence of the ultimate facts sought to be proved thereby. [P. 199.]

I concur in affirmance of the judgment below.



Accordions, table; musical instruments, not specially provided for, Abstract 68283
Adhesive substances; cement, C.D. 2440

[blocks in formation]

Household utensils, Abstract 68599

Metals, manufactures of, Abstract 68599

Agricultural Adjustment Act: peanuts, Abstracts 68244, 68261
Agricultural implements:


Conveyor, C.D. 2433

For transmission of power, C.D. 2433
Tractor parts, Abstract 68392

Use, classification by, Abstract 68555
What constitute, Abstract 68555

Alcohol, what constitutes, C.D. 2440
Alcoholic beverages:

Distillation of; solid content, C.D. 2449
Gauge, method of, C.D. 2449

Alcoholic compounds; terokal, C.D. 2440
Allowance for moisture:

Pumice stone, C.D. 2434

Regulations, compliance with, C.D. 2434

Amendment of protests:

Jurisdiction of U.S. Customs Court, Abstract 68339

Law, changes in, Abstract 68339

American goods returned:

Bobbins, Abstract 68193

Clothespins, Abstract 68256

Dresser sets and wallets, Abstract 68564

Duties not paid, Abstract 68270

Grain, Abstract 68641

Palletainers, collapsible, Abstract 68245

Regulations, compliance with, Abstracts 68193, 68224, 68245, 68256, 68564,

American manufacturer, what constitutes, C.D. 2453

American manufacturers' protests:

Jurisdiction of U.S. Customs Court, C.D. 2453

Motions to dismiss, C.D. 2453

Angels, nylon; similitude, classification by, Abstracts 68259, 68506
Angle inserts, metal:

Dishwashers, electric, parts of, Abstract 68321

Electric dishwasher, parts of; metals, manufacturers of, Abstract 68321


[blocks in formation]

Miniature glass:

Articles, colored, decorated, Abstract 68271
Household articles, Abstract 68271

Antimony ore briquettes; mineral substances, manufactured, Abstract 68615,

Appraised value, final; entered value, Abstract 68225

[blocks in formation]

Sceptres, C.D. 2451

Made from fabrics with fast edges; belts, pistol, Abstract 68442 Automobiles:

Acquired abroad; personal exemption, Abstract 68307

Motocarts, Abstract 68555

Parts of; pigtails for lights, Abstract 68393

Axe heads; cutting tools, C.D. 2452



Nylon traveling v. bags, leather traveling; similitude, classification by, Abstract 68395

Reinforced paper; bamboo articles, C.D. 2454

Travelers'; rayon, manufactures of, Abstract 68324

Baked articles; bread, Abstract 68434

Baling wire; steel wire, Abstracts 68322, 68347

[blocks in formation]

Bands and strips of iron or steel; steel strips, Abstract 68544

Bandsaws, steel; metals, manufactures of, Abstracts 68199, 68337, 68458, 68536, 68569, 68573, 68624, 68629

Barbecue grills, parts of; metals, manufactures of, Abstracts 68472, 68581


Napkin holders, Abstract 68437
Plate mats, Abstract 68437
Wheelbarrows, Abstract 68437

Use, classification by, Abstract 68437

Bead chains; chains of beads, Abstracts 68274, 68491

Beads, not specially provided for; chains of beads, Abstracts 68274, 68491

Beams; form supports; structural steel shapes, Abstracts 68214, 68238, 68279, 68588, 68656

Belts, pistol:

Árticles made from fabrics with fast edges, Abstract 68442

Wearing apparel, cotton, Abstract 68442


General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, Abstracts 68537, 68541, 68542, 68550, 68551, 68570, 68577, 68625, 68647, 68657

Parts of; horns:

Electrical, Abstracts 68299, 68316, 68317, 68325, 68499, 68509, 68521,
68522, 68565, 68566, 68579, 68583, 68594, 68604, 68605, 68626, 68648
Rubber bulb, Abstracts 68260, 68326

Presidential proclamation (see Bicycles; General Agreement on Tariffs and

Presidential proclamation, validity of, C.D. 2460

Weight (see Bicycles; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade)

Birch cores; wood, manufactures of, Abstract 68213

Artificial; resin articles, synthetic, Abstract 68617

General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, C.D. 2427
Legislative history, C.D. 2427

Dressed, what constitute, C.D. 2427

Blood serum; therapeutic agents, Abstract 68288
Boats, inflatable canvas:

Cotton, manufactures of, C.D. 2462

Motorboats, C.D. 2462

Bobbins; American goods returned, Abstract 68193

Riband; metals, manufactures of, Abstract 68571
Screws, head cap, C.D. 2457

What constitute, C.D. 2457

Bonsai pots:

Chinaware, Abstract 68635

Earthenware, Abstract 68635

Books in languages other than English; diaries of foreign authorship, Abstract

Bottles, unfilled; content capacity, Abstract 68422

Boxes, wood, packing; core trays, Abstract 68333
Bracelets; rosaries, Abstracts 68314, 68430, 68517

Braided articles; hats, synthetic textile, Abstract 68305

Brass rods; metals, manufactures of, Abstract 68222


Baked articles, Abstract 68434

Rytak, Abstract 68434


Antimony ore; mineral substances, manufactured, Abstracts 68615, 68616
Charcoal; wood charcoal, Abstracts 68352, 68353, 68404, 68497
Bristol board:

Lampshade paper, C.D. 2438

Paper, vegetable parchment, C.D. 2438

Brush cleaners, vacuum; electrical element or device, Abstracts 68480, 68484
Brushes, vacuum; electrical element or device, Abstracts 68350, 68523

Bubble gum; edible preparations for human consumption, Abstract 68388
Bullion articles; military insignia, Abstract 68268

Butterflies, nylon; similitude, classification by, Abstract 68466

Byobu screens; paper, manufactures of, Abstract 68483


Cabana sets:

Entireties, C.D. 2429

Shirts and shorts, C.D. 2429

Caddy carts; golf equipment, Abstract 68567


Motion-picture, parts of; lenses, Abstract 68470
Parts of:

Lenses, Abstracts 68425, 68450

Telephoto lenses, Abstract 68425

Candleholders, decorative; flowers, artificial, Abstract 68306
Cap screws, what constitute, C.D 2457


Arc lamps; optical instruments, parts of, Abstract 68412
Articles; charcoal briquettes (see Briquettes, charcoal; wood charcoal)

Carpeting, wool rag:

Floor coverings, wool, C.D. 2437

Fringed articles, C.D. 2437

Cases restored to calendar:

Evidence, sufficiency of, Abstract 68405

Parties proper, Abstract 68592

Casings for sausage; nonenumerated manufactured articles, C.D. 2426
Cassopar GL:

Coal-tar products, Abstract 68359

Textile finishing products, Abstract 68359


Articles; vinyl:

Fishes, Abstracts 68613

Tape, Abstracts 68426, 68427

Compound articles; plastic frames, Abstract 68413
Compounds; vinyl articles, Abstracts 68285, 68286


Adhesive substances, C.D. 2440
Polycolle PK-1, C.D. 2440

Terokal, C.D. 2440

Use, classification by, C.D. 2440

Ceramic tubes:

Chinaware, abstract 68636

Earthy or mineral substances, Abstract 68636
Chain stitching; embroidered, C.D. 2458

Conveyor; agricultural implements, C.D. 2433
For transmission of power:

Agricultural implements. C.D. 2433

Eo nomine designation, C.D. 2433

Metals, manufactures of, Abstract 68364
Use, classification by, C.D. 2433

Of beads; beads, not specially provided for, Abstracts 68274, 68491

Briquettes: carbon articles (see Briquettes, charcoal; wood charcoal)
Wood; briquettes, charcoal (see Briquettes, charcoal wood charcoal)
Chemical compounds; therapeutic serum, Abstract 68288

Chief use; legislative history, C.D. 2459


Bonsai pots, Abstract 68635

Ceramic tubes, Abstract 68636

Decorated; cups and saucers, Abstracts 68204, 68205, 68289, 68525
Manufactures of; plaques with metal frames, Abstracts 68310, 68311
Plaques with metal frames:

Entireties, Abstracts 68310, 68311

Metals, manufactures of, Abstracts 68310, 68311

Teeth, artificial plastic, Abstract 68416

Works of art, Abstracts 68354, 68417, 68529


Hats; chip, manufactures of, Abstract 68366
Manufactures of; hats, chip, Abstract 68366
Cigarette cases, parts of; smokers' articles, C.D. 2445
Circuit breakers, air-blast:

Controls, electrical flowage, C.D. 2439

Electrical element or device, C.D. 2439

Electrical flowage controls, C.D. 2439

Regulators, voltage, C.D. 2439

Switchgear, C.D. 2439

Circulating fans, hot and cold; fans, electric, Abstract 68556
Classification, advisory; appraisement, C.D. 2456

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