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if you hate war, are you infa-totally destroy the effect of the tuated enougł to believe, that Small Note Bill." They may, if your enemy, 'if your paper lasts they please pat an end at once 80 long, will not puff you out to the circulation of the sinalī note The Americans "understand a rags." "They have nothing to do about this matter as well as they but to carry every rag they get, understand thie properties of In- and to have it exchanged for gold

molasses and silver. They must pay these They Hówix-poft you" out in' aaway again." No matter they will twinkling." "Aha,"indeed, what be out; and that is all that is enemy would not ?" So that here wanted. A drain will be made is a prettuto

for a powerful hereby" upon the Muther Bank; kingdoma isi bor ob uie,wo

1 she must draw in more paper; yrith the meanwhile, the people towering of prices will be accashould be resolved not to suffer sioned; the farmers and landlords

the tag-rooks to shifle them off. receive a new and furious pinch ; a Guineas and Half guineus, being clamour is excited';

clamour is excited'; projects of rethe legal egin of the realm, are lief are broached; and the ho

horrid legal tender, and Silver to the THING rocks to its

very base. amount of forty shillings. But all It is surprising how much more This coin is very good people men are prone to talk than to act. may see that "it'kis Full Height: It only a hundred thousandth part ad We Have an instance I the of the people would do what I do conduct of these good fellows'in in this respect, there would soon Yorkshire, of what even poor men be an end of all disputes about

do. They want eheap pro-paper-money, and a single stockvisions. They have it completely jobber would not be left upon the in their own power to make pro- face of the earth. The weavers

Visions much cheaper thận they of any considerable town might are. They may, if they will, effect these desirable objects; but


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as long as men talk, and do nothat inestimable blessing, which thing but talk, it were full as well your, Bir, so zealously contended if they held their Longues naveo! 1911662046

tongues. I never forz/which wet must have before it take

"a piece of paper-money, ex- be long, and, which that we may cept fromi necessity; and, if I can have very soon is the ardent

go bus pee911316! ati lo jau015, avoid it. I never let it remain anprayer of, yol Birg:53.84 v9**

incanta baze34,21910 901.004692 ziua hour in my possession; "If I see 13* Your most obedient and more! ànybody w bank notes, town'or

lino ueqo! Most bumble Servant, lisi country, and ind them too lazy to 200289 zwo. WM. COBBETT,

um 170 10 101.00 TS

boredo sd of zi I (on) wollpt get them changed, I change them

Postscrim: Since writing the for them, if I have sovereigns, and abote, 'the following article 'bas.

004 Isil 1104 05 91019 do not mind sending or going a reachedo me, througathe DUBLIN 1 Via RoMERCANTILE ADVERTISER,

ERTISERS TESTS few miles to get the coin out of the hands of the ragmen If a rag-tion, and of some shad," tarotai 16 hout well worthy ofw particularsattente bsd od w 30. 1. 110 mana or some

remarks when wer. man were to refuse me coin, I have read it gi borivare avsden would post him all over the count19i il mare

coun- We believe we can at lengthi try it would stand at his door upon the prospect, but the need and holla out: Here!' this Tag

tainty of a fair average harfestar dhom 1313: 1 Sljstvimas perhaps, taking one speciesły of rook don't pay his notes according grain with another, of a barvest

S 916 1911 152 10 ob 14 even beyond an average and gived to law bo The labouring people do us leave here to add, that, though,

upon a subject such as this it was not know that they have a right ansafe to say muchos et our ima di

in pression always was, that the prego do this. . Why, the shoemakers sent would be a prosperous year andet udt.1511

| for that portion of the prep who feeded who have never shewn occasionally, on Broad, and who lived theinselves

in towns and citieses How theicon deficient 1991 on een entner in sense sequent low prices, which wa mayo or inf public spirit; the shoema- upon other interests, we shall have

now regard as certain, will operate To keis alone would overset this rag

occasion, perhaps, to discuss bent pie 901 90sous save money fore, we conclude this article, shut affair in a week. Nay, the shoe- we have no hesitation at the very

goiacsa jest to God at a outset toa say that it cannot be makers of only ten considerable worse for the landlords than a

vdw sohva W lliw is short or damaged crop would ber towns, would, if they chose, pro- while for the people in general duced pahic which would often there is no occasion to insist that it ea panic which would give uşi will, prove infipitely better thin

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bWheat, which one month ago otisness of the spring and summer, was 68 shillings a quarter, is now but to some mysterious reaction 50. But it is clear that in iconșelino that wonderful country, Engquence of the hurry of the harvest, land. It was in

were a hurry rendered quite feverish on told over and over again, that there account of its lateness, and the was

1 which cant be very buti one

easily acthis season, the firmers, pressed as they have been; could not find time Banted for en natural prindiples

the pride of John BULL would to supply the marketson It is pery not listen to reason. He was sure likely, therefore, that all grain will that the recovery would be permaanother month. We take the Eng

day, the end

Onthe lish Markets, for obvious reasons when bis best quarters


wheat follow them. It is to be observed, vember. It is, however, the opinion, also, that verydittle as yetz if-any, in many quarters, though not, pernew Irish grain has gotten into the haps, in the highest,

that it will Englishmarket.

be little than half . 11. Now we would beg to put this But the delusion had its object-ob serious question. If, as seems proa hits temporary object. It fastened bable, the markets before Christ- the farmers to their leasesltando masa shall come down to the point the Agricultural Interest” began with a hich the onesto od last winter, to crow most

lustily. That Solo as have survived the crush of last turned Radical, as the marketsny autumn? It is very well known went down, that in England the price now ob- became Ant: obin, without the w rate the grower, even though he paid Sir Thomas do now, or rather what no rent. We speak quite advisedly, will the agricultural people dofus for though we have

not the tables for only that he is their mouthnow before us, by which we should pieces it matters very little whátor be enabled to demonstrate this as- he may do or say. He'll make a sertion, we have a perfect recollec- motioną o Poht and what good will of tion of their results. For 4 or 5 years bis motion do? It will make Mr.

, for 4 or 5 year's regularly, the farm- friends grieve. And there is Mr. that time, thousands have passed Attend a Pitt Club, and talk about

, several e parekassereld, bave been Altares and this snya has the world is and the Colonieste and some, we Mr. WESTERN, with his string of

to are informed, are going to France. resolutions about the currency-of: The present year, however, will be which he was giving notice, for six likely to prove more generally fatal months, and which, after all, wentis than any of the former ones, for off at the heel of the last session this reason--that the rise in grain, so lamely and unfashionably

isson which has been progressive since what will last January, until the very eve of he will tineri ayos

bring on it ought to have been, tot the harvest, was attribution will be negative solutions, and they

by a thundering ness of the crop and the unpropiti- majority. What then? We shall

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how it is the extreme fundholders

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have propositions for Reform--and ment except Lieutetranties of PoLord John RUSSELL will make a lice; Stipendiary Justices, or Bar Yet we apprehend there

will be understand, are already income some serious talk about an EQUI-siderable demand, but which the, men

we doubt of Waterloo and Talevera are demandmot tome forward. Butan equitable elemen do not get rends, and renta, adjustment

, as it is calledore 167 What is riously entertained, is

become of their creditors, no less than a RADICAL) RFFORK, or rather, what is to become of their e of imbecility estates?

SAAT 16 (100(1.On to suppose, that the would listen to the proposition for a moment, if there were not, first a The first thing that occurs to sweeping reduction in our civil and military establishmentsi-a con

us, naturally is, to ask how it happlete abolitian of sinecures--anda pens that the Irish papers talk very summary curtailment of the thus, talk sense, talk justice ; pension list. But, after all, what agad could this do? There would be a sav.

while the Wen talks as it ing, perhaps, at the very utmost, of does ; that is to say, talk of vel hathree millions but three millions is nothing, when the interest of the tional faith," wbile insisting that debt is thirty. Before an adjustment the jews and jobbers ought to could be heard of, the pruning knife

? The reason But this is a thing that cannot be is simply this, that the Wen press must be employed upon the Church. I get three Wo entertained for a moment. Very well then, all we want to know is, is essentially a stock-jobbing connot how the farmers are to go on, cern, as I have always asserted it landlords are to go on. In England, to be. It is owned by jews and we know many of them are deep in jobbers, for the greater 'part; and swimmingly for a time. Their that part which is not owned by tenants may be continued, and them is hired to them. This is not farm for them, a process which, we understand, is very customary just

the case in Ireland, which is not, now-but in Ireland, few of our at any rate, under this degradLandlords have money in the Funds, of any where else. What are they ing cụrse. There is some horoughto do without rents?' Government monger, and plunderer, and fire'can't provide for them all; in fact, Government can provide for very pan corruption, doubtless, in the

and if it be true what we have Irish press; but it is not an infaheard, that several offices, 1 and some of them considerable ones,

mous thing in the hands of the are not to be filled up on the de- Christ-killing tribes ; that band of mise of the incumbents and if it be true, that even several of the

criminals, some of whom present offices are to be dispensed Solons and Oracles by s.watchwith the market."

Country gentlemen have ing the turn of nothing to look to from Govern- This disgrace and scourge are for

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England alone ; and, never fear, It is just the sort of things to

strip they will swamp her. (179.47; 133 the jolterheads of their all. Just

have just got a Suffolk neus- the thing to leave them neither paper, every inch of which is barn nor hole-and-corner to abuse occupied by advertisements, and me in. Above all things I like the far greater part of theseure to see the fellows in Suffolk late to the sale

blive and WORKED. I do not mean the dead stock, and of the HOUSE- farmers though some of them merit HOLD GOODS of FARMERS: ruin, and the ruin of the present Here is revolution, if I want re- race is NECESSARY. I say volution! I have been reproached necessary, because such fellows for, years with wanting a revo- as met, the other day, at the Pitt lution. The present King, in one Club, at Ipswich, must be pun

his Speeches to Parliament, nished. There would be an end of said that there were designing all idea of justice and of Provimen, who sought a revolution. dence, if those insolent and stupid Well ! bless his Royal head! and, oafs were to escape punishment. if there were such men, what was And, how are they to be punished there of new in that? His gracious as long as fools with money in Majesty remembered, I dare say, their pockets be found to give it that there had been a revolution to these insolent fellows, in the in England before ; and that shape of rents? I do not wish to those who sought it were not see farmers ruined; but I wish to called designing men ; but, on the see the 'Squirarchy without rents. contrary, most excellent and loyal They will then have nothing to do men. They were pretty well but to attend to the game and the rewarded for seeking a revolution, affairs of the tread-mill. Oh! instead of being marked out for God! Shall I not live to see them vengeance,

However, if the at work at this mill? Yes, verily, " designing men,” who seek a I shall! Wheat only a little lower revolution, " be not satisfied with than it is now, would send them to the one that is going on in Suf- the tread-mill right quickly. They folk, they must be most uncon- would have been there in a few scionable fellows. I am satisfied months from this time, had not the with it'; this is a revolution that small-nate shuffle come to their goes on quite fast enough to suit assistanee; and, even that can give me. do not wish it to go faster. them only a respite from the mill.


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