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ten miles from the town we met not a house of any description - market gardeners' carts in great here, till you come to the district numbers making their way to the town, where three or four hungry market. It was a cold and very looking greyhounds, and men not clear morning, so" that, when we unlike them, are standing about got upon the top of Broadway at the Inn-doors.- Near, however, Hill and looked back, the view to one of these towns (Chippingwas magnificent. You had almost Norton), I counted eight old wheat a bird's eye view of the little town ricks in one rick yard! A great beneath, and, beyond it, a view deal of wheat is sown and up ofan to our proportionate to the goodness of here, and I see nothing out but your eyes; for it was boundless, bears.--Coming through WoodThe country, as far as Broad- STOCK to OXFORD, I have come WAY (which is about twenty miles thus far (High Wycombe) over from Worcester), is as pretty as the same ground that I travelled any I have seen, save that it has, in coming from London, and all not the constant hill and dale of the corn that was uncarted as I Herefordshire. The , was going down, is now in; and nevertheless, very pretty i s.and where before I saw them carrying elm trees are suffered to grow corn, I now hear them threshing without being subject to the hor; fit.-As to the apple crop, I have rible practice of shaving off all no reason for unsaying any thing the limbs. Turning from this I said in my, former letter upon view to sit down and look straight this subject, but I am confirmed before you again, you see plainly in all I said upon it, Here and that you are, if not in OxfORD- there, you see 4 tree loaded even 17

its own destruction ; but a great, the top of the hill is in OXFORD- very great many: trees, have SHIRE and the bottom in Worces scarcely an apple on them, and 3

E, At any rate, you now be none of the apples have arrived gin with the stone walls again,

and at theit uşyal and proper size and 1 with the dreary, though rich, corn quality, The debuit country: I saw one

Loko I am, Sir, doncs Rose somewhere up in this country with

Your most obedient Seryant, one man reaping in it, and

Boom Bogel, fellow, looked hungry, engugh his

JOHN M. to eat it too. You see pot a cottage,

sozial de grad Lus doute

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-$139 SHIRE, Wear Art


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Held of wheat

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THE SCOTCH HARVEST, Quarters of English Grain, &c.

arrived. Coastwise, from Sept. 22 I HAVE just heard, is short; to Sept. 27, inclusive. and the wheat not half cat.-This Wheat ... 7,500 Pease

2,166 may make some liule différence Barley.. 2,958 Tares. 275 in the price in general; but, not Malt ..2,729 Linseed.... much. Scotland consumes 80 Oats . .15, 105 Rape...


17 Brank. small a part of the produce of the Rye....

Beans....1,274 Mustard.... .369 whole kingdom, that its wants may

Various Seeds 586qrs. Flour be supplied without any great de

7,168 sacks. duction from the general quantity. From Ireland--Oats 6,530 qrs.?

Foreign-Linseed 3,845 qrs.

Flour 845 barrels.

Friday, Sept. 26.-The arrivals AT a' Sheriff's Dinner in the of grain in general this week are

tolerably good, and of Oats the City, these two heroes were on the boards. The silliness and im- ples of Wheat find a more ready

quantity is large. Prime dry sampudence thatMr. Canning showed sale, but there is no improvement upon this occasion could be in the prices. Barley is rather equalled only by his meanness ; cheaper. Grey Peas are further but this now seems, with him and declined 2s, per quarter. Oats find isome of his colleagues, to be the scarcely any buyers, and this arti

cle is rather cheaper. “ order of the day." In my next, I shall endeavour to do something tolerably good supply of grain in

Monday, Sept. 29. There was a Hike justice to the braggings, the general last week, and of Oats the shameless braggings of the pre- quantities were large. This mothsent Lord Mayor and Mr. Can- ing there are moderate quantities ning.

of Wheat and Beads from Essex, Kent, and Suffolk, but large fresh

arrivals of Barley, Grey Peas, and MARKETS.

Oats. The new parcels of Wheat Average Prices of CORN through come for the most part cold in hand, out ENGLAND, for the week end that our millers purchased dry saming 20th September.

ples of both old and new more Per Quarter."

freely, and an advance was ob

tained on such of 1s. to 2s. per qr., Wheat


but the damnp qualities sell very Ryé

.32 5

badly. Barley

Barley is abundant, and 23. per Oats

22 0 quarter cheaper. Grey Peas are Beans


also very plentiful, and have sufPeas

..35 1 fered a further decline of 2s. to 3s. per quarter. Beans self

heavily, Corn Exchange, Mark Lane.

and are rather cheaper. There are Quantities and Prices of British

so few boiling Peas that will break Corn, &e. sold and delivered in well, that this article obtains rather this Market, during the week ended higher prices; but White Peas that Saturday, 20th September. will not break are cheaper. Oats

£. Wheat.. 4,486 for 11,524 18 5 Average, 51 are far too plentiful for the present Barley.. 282....

.31 demand, and although the factors Oats.. 8,051 Rye.....

i lo 0..........30 are not disposed to submit to less Beans.. 1,149.... 1,988 0






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442 1 7.....
9,772 8 4..........24 3


prices for old samples, yet new are 647.... 1,158 34 8..........35 PT reduced full' 1s. per quarter.





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40 0

7 6

Lewes ..


NEWGATE (same day). COUNTRY CORN MARKETS. Per Stone of 8 pounds (dead). By the QUARTER, excepting where other

s. d.

d. wise named; from Wednesday to Satur


.2 0 to 3 0 day last, inclusive.

Mutton, .2 8 3 6

.3 0 4 4 The Scotch Markets are the Returns of the Pork.. .34 5 4 Week before.


0 0 WABAT,

S. d. S. d. Uxbridge, per

81. 10s. 151. 10s. LEADENHALL (same day). Aylesbury.. ditto ......

91. 58: 131. 10s.

Per Stone of 8 pounds (dead). Newbury

40.0 600 Reading 34 0 54

d. Henley

52 0

2 0 to 3 4 Banbury

40 0 56

Mutton. .2 8 3 6 Devizes

41 0 64 0

Veal.. .34 5 4 Warminster 40 064 0 Pork.

.3 4 5 4 Sherborne


.3 8 4 6 Dorchester, per load ... 121.. 0s: 156 Os. Exeter, per bushel 6.6

56 0

City, 1 October 1823. Guildford, per load,

10l. Os. 161. 55. Winchester, ditto

Ol. Os. OL. Os.

There is not much demand for 54 0

91. Os. 131. 10s. this article »but as it is known that with per load "?

0 O

great Bumbers are ready to buy, Birmingham...

L 53 if it ge a little lower, that will proLynn

0 0 0 0 bably prevent any material decline: Horncastle

36 0

45 we mean in regard to the new; ás Stamford...... 280

48 7 to the old that must go lower yet.Northampton

36 0 48 0 On board, for immediate shipTruro, 24 a bush. 18 10 0 0ments, 37s.; for forward shipments, Swansea, per bushel... 89.4 0 0 32s. to 335.-Landed, Old, 368. to Nottingham women, 460.- DAO 406.4 New, 426-40-43%. Derby, 34 quarts to bush. 40 0 55 0 Newcastle 32 - 0 560

BUTTER Dalkeith, per boll 27 0 34 6

The present stock of Butter Haddington, ditto*. 2:1 25 0

35 Owould leave a loss to the holders, The Scotch boll is 3 per cent more if sold at the present prices; they than 4 bushels,

are therefore induced to look to

the old remedy-a speculation. Price of Bread. The price of There is a very general disposition the 4lb. Loaf is stated at 9d. by to buy Butter, and we should not the full-priced Bakers.

be surprised if a considerable advance should take place.--Onboard,

Carlow, 80s.- Waterford, 74s. to Smithfield, Monday, Sept. 29th. 758.—Dublin, 755.- Cork, 735.Per Stone of 8 pounds (alive).

Limerick, 728.-Landed : Carlow,

80s. to 82s.-Waterford, 75s. to 77s. ..3 0 to 36 --Dublin, 768.-Cork, or Limerick, Mutton. ..3 4 3 10



758.-Dutch, 88s. to 90s.-Holstein, Veal. 4 05 0

70s. to 80s. the quality being vaPork. .4 0 5 0

rious. Lamb ..3 8 4 4

CHEESE. Beasts 3,488 | Sheep 26,160

The demand for Cheese is imCalves 220 | Pigs. 310 proving-Old Cheshire, of the best



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quality, 70s. to 78s.; inferior, 60s. j Price of HOPS, per Cwt. in the to 70s.-Coloured Derby, (old) 72s.

BOROUGH. to 74s.; New, 58s, to 635. - Double Gloucester, 56s. to 62s. ; Single,

Monday, Sept. 29.-The picking 48s, to 60s.

is now general, and in many dis

tricts will be finished this week ; POTATOES.

the accounts all state the produce ! SPITALFIELDS.-per Ton. as overrated. Some growth of Ware

.2 0 to 3.10 Canterbury have been sold from Middling's..

2 0

151. 15s. to 171. 17. Duty 20,0001. Chats... 1.16 0 0

to 22,0001. Currency of Yearlings Common Red..2 0 2 6. Onions.. Is. 62.-28. Od. per bush. and old remain the same. BOROUGH.-per Ton.

Maidstone, Sept. 25.-Our Hop Ware... .2 0 to 3 0

picking will generally finish this Middlings.. 1 10 1 15

week, as the grounds are cleared Chats. 1 10 0 0

so much sooner than expected; Common Red..00 0 Onions. .Os. Od.-—0s. Od. per bush. every body appears to have over

rated their growth, which falls very HAY and STRAW, per Load. short of what they were laid at. Smithfield. - Hay....80s. to 100s We have not heard of any sales

Straw.... 40s. to 46s. yet. The Duty called about

Clover 100s. to 110s. 20,000l. St. James's.—Hay....70s. to 120s.

Straw...31s. to 51s.

Clover..955. to 126s. COAL MARKET, Sept. 26. Whitechapel.--Hay....80s, to 1158. Ships at Market. Ships sold. Price.

Straw... 40s, to, 44s. 284 Newcastle..171..37s. 44s. 60.
Clover..90s. to 130s. 6 Sunderland... 61.. 335. 66.468. Od.

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VOL. 48.–No.2.] LONDON, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1923. [Price 6d.

Published every Saturday Morning, at Seren o'Clock.


and be it long remembered by all,

that, when a statement was made, MR. OGDEN,

in the House of Commons, that

you had received an irreparable OF MANCHESTER,

bodily hurt from being dragged On the Speeches of Mr. Canning, about in chains under the powers of the Lord Mayor, and of Mr.

of Sidmouth's Power-of-ImpriWaithman, at the Sheriffs'

sonment Bill, Canning called you Dinner, in the City of London, the revered and ruptured Ogon the 29th of September.

den;" and, be it remembered,

that, thereupon, the House broke Kensington, October , 1823. MR. OGDEN,

out into an universal and a loud On the 29th of last month, there laugh. Let us bear this in mind was a City Feast, at which were when we read of the fall of the

When we present, Mr. WaithMAN, Mr. landlords. CANNING, and Mr. Huskisson. Jews grasping their estates, let us Some curious things took place at bear this scene in mind ; and it is this dinner; and I, in remarking now a time to recal to our me on them, address myself to you, mory all the circumstances, bebecause it was

on you that cause we are now going to witness the once-insolent jester, Canning, the humiliation of our jesting foe. sported the most insolent of all I shall, before I go any further, bis jests. To those who do not insert the Report of the proceedalready know it, be it known, ings upon this 'occasion. They


see the

Priated and Published by J. M. COBBETT, No. 183, Fleet-street.

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