The Anti-Christ Is Here

Xlibris Corporation LLC, 2007 - 212 sivua
You will never read anything like this book. "Anti-Christ is Here," a one of a kind book, it is a fantastic, awesome, phenomenal book. It explains many truths that the Holy Bible teaches. It exposes knowledge that God is given in these last times. This book answers many questions! (Matthew 24:3). What vital parts does the United States play in these last times? How does the Anti-Christ political power? What does 666 really mean? It tells the truth about the false prophet, the rapture and many other things. This book is about the time of the end (Daniel 12:4). The book is not, I repeat, not my idea. I could not have found all this knowledge! God gave me this knowledge to give it to others. Almighty God set me aside with cancer, so that I would have the time to write this book. Now as a cancer survivor I write this book for all to see. May God richly bless you as you read it.

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