Literary Forgeries

Bombay, and Calcutta, Longmans, Green, and Company, 1907 - 282 sivua

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Sivu 162 - Sin, among the irrational Death introduced through fierce antipathy. Beast now with beast 'gan war, and fowl with fowl, And fish with fish. To graze the herb all leaving Devoured each other ; nor stood much in awe Of Man, but fled him, or with countenance grim Glared on him passing.
Sivu 148 - THE favourable manner in which this little piece has been received by the public calls upon the author to explain the grounds on which he composed it. But before he opens those motives, it is fit that he should ask pardon of his readers for having offered his work to them under the borrowed personage of a translator.
Sivu 167 - Here we may reign secure: and in my choice. To reign is worth ambition, though in hell ; Better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.
Sivu 172 - Pamela's prayer in the 3rd book of Sidney's Arcadia. The passage begins, — " But this king, not content with that which, although in a thing holy, is no holy theft, to attribute to his own making other men's whole prayers, &c.
Sivu 154 - I'll repay with scorn — and pride with pride ; — Still, Walpole, still thy prosy chapters write, And twaddling letters to some fair indite ; Laud all above thee, fawn and cringe to those Who for thy fame were better friends than foes ; Still spurn the incautious fool who dares — * * * » * Had I the gifts of wealth and luxury shared, Not poor and mean, Walpole ! thou had'st not dared Thus to insult. But I shall live and stand By Rowley's side, when thou art dead and damned.
Sivu 148 - How much sooner it was written does not appear. The principal incidents are such as were believed in the darkest ages of Christianity; but the language and conduct have nothing that savours of barbarism. The style is the purest Italian. If the story was written near the time when it is supposed to have happened, it must have been between 1095, the era of the first crusade, and 1243, the date of the last, or not long afterwards.
Sivu 147 - MDCCLXV. .LHE following work was found in the library of an ancient catholic family in the north of England. It was printed at Naples, in the black letter, in the year 1529.
Sivu 149 - SIR, — I take this method to acquaint you that I can procure copies of several ancient poems, and an interlude, perhaps the oldest dramatic piece extant, wrote by one Rowley, a priest of Bristol, who lived in the reigns of Henry vi. and Edward iv.
Sivu 160 - Farewell, Bristolia's dingy piles of brick, Lovers of Mammon, worshippers of Trick ! Ye spurned the boy who gave you antique lays, And paid for learning with your empty praise. Farewell, ye guzzling, aldermanic fools, By nature fitted for Corruption's tools ! I go to where celestial anthems swell ; But you, when you depart, will sink to Hell. Farewell, my Mother ! — cease, my anguished soul, Nor let Distraction's billows o'er me roll! — Have mercy, Heaven ! when here I cease to live, And this...
Sivu 231 - From deep oblivion snatch'd, this play appears: It claims respect, since Shakspeare's name it bears; That name, the source of wonder and delight, To a fair hearing has at least a right. We ask no more. With you the judgment lies : No forgeries escape your piercing eyes ! Unbiass'd, then, pronounce your dread decree, Alike from prejudice or favour free.

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