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H E importance of religious principles, as it respects the happiness, both of social and of individual man, is universally acknowledged. Impressed with this truth, learned and pious writers have, from time to time, employed their leisure and talents to elucidate the sacred pages of Revealed Religion, and to render the Book of Everlasting Truth intelligible and familiar. Among these, Doctor Philip Doddridge holds an eminent station ; and his Familt Expositor, received and prized by Christians of all denominations, has proved, perhaps, as extensively useful, as any religious treatise that ever came from the press.

The Rev. JOB ORTON, his pupil and admirer, a man not less distinguished for his learning and piety, has attempted to perform the same service for the OLD TESTAMENT, which his master had so successfully performed for the New. He has, accordingly, published it with a continued Commentary, so as to render the most difficult passages intelligible to the meanest capacity, and has added to the end of every chapter, Reflections, by way of improvement, well calculated to excite warm but rational feelings of devotion. As the work has been greatly admired and eagerly sought after, and has received the decided approbation of the best literary judges, the Editor flatters himself that he shall experience all the encouragement and support, which the excellence of the performance demand, and to which his own execution of it may entitle him.

1. THE work Shall be ele- ti? On the delivery of the 5th vol. gaiitly and correctly printed on | the 6th to be paid for in advance. a fine wove paper, and a new * 4. Those who procure nine type, cast for the work. 1 subscribers, and will pay for

2. The work wHl be com- X nine setts, shall receive a tenth prised in' six 8vo volumes, con- " gratis, and in that proportion taining between four and five ¿ for any greater number. hundred /¡ages each. $ Those who hold Subscription

3. The price to Subscribers S papers are requested to return will be one dollar and 75 cents a i them on or before the first of volume, in boards, to be paid on ' Jnne next, at which time the the delivery of each volume. A subscription will be raised.

THE work above described was written by Mr. ORTONfor the Pulpit, and delivered by him, at Shrewsbury (England) on the Sabbath, as fiar t of the morning service, during a period of more than twenty-one years. In comfuling it, he availed himself of the moat celebrated critical and practical Expositors of the Old Testament Scriptures. The design of the Author was to furnish a short and filain Exposition of the Old Testament, with Practical Reflections subjoined to each chapter, somewhat similar to Dr. Doddridge's Family Expositor, for the use of Families, and firivate Christians. It is not, therefore, burdened with learned criticism» j and yet the critical reader willJind many things in this Work, in the JVbtee es/iecially, to satisfy his inquiries. The .Author was of Bishofi Wilson's opinion that, " Criticisms, finding out the meaning of difficult /ilaces, are not so edifying, as establis/ting the heart with frrac-, tical truths." He used to say, tkat '• Expositions should lie adapted to tradesmen, and farmers, to women, children and servants, as these are the persons who have most need of them, and generally make most use of them." With these views he evidently comfiosed his Exposition, and has executed it with great success. The subtcriber has read it in his family, and in fiart from the pulpit to the people of his charge, as apart of divine service, with great satisfaction, and universal approbation. He can therefore, with confidence recommend it as highly deserving the patronage of his brethren in the ministry, and worthy a place in the library of every prívate family.

JEDIDIAH MORSE. Charlestown, August, 1304.

Subscriptions received by the publisher; by the principal B«okseîlers throughout the United States, and ay many of the Clergy of England,

Xeatly and correctly printed, on goodpaper,, and a new and hand

HAS lately published, editions of the BIBLE, m Royal 4to, at 9 dols. and a large Demy 4to. at 8 dols. handsomely bound.


I. A Summary History of the Sacred Writings, from their first collection, until they were translated by order of King James, in 1613.

II. The Books of the Old Testament, the Apocrypha, and the New Testament.

IIJ. A Chronological Table of the most remarkable events recorded in the Scriptures, fromthe creation to the death of Christ.

IV. A Table of the different characters and officers spoken of in the Bible.

V. A Table of Scripture Weights, Measures, and Coins, reduced to dollars and cents.'

VI. An Alphabetical Table of the proper names used in the Old and New Testaments, with the meaning of the words in the original languages.

VII. A Table of the divisions of time among the Jews.

VIII. A Chronological Table of the Apostles and their successors, who founded and presided over the five first churches.

IX. A Chronological Index of the years and times from Adam to Cbriit.

X A Table of kindred and affinity, within which, according to the Jewish and American laws, no person ought to contract marriage.

XI. A Clergyman's address to married persons, containing3 seasonable and judicious sketch of the requisites to happiness in the married state.

XII. A curious analytical dissection of the Books of the Old and New Testaments.

XTII. A Geographical Sketch of the Boundaries, Rivers, Mountains, chief Towns, Population, and other particulars, respecting Palestme, with a view of the present masters and miseries of that once happy country. XIV. Brown's Concordance of the Holy Scriptures, by which may be

XV. Family Record, being several pages neatly beaded and divided, for the convenience of recording marriages, births, baptisms, deaths, &c. necessary in all families.

XVI. Nine neatly engraved Plates, descriptive of the most interesting events recorded in Scripture.

XVIL A handsome Map of Palestine, or the Holy Land.

Also—A compendious History of New England, designed for schools and private families, by JtdMab Morse, D.D. and Elijah Parish, A.m. ornamented with a neat Map.

The Religious Tradesman, or, plain and serious hints of advice for the tradesman's prudent, and pious conduct; from his entrance into business to his leaving it off. Says Dr. Watts in his recommendatory preface, " It is a book admirably fitted by its proper representation of the tradesman's duties, and close and warm enforcement of them upon the conscience, to da excellent service, under the blessing of God, to the shop, and to the world. It contains a rich treasure of wholesome instruction, such as every tradesman, should write upon his heart, and practice in his thop and family.'


Lately published, andfor sale
by S. ETHERIDGE, Charleston,

A neat and correct edition of Brown's Concordance, on a fine wove paper.

A superior edition of the New Testament, on a large and fair type, and well bound, for the use of schools ; proper for charitable distribution, in the frontier settlements.

An elegant pocket edition of Watts' Psalms and Hymn*.

Memoirs of eminently Pious Women, abridged, from th* large work of Dr. Gibbons, London, by Daniel Dana, .\ M.

Discourses to the Aged, on a variety of interesting religious subjects, by Job Orton.

Beauties of Nature Delineated; or, philosophical and pious contemplations on the Work* of Nature, and the Seasons of the year. Selected from Shtrm'i Reflections, by the Rev. T. M. Harris. Extract from the Preface. The selection here offered to the Public, is made from Sturm'* " Reflection*,, on the works of God and his Providence, throughout all nature, for every day in the year." Copious testimonials in favour of that work might have been extracted from foreign Journals and Reviews; but it will be sufficient to observe that its merit, and the high opinion which has been entertained of it, are sufficiently evinced in the numerous and large editions through which it bas passed in the original German and in most of the languages of Europe. Though the English translation is inaccurate, inelegant, and frequently ungrammatical, it hat been well received and frequently reprinted.* So interesting, entertaining, and instructive was the matter and tbe sentiment, that the manner and the style was but little regarded.f

To every reflecting, serious person, this b'ttle volume will prove a valuable acquisition. It is eminently calculated to give enlarged conceptions of the works of Creation ; and, by an easy transition, to lead the thoughts " from. Nature up to Nature's God. It is particularly useful to young person* whom it will furnish with a just and rational knowledge of the various phenomena of nature and the admirable economy of the system to which they belong: assisting them in the wisest reflections upon every thing around them, and inspiring them with //"; mil exalted iintimenti of the Svi.hlxl ii'£!.ve» all whose works proclaim and praise him.

■ Who can this field of miracles survey,
"And not with Galen all in rapture say,
M Behold a God f adore him and 09*y.y

The Holy Bible abridged; or, the History of the Old and New Testament. A Token for Children; being an exact account of the conversion, and holy and exemplary lives, and joyful deaths of several young children, by Rev. Jamei Jancway. Dr. Watti plain and easy Catechisms, for children; to which is added, the shorter Catechism, &c. Dr. Watti" Divine and Moral Songs, for children.

Said E. also keeps constantly for sale, a large assortment of Cheap Ki'ig. iout Tracti, designed to furnish those persons who are in the practice of doing; good by dispersing useful books among the poor, with a variety of the best kind, on the most reasonable terms.

Books in the various branches of science; Bibles of various kinds, large and small; Testaments, Psalters, Spelling, Reading, and Psalm Books; Children's Books, &c. with a variety of Stationary.

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