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Permit for
cutting up

Permit for

cutting up
cables to be

45. In order to obtain such permit as aforesaid a dealer in marine stores shall make a declaration before some District Commissioner having jurisdiction in the district in which such dealer resides containing the following particulars; (that is to say,)

(1.) A statement of the quality and description of the
cable or other like article about to be cut up
or unlaid;

(2.) A statement that he purchased or otherwise
acquired the same bona fide and without fraud
and without any knowledge or suspicion that
the same had been come by dishonestly;
(3.) A statement of the name and description of the
person from whom he purchased or received
the same:

And it shall be lawful for the District Commissioner before whom any such declaration is made, or for the receiver of the district in which such dealer in marine stores resides, upon the production of any such declaration as aforesaid, to grant a permit authorizing him to cut up or unlay such cable or other like article.

46. No dealer in marine stores who has obtained such permit as aforesaid shall proceed by virtue thereof to cut up or unlay any cable or other like article until he has for the space of one week at the least before doing any such act published in some newspaper published nearest to the place where he resides one or more advertisements notifying the fact of his having so obtained a permit, and specifying the nature of the cable or other article mentioned in the permit, and the place where the same is deposited, and the time at which the same is intended to be so cut up or unlaid; and if any person suspects or believes that such cable or other article is his property, he may apply to any District Commissioner for a warrant and such District Commissioner may on the applicant making oath in support of such his suspicion or belief, grant a warrant by virtue whereof the applicant shall be entitled to require the production by such dealer as aforesaid of the cable or other article mentioned in the permit, and also of the book of entries herein before directed to be kept by every dealer in marine stores, and, upon such cable or other article and book of entries being produced, to inspect and

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examine the same, and if any dealer in marine stores
makes default in complying with any of the provisions of
this section, he shall for the first offence incur a penalty
not exceeding twenty pounds, and for every subsequent
offence a penalty not exceeding fifty pounds.

47. Every manufacturer of anchors shall, in case of Manufaceach anchor which he manufactures mark in legible turers to place marks characters on the crown and also on the shank under on anchors. the stock his name or initials, with the addition of a progressive number and the weight of such anchor; and if he makes default in doing so he shall for each offence incur a penalty not exceeding five pounds.


duties on wreck.

48. All wreck, being foreign goods brought or coming Customs within the limits to which this Ordinance applies, shall be subject to the same duties as if the same were imported into the Colony; and if any question arises as to the origin of such goods they shall be deemed to be the produce of such country as the Comptroller of Customs may upon investigation determine.

49. The Comptroller of Customs shall permit all goods, Powers of wares, and merchandise saved from any ship stranded or as to wrecked wrecked on its homeward voyage to be forwarded to the goods. port of its original destination, and all goods, wares, and merchandise saved from any ship stranded or wrecked on its outward voyage to be returned to the port at which the same were shipped; but such Comptroller is to take security for the due protection of the revenue in respect of such goods, wares, and merchandise.

50. All offences under this Ordinance, not being felony, Offences to may be heard and determined upon summary trial.




For every examination on oath instituted by a receiver £ s. d.
with respect to any ship or boat which may be or may
have been in distress a fee not exceeding


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But so that in no case shall a larger fee than two pounds be charged for examinations taken in respect of same ship and the same occurrence whatever may be the number of the deponents.

For every report required to be sent by the receiver to the Secretary of the Committee for managing the affairs of Lloyd's in London, or to the agent for Lloyd's of the district, the sum of

For wreck taken by the receiver into his custody a percentage of five per cent. upon the value thereof,

But so that in no case shall the whole amount of percentage so payable exceed twenty pounds.

In cases where any services are rendered by a receiver in respect of any ship or boat in distress not being wreck, or in respect of the cargo or other articles belonging thereto, the following fees instead of a percentage; that is to say,

If such ship or boat with her cargo equals or exceeds in value six hundred pounds, the sum of two pounds for the first and the sum of one pound for every subsequent day during which the receiver is employed on such service, but if such ship or boat with her cargo is less in value than six hundred pounds one moiety of the above-mentioned sum.

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Ordinance No. 17 of 1888.

AN ORDINANCE to Establish and Regulate an Inland
Colonial Post Office.
[26th July, 1888.

WHEREAS under and by virtue of an Act passed in the thirteenth year of her present Majesty, intituled "An Act for enabling Colonial Legislatures to establish Inland Posts," the Legislative Council of the Gold Coast Colony is authorized by Ordinance to make such provisions as it

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may think fit for and concerning the establishment, main-
tenance and regulation of posts or post communications
within such Colony, and for charging rates of postage for
the conveyance of letters by such posts or post communica-
tions and for appropriating the revenue to be derived

Be it enacted by the Governor of the Gold Coast Colony, with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council thereof, as follows:

1. This Ordinance may be cited as "The Post Office Short title. Ordinance, 1888."

2. In this Ordinance (unless the context otherwise re- Interpretaquires) the expression "Postmaster-General" means the tion. postmaster in charge of the post office at the seat of the Government.

The expression "postal matter" means
means any article
required to be sent by post or placed in a receptacle for the
collection of articles to be sent by post or delivered to an
officer or servant of the Postal Department for transmission
by post.

The expression "postage" means the duty charged for
the transmission of postal matter.

The expression "mail" includes every conveyance by which postal matter is carried, and also a person or animal employed or used in conveying or delivering postal


The expression "postal matter bag" includes any bag or box or parcel or other envelope or covering in which postal matter is conveyed, whether it does or does not contain postal matter.

The expression "packet boat " means a post office packet employed by or under the Post Office or Admiralty of the United Kingdom, as well as any vessel employed in conveying postal matter by the Postal Department of the Colony.

The expression "officer of the Postal Department" shall include the Postmaster-General and every postmaster, agent, officer, clerk, sorter, messenger, letter-carrier, postboy, rider or any other person employed in any business of the post office, whether employed by the Governor or any postmaster or any person under a postmaster or on behalf of the post office.



officers. Appointments

3. The Governor may from time to time appoint such number of postmasters, sorters, letter-carriers and such by Governor. other officers and servants for carrying into effect the provisions of this Ordinance as may be necessary, and all such postmasters, sorters, letter-carriers, and other officers and servants of the post office shall be removable from office and from one district to another or from one place to any other place within the same district at the discretion of the Governor.

Postal Departmentwhat.

The expression "( persons employed by or under the Postal Department" shall include every person employed in any business of the post office according to the interpretation given to "officer of the Postal Department." The expression post office" shall mean any house, building, room or place where post letters are received or delivered or deposited, or in which they are sorted, made up or dispatched.


The expression "letter" shall include packet and the expression "packet" shall include letter.

The expression "post office letter box" shall include any pillar box, wall box, or other box, or receptacle provided by the permission or under the authority of the Postmaster-General for the purpose of receiving postal matter for transmission by or under the authority of the Postmaster-General.

Officers of the Postal Department to give security.

4. The Postmaster-General and the other officers and servants of the post office shall form the Postal Department of the Colony.

Postal officers to

5. Every officer and every servant of the Postal Departmake a decla- ment shall, on appointment, appear before a District Comration before missioner and make a declaration in the form in the District Com- Schedule hereto or in such other form as may from time to time be determined by the Governor in Council.


6. Every officer and every servant of the Postal Department, unless the same in any particular case shall be dispensed with by the Governor, shall within fourteen days after his appointment, give unto Her Majesty for the due and faithful performance of the duties of his office, and

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