Statistical Abstract for the British Commonwealth, Numerot 41–42

H.M. Stationery Office, 1904

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Sivu 316 - Whenever it appears to the satisfaction of the Minister of Customs or of any officer of customs authorized to collect customs duties that the export price or the actual selling price to the importer in Canada of any imported dutiable article, of a class or kind made or produced in Canada, is less than the fair market value thereof, as determined according to the basis of value for duty provided in the customs act...
Sivu 109 - Iron or steel ingots, cogged ingots, blooms, slabs, billets, puddled bars and loops or other forms, nop, less finished than iron or steel bars but more advanced than pig iron, except castings, two dollars per ton.
Sivu 346 - Act, 1 890, and includes a railway constructed in a Native State under the suzerainty of His Majesty, and also such tramways as the Governor-General in Council may, by notification in the
Sivu 353 - ARTICLES under the TARIFFS of the several COLONIAL and OTHER POSSESSIONS of the UNITED KINGDOM. according to the latest Returns received at the date of preparation of the present number of the "COLONIAL ABSTRACT.
Sivu 418 - Trade and Industry. The total value of South Australian imports and exports, inclusive of bullion and specie, from and to various countries, in each of the five years...
Sivu 316 - Yarn spun from the hair of the alpaca or angora goat, when imported by manufacturers of...
Sivu 359 - Goods, not being contraband, the produce of other countries imported for export through bond to other countries or other districts in the State, provided that export to such countries or districts is approved by the Commissioner of Customs. Ice. IMPORTS— PROHIBITED LIST— BRITISH NORTH BORNEO.
Sivu 347 - ... or otherwise, there shall be levied and paid, in all such cases, in addition to the duties otherwise imposed by this Act, an additional duty equal to the net amount of such bounty or grant, however the same be paid or bestowed.
Sivu 358 - Colony for any purpose (including transhipment or transit) unless the same shall be folded in folds of not less than 36 inches in length and each piece be marked with the number of yards and inches (if any) contained therein. Such mark shall be stamped upon the fabric of each piece. Any words, figures, marks, or abbreviations of the words
Sivu 367 - Collector to be intended for use exclusively for the batching of jute or other fibre or for lubricating purposes.

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