Sivut kuvina

CI. 620.

CI. 667.

CI. 620. CI. 624.

CI. 623.

CI. 667.

Cl. 623.

P. * Kemp, George, Upper Bagdad.

79. Wheat (Armstrong's Prolific).

80. Wheat (Lamont's Prolific). P. Lipscombe, Frederick, Sandy Bay.

81. Seeds of the Blue Gum Tree, 50 lbs. weight. (Eucalyptus globulus). P. Sharland, w. C., New Norfolk.

82. Box of Hops, grown at New Norfolk. P. Shoobridge, Ebeneezer, New Norfolk.

83. Box of Hops (Golding), grown at New Norfolk, * Thomson, Mrs. John, Cormiston.

84. Native Bread (Mylitta Australis). P. Degraves, John, Hobart Town.

85. Malt from Tasmanian barley. P. Gracie, William, Hobart Town.

86. Malt from Tasmanian barley.

Cl. 667.

Cl. 620.

CI. 657.

Cl. 657.

Cl. 681.

CI. 667.

(L. 603.

97. Fleece of Pure Merino, ditto.
98. Fleece of Pure Merino Ewe, ditto.

99. Fleece of Wool in the grease. * Brock, —, Campania.

99a. Fleece of Pure Merino, which took the frst prize at the Richmond Show.

* Cameron, the Honorable Donald, Burnside and Fordon.

100, Fleece of Pure Merino.
101. Fleece of Pure Merino.

102. Fleece of Pure Merino. * Gibson, James, Belle Vue, Cleveland.

103. Portrait of “ Sir Thomas." Pure Merino Ram.

104. Fleece of Pure Merino Ram, in grease, 365 days' growth.

105. Fleece of Pure Merino Ewe, in grease, 365 days' growth.

106. Fleece of Pure Merino Lamb, about four months' growth. NOTE.-Mr. Gibson is the breeder of “ Sir

Thomas," a Ram which was sold

in Melbourne for 7141. * Gibson, William, & Son, Scone, Perth.

107. Fleece of Prize Merino Ram “ The Duke" (in the grease).

108. Fleece of Pure Merino Ewe (in the grease).

109. Fleece of Pure Merino Ewe (washed).

110. Fleece of Pure Merino Hoggett (washed).

111 & 112. Portraits of “The Duke," a Prize Ram, and other Prize Merino Sheep; photograph by W. Gibson, jun.

* Gibson, William Henry, Fairfield, Snake Banks.

113. Fleece of Pure Merino Ram, 2-tooth.

114. Fleece of Pure Merino Ewe, 2-tooth. * Headlam, Charles, Egleston, Macquarie River.

115. Fleece of Pure Merino.
116. Fleece of Pure Merino.

117. Fleece of Pure Merino. * Keach, George William, Chiswick, Ross.

118. Fleece of four-year old Ram, 364 days' growth; weight of fleece, 9] Ibs.; combing Merino (in the grease).

119. Fleece of two-year old Ewe, 364 days' growth ; weight of fleece, 8 lbs. when shorn; slightly skirted owing to scour ; combing Merino (in the grease).

DEPARTMENT III. Anglo-Australian Guano Company.

87. Guano from Bird Island, procured by a Company whose establishment is in Hobart Town.

Group 13. * Edwards. G. W., Hobart Town.

88. Grass-tree Gum (Xanthorhæa), two samples.

Group 14.
Coverdale, Dr. John, Port Arthur.
89. Earth for Paints, red ochre.

90. Earth for Paints, red ochre in powder, from Port Arthur.

91. Pipeclay from Port Arthur. Laughton, James, Hobart Town.

92. Earth for Paints, umber coloured.

93. Earth for Paints, sienna coloured. P. * Lunatic Asylum Commissioners of Tasmania.

94. Oil from the Blue Gum tree (Eucalyptus globulus). Mitchell, Mrs.

95. Gum from the Oyster Bay Pine Tree (Callitris Australis).

C1. 104. CI, 202.

CI. 667.

Cl. 104. ('1. 202. ('1. 662,

CI. 667.

Cl. 603.

Cl. 667. ('l. 667.


(1 667.

Group 17.
P. * Silver Medal to Tasmanian

* Archer, William Henry Davies, Brickendon, Longsord.

96. Fleece of Pure Merino Lamb's Wool, hot water washed,

(1. 667.

CL. 667.

CI. 667.

CI. 667.

CL. 650,


Cl. 667.

CI. 645.

CI. 667.

Cl. 667.


C1. 667.

* Maclanachan, the Honourable James, Ballochmyle.

120. Fleece of Pure Merino Ram, in the grease, 11 lbs. weight.

121. Fleece of Pure Merino Ram, in the grease, 10 lbs. ditto.

122. Fleece of Pure Merino Ram, in the grease, 10 lbs. ditto. Parramore, Thomas, Beaufort, Ross.

123. Fleece of Pure Merino Ram (in grease), 14 months old.

124. Fleece of Pure Merino Ewe (warm water washed), 24 years old.

125. Two Fleeces of Pure Merino Ewes (warm water washed).

126. Bale of 50 lbs. weight of Wool.. Lindley, George Wm. Runnymede, Richmond.

127. Fleece of Leicester Wool. * Shaw, Frederick, Redbanks, Swansea.

128. Fleece of Leicester Wool.

Sharland, William Stanley, Wood. bridge, New Norfolk.

129. Fleece of Pure Merino.
130. ditto. ditto.
Page, Samuel, Belle Vue, New Town.

131. Fleece of Pure Merino, hot water washed. 132. ditto.

ditto. 133. ditto.

ditto. Taylor, George, Milford, Campbell Town.

134, Fleece from Stud Merino Ram.
135. ditto.

136. ditto.

ditto. 137. ditto.

ditto. 138. ditto.

ditto. 139. ditto.

ditto. 140. Two Fleeces from Breeding Ewes. 141. ditto.

ditto. * Taylor, John, Winton, Campbell Town.

142. Bale of Wool from yearling Merino Ewes, washed and skirted.

143. Fleece of yearling Merino Ewe,
washed and skirted.
144. ditto.


ditto. (The bale of Wool to be forwarded after erhibinion to Messrs. H. G. Ashurst & Co., Fenchurch Street, London.)

Taylor, David, St. Johnstone's, Macquarie River.

146. Fleece of pure Merino, in the grease. 147. ditto.

ditto. 148. ditto.


Wilson, George, Huntsworth and Ashgrove, Oatlands.

149. Fleece of pure Merino.
150. ditto. ditto.

151. ditto. ditto.
Ralston, John, Logan, Evandale.

152. Fleece of pure Merino.
153. ditto.

154. ditto. ditto.

ditto. ditto. DEPARTMENT VIII.

Group 20. * Coverdale, Dr. John, Port Arthur.

156. Gelatinous Sea-weed, said to produce a valuable jelly for the table. 157. Jelly made from the Sea-weed.

P. Davies, R. I., Torquay. 158. Tasmanian Shells:-Haliotis albi. cans, Quoy, Voy, of Astrolabe III., p. 311; Haliotis nævosa, Martyn; Cassis semigranosa, Lamk.; Cassis pyrum, Lamk.; Voluta fusiformis, Sw.; Voluta undulata, Lamk. ; Dosinia grata, Reeve; Pupura textilosa, Lamk.; Fusus pyrulatus, Reeve ; Fusus Tasmaniensis, Ad. and Aug., Proc. Zool. Soc., 1863, p. 421; Fusus Beckii (?), Reeve, Icon. VIII., 35; Natica Strangei (?) Reeve; Natica conica, Lamk.; Sigaretus zonalis, Gray; Fissurella macrochisma, Gray; Fissurella scurella, Gray; Modiola albicostata, Lamk.; Modiola Australis, Lamk.; Triton cutaceus, Lamk.; Triton subdistortus, Lamk.; Triton Barthelemyi, Bernard ; Phasianella Australis, Gmelin ; Phasianella ventricosa, Quoy and Gamard; Fasiolaria fusiformis, Phil. ; Fasiolaria coronata, Lamk. ; Nerita atrata, Lamk. ; Lophyrus Australis, Sowerby ; Lepidopleurus variegatus, Ad. and Aug., Proc. Zool. Soc., 1864 ; Mitra glabra, Swains, Exot. Conch., p. 21; Patella tramoserica. Martyn; Patella costata, Sowerby; Patella sp. ; Patella Gealii ; Ancillaria marginata, Lamk.; Emarginula Australis, Quoy ; Zizyphinus armillatus, Wood; Myrtilus Menkeanus ; Mactra rufescens, Lamk. ; Conus Novæ Hollandiæ, A. Adams; Waldheimia Australis, Quoy ; Risella melanostoma, Gmelin; Risella aurata, Quoy, Voy. Astrolabe ; Risella nana, Lamk. ; Turritella Tasmanica ; Chitonellus Gunnii, Reeve ; Stomatella imbricata, Lamk. ; Scalaria granulosa, Sowerby ; Amphibolina fragilis, Lamk.;

CI. 667,

(1. 667.

('l. 667.

CI. 656.

Cl. 218.

C1, 219.

Uvanilla squamifera, Koch in Phil, Abbild., p. 4, f. 9; Bittium granarium, Kiener ; Diloma Odontis, Woods ; Cypræa angustata, Gray; Cypræa Comptoni, Gray; Siliquaria Australis, Quoy; Marginella muscaria ; Mesodesma triquetra, Reeve ; Mesodesma erycina, Dsh. ; Mesodesma natida ; Turbo undulatus, Chem. ; Arca velata, Sow., Proc. Zool. Soc., 1833 ; Vulsella Tasmanica, Reeve;

Eleuchus nitidus, Phil. ; Eleuchus irrisodontes, Quoy ; Siphonaria denticula, Quoy ; Liittorina unifasciata, Gray ; Nassa Pauperata, Lamk.; Venerufris carditoides, Lamk. ; Venerufris Diemensis ; Semele sp.; Murex triformis ; Vermetus dentiferus, Quoy; Tellina albida, Lamk. ; Trochocochlea striolata, Wood; Buccinum alveolatum, Kiener ; Parmophorus Australis, Lamk. ; Clanculus undatus, Montfort; Sanguinolaria livide ; Auricula cornea, Swainson; Tapes sp.; Venus aphrodinoides; Venus gallinula, Lamk. ; Venus roborata ; Venus aphrodinoides, vara. : Venus lamellata, Lamk. ; Venus gallinula var. a.

(These Shells were named and arranged by the Rev, Julian Woods, M.d., and Mr. Le Grand.)

P. * Salmon Commissioners of Tas. mania. 159. Brown Trout, in spirits of wine.

P. Tasmanian Commissioners.

160. One large Black Opossum, Rug, made by Omant ; one ditto, made by Schmidt; one large Grey Opossum Rug, made by Omant, one ditto, made by Schmidt; Grey Native Cat-skin Rug, made by Schmidt ; Ringtailed Opossum Rug, made by Omant; Skins of the Kangaroo ; Skins of the Wallaby ; Skins of the Grey Opossum ; Sisins of the Black Opossum ; Skins of the Wombat; Tiger Skins ; Seal Skin; Skins of Albatross, Pelican, and Penguin ; Skins of Platypus, Ringtail Opossum, Tiger Cat, Native Cat, Kangaroo Rat. Archer, W. H. D., Longford.

161. Large Forester Kangaroo skins (6); small Forester Kangaroo skins (6); Wallaby skins (6); Black Opossum skins (10); Grey Opossum skins (10); Black Native Cat skins (6); Tiger Cat skins (8); Grey Native Cat skins (4); Ring-tailed Opossum

skins (2); Rock Opossum skins (3); Bush Rat skins (3); Tiger skins (3); Platypus skins (5); Penguin skins (6); Grebe skins (3); Flying Squirrel skins (3); Sea Hawk skin (1); Pelican skins (3); Wombat skins (2); Devil skins (2); Kangaroo Rat skins (2); Bandicoot skin (1); *one creamcolourec. Opossum (stuffed); *one Platypus (stuffed).

* These two Exhibits are presented by the exhibitor to the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia.

Group 22. P. Holroyd, Kennedy & Co., Hobart Town.

CI, 219.

(1. 641.

CI. 219.

Cl. €52.

C1. 219.

CI. 269.

Cl. 306.

CI. 306.

Cl. 652.

162. Jams and Tart Fruits (5 cases).

Group 34.
P. Carlsen, P. O., Port Arthur.

163. Carved Ivory and Wood Egg and Cruet Stand. DEPARTMENT IV.

Group 36.
P. Coverdale, Dr., Port Arthur.

164. Spinning Jenny, made of Tasmanian Myrtle, carved and made by P. 0. Carlsen. P. Blyth, Miss, Hobart Town.

165. Ornamental Table Top, with wreath of Tasmanian flowers painted on top. P. Hope, Miss Mary, Hobart Town.

166. Ornamental Table, with wreath of Tasmanian flowers painted on top. P. Graves, Mrs. John Woodcock. 167. Table top, with Tasmanian Ferns. DEPARTMENT XVIII.

Group 49. P.* Moir, Joseph, & Co.

168. Assortment (19 sizes) of Shot, made at Queenborough Shot Tower. DEPARTMENT XXII.

Group 60.
Hull, Hugh M., Hobart Town.

169. “Hull's Hints to Emigrants," 200 copies, from the Author. * Tasmania, Commissioners of. 170. Newspapers, 1,000 copies of “ Mer

50 copies of " Christian Witness.171. Volume of Statistics, from the Government Statistician.

172. Volume of Legislative Council Journals for Session 1874, from Clerk of the Council.


Cl. 304. Cl. 306.

CL 300,


CL 430

Cl. 300,


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('! 430

(1. 300,


CL. 430

(l. 300,


173. Volume of the House of Assembly
Journals for 1874, from Clerk of the House.
* Walch & Sons, Hobart Town.
174. “

Guide to Tasmania.”
" Walch's Tasmanian Almanac for
1875," from the Publishers.

Group 61.
* Cemetery Commissioners of Kobart

175. Chart of the General Cemetery,
Hobart Town.
* Hull, Hugh M., Hobart Town.

176. Map of Tasmania, showing the
alienated portions, the railways and roads,
towns and villages.
* Moore, Hon. William, Minister of
Lands, Hobart Town.

177. Map of Tasmania, showing the gold,
coal, iron, and tin deposits.
* Walch & Sons, Hobart Town.

178. Chart of the City of Hobart Town,
showing the electoral divisions.

179. Chart of the Town of Launceston,
showing the electoral divisions.

Group 66.
Royal Society of Tasmania.

180. Meteorological Tables, published
by the Society for 30 years.
Walch & Sons, Hobart Town.
181. Tasmanian Postage Stamps.

Group 82.
Hull, Mrs. Hugb, Hobart Town.

182. Pencil Drawing, " Avoca, in Tas-
mania, by Moonlight."

Group 83.
Randall, A., C.E., Engineer to the
Ilobart Town Waterworks, Hobart 'Town.

183. Chart of the Hobart Town Water.
* Dibbs, T. F., Launceston.
184. Chart of Launceston.

Group 84.
P. Baily, H, H., Hobart Town.

185. Photographic Rembrandt Portraits.
186. Photographic Portrait Album.
187. Tasmanian Views, 2 books.

Corporations of Hobart Town and

188 & 189. Plates of Photographie
Views of the City of Hobart Town and of
the Town of Launceston.
Huli, Lugh M., Hobart Town.

190. Portrait of last Tasmanian Abo-
riginal Man, “ Billey Lanney,” photographed
from life by Charles Woolley. Framed
in musk wood.

191. Portraits of Aboriginal Women,
“Wapperty," and "Patty." Photographed
from life by Charles Woolley. Framed in
she-oak wood.

192. Portraits, “ Lalla Rookh," the sole
survivor of the Tasmanian Aborigines, aud
· Bessy Clarke.” Photographed from life
by Charles Woolley. Framed in myrtle
Tondeur & Lempriere, Melbourne.

193. Photographs of the British and
Tasmanian Charcoal Iron Company (Li-
mited), Tasmania.

Cl. 300,


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CI. 300,


CI. 430

CI. 300,


Cl. 300,


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(1. 300,


TRINIDAD Is an island lying to the eastward of Venezuela, between N. latitude 10° 3' and 10° 50' W. longitude and 62' 4' of Greenwich. Its length is 65 miles on the southern and 53 miles on the northern side of the i-b.. and its breadth, on the eastern and western sides respectively, 48 and 49 miles. It is separated from continent of America by the Gulf of Paria, into which fall the northern mouths of the Orinoco. It was discovered by Christopher Columbus, on the 31st July 1498, and first colonized in 1588 by the Spanianls. 1 1676 the French gained possession of it, but it was soon restored to Spain.

On the 12th February 1797, a British expedition for the reduction of Trinidad sailed from Martinique the 14th it put into Carriacou, and sailed on the following morning with some alditional transports. The command of this expedition was entrusted to Rear-Admiral Henry Tlarvey. The troops, numiering 6.750 1 were commanded by Sir Ralph Abercrombie.

The expedition resulted in the surrender of the island to His Majesty's arms, and on the 18th Februd. 1797, the articles of capitulation being signed by Abercrombie, Harvey, and Chacon.

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Abercrombie, after making the best arrangements that the confused state of the colony allowed, departed two months after, leaving his aide-de-camp, Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Picton, as governor, whose first act was to institute a council of advice, consisting of five members.

On the 29th March, 1802, the definite treaty of peace between England and France, and her allies, viz. Spain and the Batavian Republic, was signed at Amiens. By the third article, all places taken during the war by Great Britain, were restored save Trinidad, and Ceylon.

The area of the island is 1,7511, square miles.

Port of Spain, the chief town and port of entry, according to the census of 1871, contains 23,561 inhabitants, of whom 11,065 are males, and 12,96 females,

The second town and port of entry is San Fernando, 26 miles south from port of Spain, with a population of
5,006 inhabitants. There are also the minor island towns of St. John, St. Joseph, Aronca, and Arima.
The harbour is the finest in the West Indies.

Revenue. Expenditure.

l'alue of Imports and Erports.
88,084 77,362


184,861 187,220


476,010 319,394
207,473 193,156


829,301 714,603
194,087 195,991


883,940 1,101,510
226,218 203,428


810,347 €20,109
215,812 214,715


878,157 1,022,338
214,48+ 199,112


859,389 1,086,901
244,055 234,791


987,796 1,116,198
233,585 241,148


920,607 1,118,695
261,352 234,175


- 1,042,678 1,227,574
296,060 285,384


- 1,218,024 1,492,811
281,570 326,282


- 1,233,771 1,439,904
276,529 294,006


- 1,324,432 1,733,615 Public Debt of Trinidad.


• 1,342,992 1,412,260 100,0001. for railways.

Population, Census 1871, 109,638. 47,3501. secured on general revenue, but recoverable by the Colony from other parties.

(From Colonial Office List, 1876.") Finlayson, Thos. A., Esq. Crude Asphalte, as taken André, L. A. F., Esq. Surface Coals from the Eastern from the Pitch Lake, Trinidad (1 box). Boiled Asphalte, known in commerce as Asphalte Epurée (1 box). Glance Asphalte, similar to Bitumen Indiacum, and commercially Cumming, A., & Co., l’ort of Spain. C'ocoanuts (2 bags). known as Greek Pitch (i box). CI. 600, 601. Prestoe, Hy., Esq., Government Botanist. Samples of Native Woods (57), as follow :

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White Savonette
Yellow do.
Locust or Courbaril
Purple heart

Pterocarpus Rohrii, V.
Lonchocarpus latifolius, Kth.

violaceus, kith.
Hymenea courbaril, L.
Myrospermum frutescens, Jacq.
Mora excelsa, Benth.
Prioria, Sp.
Inga saman, Willd.

. 929 .980 1.029

5 feet.

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i foot 6 inches. 6 feet.


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