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Cl. 637.

Cl. 638

Cl. 641.

Cl. 651.

Cl. 652.

Gaskell, Joseph, 118, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne.

Australian Wild Animals.

Godfrey, F. R., Melbourne. Australian Wild Animals.

M'Coy, Professor, Melbourne University. Australian Wild Animals.

Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. Manna, with the Insect producing it.

French, C., Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. Australian Longicorns, buprestidal, &c.—the majority destructive to Timber by boring. Australian Lepidoptera.

Timbrell, Ann, Plenty Road, Collingwood. Japan Black and White Silkworms, modelled in Wax.

Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne.

Brown Trout, preserved in Glass Globe.

St. John, F., 22, Chetwynd Street, Melbourne. Australian Fish.

Bird, George, Inkerman, Lyndhurst. Colonial-made Cheese.

Pierce, G. G., Bourke Street East, Melbourne. Cheese from the Heidelberg factory. Riddle, J., Lancefield. Cheese.

Brearley Bros., Geelong. Sole Leather. Clark, John, & Sons, Lonsdale Street East, Melbourne. Sole Leathers. Kip Leather. Calf Skins. Kangaroo Skins. Wallaby Skins. Sheepskins. Harness Leather. Basils.

Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. Rugs made from the Skins of Victorian animals, viz., Kangaroo, Wallaby, Opossum, Native Cat, Native Bear, &c.

Dunckley & M'Bride, 28, A'Beckett Street East, Melbourne. Lines.

Fink, M., Geelong. Skins of the Wallaby, Native Cat, Native Bear, and Opossum.

Fitts, Charles, & Sons, 67, Cecil Street, Emerald Hill.


Pearse Bros., Fremantle, Western Australia. Dugong Fish Hide. Black Harness Leather. Hides.

Penal Department, Inspector-General of, Melbourne. Skins of Leather. Calf, Kip, Harness, Black Leather, and Sole Leather.

Quinn, H. S., Newton Street, Richmond. Dyed and White Wool Mats, consisting of bright canary, dark amber, roan, magenta, violet, and white. Kangaroo Glove Leathers.

Wallis & Co., Burnley Street, Richmond. Shoe Leathers and Furniture Leathers for jewel cases, &c. &c.

Boddy, Edward, Nagambie. Fine Flour. Hood, F. & J., 81, Elizabeth Street North, Melbourne. Victorian-made Malt.

Martin, P. J., Little Flinders Street East, Melbourne. Victorian Malt.

McKenzie, Jas. F., & Co., 3, Queen Street, Melbourne. Oatmeal, manufactured from colonial oats. Groats, manufactured

from colonial oats. Brosemeal.

Myring, Joseph, Campbell's Castlemaine. Colonial Malt.


Perrin, William, Jun.,, Stephenson Street, Richmond. Victorian Malt, made from Victorian and New Zealand grown barley.

Bennett, T. K., Bourke Street, Melbourne. Preserved Meats, consisting of Roast Beef, Boiled Beef, Corned Beef, Boiled Mutton, Roast Mutton, Ox-tail Soup, Mock Turtle Soup, and Potted Head.

Botanic Gardens, Director of, Melbourne. Janı made from Kaii Apples. Comport, Henry, Cheltenham. Tomato Sauce.

Grant, Mrs., Bridge Road, Richmond. Tomato Sauce.

Lyon, George, Beechworth. Sauce.


Melbourne Meat Preserving Co., 56, Queen Street, Melbourne. Preserved Meats.

Stringer & Co., 43, King Street, Melbourne. Mixed Pickles. Sauces. Curry Powder.

Watson & Paterson, Bourke Street West, Melbourne. Hams. Middles of Bacon. Mess Pork.

Western Meat Preserving Co. (Limited), Colac. Preserved Meats, comprising

Cl. 652.

Cl. 657.

Cl. 656.

[blocks in formation]

GOULBURN DISTRICT. Bear & Ford, Tabilk Vineyard, near Seymour. Riesling, 1872.

Egli, F., Tabilk. Hermitage, 1873.

MELBOURNE DISTRICT. Schmitt, Franz, Berwick. Riesling,


Francis, Charles, Sunbury. Hermitage, 1871. Gouais, 1870.

St. Hubert's Vineyard Co., Yering, Riesling, 1869. Chasselas, 1869. Chasselas,


Johnston, J. S., Craiglie Vineyard, Sunbury. Riesling, 1872. Verdeilho, 1871. Hermitage, 1869. Riesling, Shepherd's, and German, 1871.

Maplestone, Charles, Ivanhoe Lodge. Heidelberg. Hermitage and Carbinet, 1870, Riesling, large and small, 1872. Riesling, 1870.

Brasche, Charles, Sunbury. Shepherd's Riesling, 1871.

Snowden, E. G., Boroondara. Riesling (large), 1871.


Smith, G. S., Wahgunyah. Muscatel,



Pohl, Carl, Strathfieldsaye. Hermitage, 1870. Hermitage, 1871. Hermitage, 1873. Hermitage, 1874. Carbinet and Hermitage, 1868. Verdeilho, 1874.

Bruhn, Albert, Strathfieldsaye, Sandhurst, Verdeilho, 1872. Hermitage, 1874. Carbinet and Hermitage, 1873. Mataro, 1874.

Fuchs, Adolph, Strathfieldsaye, Sandhurst. Verdeilho, 1873. Hermitage, 1873. Carbinet, 1873.

Fischer, August, Shamrock Vineyard, Emu Creek, Strathfieldsaye. Verdeilho, 1874. Verdeilho, 1873. Hermitage, 1874. Shaw, F. K., Goornong. Hermitage, 1871.

Grosse, Frederick, Strathfieldsaye. Hermitage, 1873. Carbinet, 1873.

Cl. 660.

Cl. 660.

Cl. 661.

Cl. 665.

Cl. 666.

Grosse, Frederick, Toorongo Vineyard, Bendigo. Verdeilho, 1873.

Greiffenhagen, Wm., Strathfieldsaye. Riesling, 1871. Hermitage, 1872.

Brown, H. J., Australian Distillery, Melbourne. Geneva. Spirits of Wine.

Fuller, Alfred, Kew. Bottled Ale and Stout.

Henelly, James, 140, Latrobe Street West, Melbourne. XXXX Ale.

Latham, Edward, Carlton Brewery, Carlton, Ale. Porter.

Martin, P. J., Little Flinders Street East, Melbourne. Ale Brewed from Victorian Malt and Tasmanian Hops.

Reed, Henry, & Co., Chapel Street, South Yarra. Vinegar, in bulk and bottle.

Stewart, James, Eaglehawk, Sandhurst. Ale. Bottled Ale.

Treacy, John, & Co., Geelong. Pale Ale and Stout, in bottle.


Warrenheip Company, Sturt Street, Ballarat. Whisky, 1874, 1875. Geneva, proof and o.p. Spirits of Wine. Guest, T. B., & CO., William Street, Melbourne. Fancy Biscuits, consisting of Ginger Nuts, Victorias, Meal Crackers, Cracknells, Picnics, Lime Biscuits.

Smith & Son, Miller and Anderson Streets West, Melbourne. Fancy and Dessert Biscuits,

Swallow & Ariell, Sandridge and Melbourne. Fancy Biscuits. Cabin and Pilot Biscuits.

Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. Samples of Cotton, grown from New Orleans Seed on the Murray, Victoria.

Atkinson, William, Camperdown. Teazles, one stave containing 300 head.

Longmire, Thomas, Kooroocheang, Smeaton. Two Samples of Flax Stalks, and Seeds thereon, Nos. 1 and 2. No. 1 sown on 20th May, 1874, No. 2 sown on 1st September, 1874. Both samples grown on similar land, the only difference being in time of sowing.

M'Pherson, Thomas, & Co., 205, Bourke Street West, Melbourne. Jute, in raw state. Armstrong, Alexander, Warramtine, Shelford. Merino Fleeces.

Arnold, George, & Co., Market Buildings, Melbourne. Merino Fleeces.

Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. Wool.

Currie, John Lang, Larra, Derimallum, Victoria. Lambs' and Merino Ewe Wool.

Degraves, C. & J., Coliban Park, Elphinstone. Washed Fleece Wool, Lambs'.

Elder, W. & N. G., Elder, Rookwood. Merino Wool.

Gilbert, Alfred Napoleon, Warwilla Station, Wanganilla, Deniliquin. Merino Wool.

Goldsbrough, R., & Co., Wool Warehouse, Bourke Street West. Wool.

Greeves, Edward G., Berriallock, Skipton, Victoria. Merino Wool.

Hastings Cunningham & Co., The Australasian Wool Stores, Collins Street West. Fleeces of Merino Wool from sundry breeders.

Henty, Edward, Portland. Wool.

[blocks in formation]

Cl. 666.

Cl. 667.

Cl. 667.

Cl. 688.

Cl. 670.

Cl. 674.

Cl. 707.

Cl. 709.

Synnott, George, & Co Geelong. Wool.

Thomas, C. Thomas, Bay Street, North Sandridge. Dressed Skin.

Timms Brothers, Mount Hesse, Beeac. Wool.

Watson Alexander, Warribee. Merino Fleeces.

Wilson, Sir Samuel, Oakleigh Hall, East St. Kilda. Fleeces.

Wilson, John, Lismore. Merino Wool. Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. Silk Cocoons.

Howard, John, near Albury. Sample Cocoons, Floss Silk, &c.

Lennon, Hugh, Elizabeth Street North, Melbourne. Excelsior Double Furrow Plough.

Bodington, Robert, 4, Queensbury Street, Carlton. Sharp's Patent Sheep Support on Rollers, used in the Washing of Sheep by Spouts or Jets.

Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne.

Tree and Todes Ferns.

Commissioners for Victoria for the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. The following fac-similes consist of specimens, the originals of which were selected during the past season, modelled and arranged for the Commissioners by Mr. Thos. M'Millan. They embrace most of all the important species cultivated, and in many cases such assortments of varieties as are calculated to sufficiently illustrate the orchard and other open ground fruit-producing capabilities of Victoria.


The Pear-Pyrus communis.

(2) The Quince-Cydonia vulgaris.

The Medlar-Mespilus Germanica.

The Loquat-Eriobotrya Japonica.

1. Drupaceæ veræ.

The Peach-Amygdalus.

The Nectarine-Amygdalus Persic a var.
The Apricot-Prunus Armeniaca.
The Plum-Prunus domestica.
The Cherry-Prunus cerasus.
2. Oleacea.

The Olea Europæa (Photograph).

The Grape-Vitis vinifera.
The Mulberry-Morus nigra.
The Fig-Ficus carica.

The Pomegranate-Punica Granatum.
The Orange or Citron tribe-Citrus.
The Kau Apple-Aberia Caffra.
The Gooseberry-Ribes Grossularia.
The Black Currant-Ribes nigrum.
The Red Currant-Ribes rubrum.
The White Currant-Ribes rubrum fr.

The Raspberry-Rubus idæus.

The Almond, Walnut, and Hazel.

The Strawberry-Fragaria vesca.
The Tomato-Lycopersicum esculentum.
The Egg Apple. Melongena-Solanum

The Cape Gooseberry -Physalis edulis.
The Capsicum-C. Annuum.

For illustrations of the Melon, Cucumber, Squash, and Gourd, see Photographs.

Book Collection of Phænogamous Plants, Shrubs, Trees, Herbs.

Commissioners for Victoria at the Philadelphia Exhibition, Melbourne. Citron or Orange Tribe, 17 species. Cherries, 25 species, 3 fruits each. Figs, 4 varieties. Pears. Strawberries. Plums. Apples. Apricots. Currants. Gooseberries. Walnuts. Peaches.

Gaskell, Mrs., 118, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne. Fac-similes of Victorian Bush Flowers.

Cl. 709.

Full Descriptions of the Victorian Exhibits are given in Catalogue sold in Victorian Section.



Printers to the Queen's most Excellent Majesty,

For Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

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