Prismatic and Diffraction Spectra: Memoirs

American Book Company, 1899 - 67 sivua

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Sivu 63 - By candlelight a different set of appearances may be distinguished. When a very narrow line of the blue light at the lower part of the flame is examined alone, in the same manner, through a prism, the spectrum, instead of appearing a series of lights of different hues contiguous, may be seen divided into five images at a distance from each other. The first is broad red, terminated by a bright line of yellow ; the...
Sivu 63 - When the object viewed is a blue line of electric light I have found the spectrum to be also separated into several images, but the phenomena are somewhat different from the preceding. It is, however, needless to describe minutely appearances which vary according to the brilliancy of the light, and which I cannot undertake to explain.
Sivu 62 - The line A that bounds the red side of the spectrum is somewhat confused, which seems in part owing to want of power in the eye to converge red light. The line B, between red and green, in a certain position of the prism, is perfectly distinct; so also are D and E, the two limits of violet. But C, the limit of green and blue, is not so clearly marked as the rest ; and there are also, on each side of this limit, other distinct dark lines, / and g, either of which, in an imperfect experiment, might...
Sivu 62 - If a beam of daylight be admitted into a dark room by a crevice -fa of an inch broad, and received by the eye at the distance of 10 to 12 feet through a prism of flint glass, free from veins, held near the eye, the beam is seen to be separated into the four following colours only, red, yellowish green, blue, and violet, in the proportions represented in fig.
Sivu 16 - ... part of the aforesaid pieces of brass ; then the telescope is placed at the zero of the division on each support, and the index of the small mirror moved until the same object is seen in the field of the telescope. If the object appear exactly at the intersection of the wires, it will be a proof that the axis of the telescope is parallel to the plane of the instrument, and in all observations, the proof lines of the repelling screw of each support must be placed at the corresponding points of...

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