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THE COMMUNION OF THE SICK, Forasmuch as all mortal men are subject tv many sudden perils, diseases, and sick. nesses, and ever uncertain what time they shall depart out of this life therefore, to the tntent they may be a'ueys in readiness to die, ephensoever it shall please Almighty God to call them, the Ministers shall diligently from time to time but especially in the time of pestilence, or other infectious sickness) exhort their Parishioners to the often receiving of the Holy Communion of the Budy and Blood of our Smiour Christ, when it skull be publicly administered in the Church; that su doing, they may, in cuse of sudden visitation, hare the less cause to be disquieted for luck of the

But if the sick person be not able to come to the Church, and yet is desirous to receive the Communion in his house; then he must give timely notice to the Minister, signifying also how many there are to communicate with ktm which shall be two at the least) end a'l things necessary being prepared, the Minister skall there celebrate the Holy Communion, beginning with the Collect. Epistle, and Gospel, here following: The Collect

The Epistle. Heb. xii. 5.

son, despise not thou the chasten. of mankind, who dost correct those M whom thou dost love, and chastise every

ing of the Lord, nor faint when

thou art rebuked of him For whom one wbom thou dost receive ; we beseech

the Lord loveth, he chasteneth ; and ther to have mercy upon this thy servant

scourgeth every son whom he receiveth visited with thine han

to grant that he may take his sickness patiently,

The Gospel St. John 24 his V

VERILY, verily, I say unto you, He gracious will; and that whensoever his that heareth my word, and believ. soul shall depart from the body, it may eth on him that sent me, hath everlasting be without spot presented unto thee, life, and shall not come into condemna through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen. tion ; but is passed from death unto life.

1 After which the Minister shall proceed according to the Form before prescribed for

the Holy Communion, beginning at these words, Ye who do truly, &c At the time of the distribution of the Holy Sacrament, the Minister shall first re. ceire the Communim kimself, and after minister unto those who are appointed to communicate with the sick, and Install to the sick person

But if a man, either by reason of extremity of sickness, or for want of warning in due time to the Minister, ur for lack of rompany to receive with kim, or by any other just impediment, do not receive the Sacrament of Christ's Body und Biond, the Minister shall instruct him, that if he do truly repent him of his sins, and steadfastly deliere that Jesus Christ hath suffered death upon the Crass for him, and shed his blood for bis redemption, earnestly remembering the benefits he hath thereby, and giring him hearty thanks therefor, he doth eat and drink the Body and Blood of our

Sariour Christ prof tably to his soul's health, although he do not receive the Sacra. ment with his mouth I When the sick Person is visited and receiveth the Ho'y Communi nell at one time,

then the linister, for more ex pedition, skall cut off the form of the lisitution of

the Psalm, and go struight to the Communion T In the times of rontagious sickness or disease, when none of the Parish or neigkbourá can he gotten to communicate with the sick in their houses, for fear of the infection upon special request of the diseased, the Minister alone may communi. cate with kim

THE ORDER FOR THE BURIAL OF THE DEAD. Here is to he noted, that the office ensuing is not to be used for any unbaptized Adults,

any toho die es communicate, or who have taid riolent hands upon themselves. 1 The Minister, meeting the Corpse at the entrance of the Church-yard, and going

before it either into the Chairch, or towards the brave, shall say, or sing, I

AM the resurrection and the life, I KNOW that my Redeemer liveth, and

with the Lord; he that believeth in that he shall stand at the latter day me, though he were dead, yet shall be upon the earth And though after my live. And whosoever liveih and be skin worms destroy this body, yet in my lieveth in me, shall never die, St. John flesh shall I see God; whom I shall see 1, 25, 26.

for myself, and inine eyes shall behold,

gather them

and not another. Job six. 25, 26, 27. their strength then but labour and sor

E brought nothing into this world, row ; so soon passeth it away, and we and it is certain we can carry

are gone. nothing out The Lord gave, and the

So teach us to number our days, that Lord hath taken away ; blessed be the we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. name of the Lord. i l'im. vi. 7. Job Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, i. 21.

and to the Holy Ghost;

As it was in the beginning, is now, and After they are come into the Church,

ever shall be, world without end shall he said or sung the following Anthem, taken from the 39th and 90th Then shall follow the Lessor, taken ons Psalms

of the fifteenth Chapter of the first ORD, let me know my end, and the Epist'e of St Paul to the Corinthians,

I Cor. I 20. certified how long I have to live.

risen the dead, were a span long ; and mine age is even that slept For since by man came death, as nothmg in respect of thee ; and verily by man came also the resurrection of the every man living is altogether vanity, dead. For as in Adam all die, eveu so

For man walketh in a vain shadow, in Christ shall all be made alive. But and disquieteth himself in vain : he heap- every man in his own order : Christ the eth up riches, and cannot tell who shall first fruits : afterwards they that are

Christ's, at his coming

Then cometh And now, Lord, what is my hope ? the end, when he have delivered up Truly my hope is even in thee

the kingdom to God, even the Father 1 Deliver me from all meine offences; and when he shall have put down all rule, make me not a rebuke unto the foolish. and all authority, and power. For he When thou with rebukes dost chasten

must reign till he hath put all enemies man for sin, thou makest bis beauty to under his feet. The last enemy that shall consume away, like as it were a moth

be destroyed is death: for he hath put all fretting a garment : Every man therefore things under his feet. But when he saith is but vanity

all things are put under him, it is man Hear my prayer, O Lord; and with ifest that he is excepted which did put all thine ears consider my calling : Hold not things under him And when all things thy peace at my tears.

shall be subdued unto him, then shall the For I am a stranger with thee, and a Son also himself be subject unto him sojourner; as al my fathers were


put all things under him, that God O spare me a little, that I rway recover may be all in all else what shall they my strength ; before I go hence, and be do which are ! aptized for the dead, if the 110 more seen.

dead rise not at all? Why are they then Lord, thou hast been our refuge, from baptized for the dead? And why stand one generation to another.

we in jeopardy every hour? I protest Before the mountains were brought by your rejoicing, which

I have in Christ forth, or ever the earth and the world Jesus our Lord. I die daily. If after the were made thou art God from everlast

manner of men I have fought with beasts ing, and world without end.

at Ephesus, what advantageth it me, it Thou turnest man to destruction ; the dead rise not? Let us eat and drink, again thou sayest, Come again, ye chil- for to-morrow we die. Be not deceived: dren of men

Evil communications corrupt good manFor a thousand years in thy sight are ners Awake to righteousness, and sin but as yesterday ; seeing that is past as a not: for some have not the knowledge watch in the night.

of God. speak this to your shame. As soon as thou scatterest them, they But soine inan will say, How are the are even as asleep; and fade away sud- dead raised up ? and with what body do denly like the grass.

they come? Thou fool, that which thou In the morning it is green and grow- sowest is not quickened,

except it die. eth up; but in the evening it is cut down, And that which thou sowest, thou sow. dried up, and withered.

est not that body that shall be, but bare For we consume away in thy displea-grain it inay chance of wheat, or of sure ; and are afraid at thy wrathful in- some other grain. But God giveth it a dignation.

body as I hath pleased him; and to hast set our misdeeds before thee; and our secret sins in the light of thy

every seed his own body. All flesh is

not the same flesh; but there is one kind countenance.

inen, another flesh


beasts, For when thou art angry, all our days another of fishes, and another of birds are gone : We bring our years to an end, There are also celestial bodies, and bo. as it were a tale that is told.

dies terrestrial but the glory of the ce. The days of our age are threescore years lestial is one, and the glory of the ter. and ten; and though men be so strong restrial is another. There is one glory what they come to fourscore years, yet is of the sun, and another glory of the

of flesh of

moon, and another glory of the stars :

prayers; but spare us, Lord most holy, For one star differeth from another star O God most mighty, O holy and merci. in glory. So also is the resurrection of ful Saviour thou most worthy Judge tbe dead

It is sown in corruption; it eternal, suffer us not, at our last hour, is raised in incorruption : Il is sown in for any pains of death to fall from thee. dishonour; it is raised in glory : It is sown in weakness; it is raised in power:

Then, while the earth shall be cast upona It is sown a natural body; it is raised a

the hody by some standing by, the Min

ister shall say, spiritual body There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body And so it FORASMUCH as it hath pleased Alis written, The first man Adam was made a living soul the last Adam was

to take out of this world the Soul of our made a quickening spirit. Howbeit,

deceased Brother, we therefore cominit that was not first which is spiritual, but his Body to the ground; earth to earth, that which is natural: and afterward that which is spiritual The first man the general resurrection in the last Bay, is of the earth, earthy The second man

and the life of the World to come, is the Lord from heaven As is the through our Lord Jesus Christ; at earthy, such are they that are earthy:

whose second coming in glorious Majes, and as is the heavenly, such are they also ty to judge the World, the Earth and that are heavenly. And as we have borne the Sea shall give up their Dead; and the the image of the earthy, we shall also corruptible Bodies of those who sleep in bear the image of the heavenly Now him shall be changed, and made like unto this I say, brethren, that flesh and blond

his glorious Body, according to the cannot inherit the kingdom of God : mighty working whereby he is able to neither doth corruption inherit incor- subdue all things unto himself. ruption Behold, I show you a myste

Then shall be said, or sung, Ty: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, in a moinent, in the I HEARD a voice from heaven, saying


me, Write, from henceforth twinkling 1 eye, at the last trump

blessed are the dead who die in the Lord; For the trumpet shall sound, and the

even so saith the Spirit ; for they rest dead shall be raised incorruptible, and

from their labours Rev. xiv. 13. we shall be changed

For this corrupt ible must put on incorruption, and this

Then the Minister shall say the Lord's mortal must put on immortality, So

Prayer when this corruptible shall have put on

in incorruption, and this inortal shall have

lowed be thy Name; Thy Kingdom put on immortality, then shall be come; Thy Will be done on Earth, as it brought to pass the saying that is writ

is in Heaven : Give us this day our daily en, Death is swallowed up in victory

bread: And forgive us our trespasses, as O death, where is thy sting? O grave,

we forgive those who trespass against where is thy victory ? The sting of death

[18; And lead us not into lemptation;

Bul deliver us from evil 4men is sin, and the strength of sin is the law But thanks be to God, which giveth us Then the Minister shall say one or both the victory through our Lord Jesus of the following Prayers, at kis discreChrist Therefore, my beloved breth- tion. ren, be ye steadfast, unmoveable, al. LMIGHTY God, with whom do live ways abounding in the work of the Lord; A the spirits of those who depart forasmuch as ye know that your labour hence in the Lord; and with whom the is not in vain in the Lord

souls of the faithful, after they are de.

livered from the burden of the flesh, are When they come to the grave, while the

in joy and felicity: we give thee hearty Corpse is made ready to be laid into the

thanks for the good examples of all those earth, shal be sung or said,

thy servants, who, having finished their TAN, that is born of a woman, hath course in faith, do now rest from their

labours. And we beseech thee, that we, of misery He cometh up, and is cut with all those who are departed in the down like a flowers he Aeeth as it were true faith of thy hoy name, may have 4 shadow, and never continueth in one our perfect consummation and bliss, stay

both in body and soul, in thy eternal and In the midst of life we are in death :

everlasting glory, through Jesus Christ or whom may we seek for succour. but of thee, O Lord, who for our sins art O MERCIFUL God, the Father of Yet, o Lord God most holy, O Lord resurrection and the life : in whom whomost mighty, O holy and most merciful soever believeth, shalt live, though he Saviour, deliver us not into the bitter die ; and whosoever liveth and believeth pains of eternal death.

in him, shall not die eternally; who also Tbou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our

hath taught us, by his holy Apostle St. hearts: shut not thy merciful ears to our Paul, not to be sorry, as mens without hope, for those who sleep in him; we saying, Coine, ye blessed children of my humbly beseech thee, O Father, to raise Father, receive the kingdom prepared us from the death of sin unto the life of for you from the beginning of the world : righteousness; that when we shall depart Grant this, we beseech thee, 0 merciful this life we may rest in him; and that Father, through Jesus Christ our Medi. at the general resurrection in the last ator and Redeemer. Amen day, we may be found acceptable in the Talhe love of God, and the fellow

THE grace , sight; and receive that blessing, which thy well-beloved Son shall then pro- ship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all nounce to all who love and fear thee, evermore. Amen.

The Thanksgiving of Women after Child-Birth,


COMMONLY CALLED THE CHI'RCHING OF WOMEN. 1.This Serrice, or the concluding Prayer alone, as it stands among the Occasional Prayers and Thanksgirings, may be used at the discretion of the Minister T The Homan, at the usual time after her Delivery, shall come into the Church de. cently upparelled, and there shall kneel down in some convenient place, as hath bees accustomed, or as the Ordinary shall direct . And then the Priest shall say unto her, it

Pruyer, with what folloxos : But the mighty God, of his goodness, to Lord's Prayer may be omitted. Ý this give you safe deliverance, and to pre- be used with the Morning ur Erening serve you in the great danger of childbirth; you shall therefore give hearty UR Father, who art in Heaven, thanks unto God, and say,

+ allowed be thy Name : Thy King. Then shall the Minister say the follow- dom come, Thy Will be done on Earth, ing Hymn, taken from the 116th as it is in Heaven : Give us this day our Psalm

daily bread; And forgive us our tresDileri, quoniam.

passes, as we forgive those who trespass I

AM well pleased that the Lord hath against 118 ; And lead us not into temp heard the voice of my prayer ;

talon : but deliver us from evil Amen. That he hath inclined his ear unto me: Min ( Lord, save this woman thy Therefore will I call upon him as long as servant I live

Ans Who pulteth her trust in thee. I found trouble and heaviness, and I Min. Be thou to her a strong tower called npon the name of the Lord; O Ans. From the face of her enemy. Lord, I beseech thee, deliver my soul. Min. Lord, hear our prayer :

Gracious is the Lord, and righteous ; Ans. And let our cry come unto thee. yea, our God is merciful.

Min Let us

God, we give thee Lord, for all the benefits that he hath done unto me?

been graciously pleased to preserve, I will receive the cup of salvation; and through the great pain and peril of childcall upon the name of the Lord.

birth, this woman thy servant, who deI will pay my yows now in the presence sires now to offer her praises and thanks. of all his people ; in the courts of the givings unto thee.

Grant, we beseech Lord's house, even in the midst of thee, Thee, most mereiful Father, that she, Jerusalem Praise the Lord

through thy help, may both faithfully Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, live, and walk according to thy will in and to the Holy Ghost

this life present, and also may be partaAs it was in the beginning, is now, and ker of everlasting glory in the life to ever shall be, world without end. Amen. come, through Jesus Christ cor Lord.

Then skall the Minister suy the Lord's Amen The Women that cometh to give her thanks, must offer accustomert offerings, which shall be applied by the Minister and the Church Wardens to the relief or distressed Women in Child-bed : And there be a Communion, it is convenient that she receive the Holy Communion.



TO BE USED AT SEA. I The Morning and Evening Service to be used daily at Sea, shall be the same which

is appointed in the Book of Common Prayer. These two following Pruyers may be jaws of this death, which is now ready

also used in Ships of War. to swallow us up : Save, Lord, or else

ETERNAL Lord God, who alone we perish The living, the living shall 0

spreadest out the heavens, and rue praise thec. O send thy word of com. lest the raging of the sea ; who hast mand to rebuke the raging Winds, and compassed the waters with bounds, unul

the roaring Sea : that we, being deliver day and night come to an end; be pleas

ed from this distress, may live to serve ed to receive into thy Almighty and most

thee, and to glorify thy name all the days gracious protection, the persons of us of our life. Hear, Lord, and save us,

for the infinite merits of our blessed Sa thy servants, and the fileet (or ship) in which we serve. Preserve us from the

viour, thy Son our Lord Jesus Christ. dangers of the sea, and froin the violence of the enemy; that we may be a safe- The Prayer to be said before a Fight guard unto the United States of Ameri- at Seu against any Enemy. ca, and a security for such as pass on

MOST powerful and glorious Lord the seas upon their lawful occasions ;

God, the Lord of hosts, that rulest that the inhabitants of our land may in

and commandest all things; thou sittest peace and quietness serve thee our God; and that we may return in safety to en

in the throne judging right : And there

fore we make our address to thy Divine foy the blessings of the land, with the

Majesty, in this our necessity, that thou fruits of our labour; and, with a thank

wouldest take the cause into thine own ful remembrance of thy mercies, to

hand, and judge between us and our enfraise and glorify thy holy name, emies. Stir up thy strength, O Lord, through Jesus Christ our Lord Amen.

and come and help us ; for thou givest The Collect.

not alway the battle to the strong, but

canst save by many or by few Olet not ings, with thy most gracious fa

our sins now cry against us for venvour, and further us with thy continual

geance; but hear us thy poor servants help; that in all our works begun, con

begging mercy, and imploring thy help, tinued, and ended in thee, we may glo.

and that thou wouldest be a defence unto rify thy holy name; and finally by thy

us aguinst the face of the enemy. Make mercy obtain everlasting life, through

it appear that thou art our Saviour and Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

mighty Deliverer, through Jesus Christ

our Lord .4men Prayers to be used in Storms at Sea,

T Short Prayers for single Persons, who O

cannot meet to join in Prayer wita God, at whose command the winds

others, by reason of the Fight or Storm. blow, and lift up the waves of the sea, and who stillest the rage thereof; we,

General Prayers.

ORD be merciful to us sinners, and in this our great distress cry unto thee save us for thy mercies' sake. for help; Save, Lord, or else we perish. Thou art the great God, who hast made We confess when we have been sale, and and rulest all things : O deliver us for seen all things quiet about us, we have thy name's sake. forgotten thee our God, and refused to Thou art the great God to be feared hearken to the still voice of tny word, above all : ( save us, that we may praise and to obey thy commandinents : But thee now we see how terrible thou art in all

Special Prayers with respect to the thy works of wonder; the great God to

Enemy be feared above all, and therefore we

, O Lord, art just power

ful: ing thy power, and imploring thy good.

face of the enemy, ness Help, Lord, and save us for thy O God, thou art a strong tower of de mercies' sake, in Jesus Christ, thy Son

fence to all who fly unto thee: O save us our Lord. Amen.

from the violence of the enemy, Or this.

O Lord of Hosts, fight for us; that we 0

MOST glorious and gracious Lord may glorify thee.

God, who dwellest in heaven, but o suffer us not to sink under the weight beholdest all things below ; look down, of our sins, or the violence of the enemy. we beseech thee, and hear us, calling out O Lord, arise, help us, and deliver us, ef the depth of misery, and out of the l for thy name's sake.

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