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10 But be thou merciful unto me, 0 3 0 sen. out thy light and thy truth, Lord; raise thou me up again. and that they may lead me, and bring me shall reward them.

unto lay hol Will, and to thy dwelling. 1 By this I know thou favouresi me, 4 And that I may go unto the allar of that mine enemy doth notriumph God, even unto the God of my joy and against me

gladness; and upon the harp will give 12 And when I am in my hearth, thou thanks unto thee, O God, my God upholdest me, and shall set me before thy 5 Why art thou so heavy, my soul? face for ever

and why art thou so disquieted within 13 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, world without end. tonen

60 put thy trust in God; for I will Psalm 42 Quemadmodum

yet give him thanks, which is the help TIKE as the hart desireth the water of my countenance, and my God U bruoks, 60 longeth my soul after thee, () God.

The ninth Day. ? My suul is athirst for God, yea,

MORNING PRAYER. even for the living God. When shall i Psalm 44. Deus, uuribus. come to appear before the presence of W e have heard with our ears, O God)

God, our fathers have told us 3 My tears have been my meat day what thou hast done in their time of old. and night, while they daily say unto me,

2 How thou hast driven out the hex. Where is now thy God?

then with thy hand, and planted them in ; 4 Now when I think thereupon, I pour how thou hast destroyed the nations, out my heart by myself; for 1 went with and cast them out tb- multitude, and brought them forth 3 For they gat not the land in posses. into the house of God;

sion through their own sword, neither 5 In the voice of praise and thanks was it their own arm that helped them ; giving, among such as keep holy-day

4 But thy right hand, and thine arm, 6 Why art thou so full of heaviness.

and the light of thy countenance : be. O my sou!? and why art thou so dis cause thou h dst a favout unto them. quieted within me ?

5 Thou art my King. () Godsend 7 Put thy trust in God; for I will yet help unto Jacob give him thanks for the help of his coun. 6. Through the wil we overthrow our Lenance.

enemies, and in thy name will we tread 8 My God, my soul is vexed within them under that rise up against us. me; therefore will I remember thee 7 For I will not trust in my bow; it is concerning the land of Jordan, and the not my sword that shall belp me little bill of Hermon

B'il it is thou that savest us from our 9 (me deep calleth another, because of enemies, and puttest them to confusion the noise of the water-ripes; all thy

that hate us waves and storms are gone over me

9 We make our boast of God all day 10 The Lord hath granted his loving long, and will praise thy name for ever. kindness in the day-time, and in the

10 But now thou art far off, and put. night-season did I sing of bim, and test its to confusion ; and goest not forth made my prayer into the God of my life

1 with our armies. I will say unto the God of my

11 Thou makest us to turn pur backs strength, Why hast thou forgotten me? upon our enemies, so that they which Why gol thus heavily, while the enemy hale us spoil our goods. oppresseth me?

12 Thou lettest us be eaten up like 12 My bones are smitten asunder as

sheep, and hast scattered us among the

heathen. with a sword, while mine enemies that trouble me cast me in the teeth;

13 Thou sellest thy people for nought, 13 Namely, while they say daily unto

and takest no money for them. me, Where is now thy God?

14 Thou makest us to be rebuked of 14 Why art thou so vexed, my soul ?

our neighbours, to be laughed to scom, and why art thou so disquieted within and had in derision of them that are me?

round about us 15 ( put thy trust in God; for I will

15 Thou makest us to be a by-word yet thank him, which is the help of my

among the heathen, and that the people countenance, and my God.

shake their heads at us.

16 My confusion is daily before me, Psalm 43 Judica mr, Dens.

and the shame of my face hath covered IVE sentence with me, O God, and me; U vefend my cause against the ungodly 17 For the voice of the slanderer and people ; ( deliver me from the deceitful blasphemer, for the enemy and avenger. and wicked man;

IR And though all this be rome upon 2 For thou art the God of my strength us, yet do we not forget thee, nor behave why hast thou put me from thee? and ourselves frowardly” by covenant. wlay go I so beavily, while the enemy 19 Our heart is nou turned back, neioppresseth me?

ther our steps gone out of cry way i

20 No, not when thou hast smitten us that be her fellows shall bear her cominto the place of dragons, and covered pany, and shall be brought unto thee. us with the shadow of death

in With joy and gladness shall they be 21 if we have forgotten the name ! brought and shall enter into the King's Our God, and holden up our hands to any palace. strange god, shall nou God search it out 17 Instead of thy fathers thou shalt for he knoweth the very secrets of the have children, whom thou mayest make heart.

princes in all lands 22 For thy sake also are we killed al. 14 I will remember thy nanie froin one the day long and are counted as sheer generation to another; therefore shall appointed to be lain

the people give thanks unto thee. world 23 Up, Lord, why sleepest thou? without end awake, and be not absent from us for 'salm 16. Deus noster refugium. ever

OD is our hope and strength. a very 24 Wherefore hidest thou thy face, and present help in trouble. forgetlest our misery and trouble

2 Therefore will we not fear, though 25 For our soul is brought low, even the earth be moved, and though the hills unto the dust : our belly cleaveth unto be carried into the midst of the sea the ground.

3 Though the waters thereof rage and 28 Alise, and help us, and deliver us, swell, and though the mountains shake at for thy mercies' sake

the tempest of the same

4 The rivers of the flood therrot shall Psalm 45 Eructarit cor meum

make glad the city of God; the holy TWY heart is indiuing of a good matter; place of the tabernacle of the Most 1 I speak of the things which I have Highest made into the King

5 God is in the midst of her therefore 2 My tongur is the pen of a ready shall she not be removed, God shall writer

help her, and that right early 3 Thou art fairer than the children of the heathen make much ado. and the men: full of grace are thy lips beause kingdoms are moved: but God hath God hath blessed thee for ever.

sroved his voice, and the earth shall 4 Gird thee with thy sword upon thy | melt away thigh. thou most migh.y.according to 7 The Lord of hosts is with us : the thy worship and renown

| God of Jacob is our refuge 5 Good luck have thou with the ho

come hither and bibolo the works nour ride on. berause of the word of of the Lord, what destruction he hath truth, of merkness and righteousness. I brought on the earth and thy right hand shall teach thee terri9 He maketh wars to ease in all the ble things

world. he breateth the bow. and knap6 Thv arrows are very sharp. and the peth the spear in sunder, and burneth the people shall be subdued unto thee, even chariots in the fire in the midst among the King s enemies 10 Be still then, and know that I am

7 Thy seat, O God, endureth for ever: God I will be eralted among the bes. the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right then, and I will be exalted in the earth. sceptre

11 The Lord of hosts is with us; the 8 Thou hast loved nghteousness, and God of Jacob is our refrige hated iniquity; wherefore God, even thy

EVENING PRAYER. God hath anointed thee with the oil of gladness above thy fellows

Psalm 47 Omnes gentes, pluudite. 9 All thy garments smell of myrrh. CLAP your hands together, all ye aloes, and cassia: out of the ivory pala

people smg unto God with the ees, whereby they have made thee glad. voire of melody

10 Kings daughters were among thy 2 For the Lorel is high, and to be fear. honourable women ; upon thy right handed : he is the great King upon all the did stand the queen in a vesture of gold, I earth wrought about with divers colours

3 He shall subdue the people mder os, 11 Hearken. Odanghter and consider; and the nations under our ert. incline thine enr. forget also thine own 4 He shal choose out an heritage for people, and thy father's house

us, even the worship of Jacob. whom he 12 So shall the King have pleasure in loved thy beauty; for he is thy Lord God, and 5 God is gone up with a merry noise, worship thoi him.

and the Lord with the sound of the 13 And the daughter of Tyre shall be trump. there with a gift : like as the rich also 6 O sing praises, sing praises unto our among the prople shall make their sup God. (sing praises. sing praises unto plication before thee.

cur King 14 The King's daughter is all glorious 7 For God is the king of all the earth; within . her clothing is of wrought gold. sing ye praises with understanding.

15 She shall be brought unto the King God reigneth over the heathen God in raiment of needle-work; the virgins I sitte ih upou his holy seal.

9 The princes of the people are joined And yet they think that their houses unto the people of the God of Abrahan. shall "ontinue for ever and that their for God, ich is very high exalted, doch dielling places shall endure from one defend the rarth as it vere vith a shield

generation to another; and rati the lands Psalin Magnus Dominus after their oan names REAT is the Lord, and highly to be 1 2 Nevertheless, man will not abide in prused in the city of ou. God, even

honour, Sreing he may be compared to upon his holy hill

the beasts that perish this is the way of 2 The hill o Sion is a fair place, and them the joy o! the whole earth; upon the 13 Chis is their toolishness, and their north sie heth the city of the great posterity praise their saying King God is well known in her palaces 11 lhes lie in the hell like sheep; sa sure refuge

death gna veth upon them, and the right. 3 For to the kings of the earth are eous shall have dominion over them in the gathered ind gone by together

morning their beauty shall consume in 4 They marvelled to see such things the sepulchre out of their dwelling. they were astonished, and suddenly cast 15 Brit God hath delivered my soul down

from the place of hell ; for he shall re. 5 Fear ramr there upon them; and ceive me sorro . as upon a woman in her travail 16 Be not thou afraid, though one be

6 Thou shalt break the ships of the sea mail rich, or if the glory of his house througа the cast wiad

be increased; 7 Lies we have heard. so have we 17 For he shall carry nothing away seen in the ity of the Lord of hosts, in with him when he dieth, neither shall his the rty of our God: God upholdeth the pomp follow him same or ever

1 For while he lived, he counted him. * We wait for thy loving kindness, O self an happy man, and so long as thou God. in the inidst of thy temple

does well unto thyself, men will speak 9 God, #cording to thy name, so is good of thee thy praise unto the World's end, thy 19 He shall follow the generation of his right hand is full o mghlergsness. fathers. nd shall or ver see light

TO Let the moun: Sw rejoke, and the 20 Man being in lonour hath no underdaughter of Judah be glad, herause of standing, but is compared unto the thy judgments

beasts that perich 11 Walk about Sion and go round about her, and tell the lowers thereof

The tenth Day 12 Mark well her bul warks, set up her

MORNING PRAYER houses. that ye may tell them that come

Psalm 50 Deny deorum. after

THE Lord, even the most mighty 13 For this God is our God for ever God, hath spoken, and called the and ver. He shall be our guide into world, in the rising up of the son unto

Lhe going down thereu
Psalm 49 Tudite haec, unes

2 Out of Sion hath God appeared in E AR ye this, all ye people: pon. perfect beaut

der it eith your ears, all ye that 3 Our God shall come, and shall not dwell in the world:

keep silence, there shall go before him 2 High and low, rich and poor, one i a consuming tire, apoi a mighty tempest with another

shall be stirred up round about him. 3 My mouth shall speah wisdom, 4 He shall call the heaven from above, And my heart shall muse of understand and the earth, that he may judge his ing.

people 4 1 will meline mine ear to the parable, 5 Gather my saints together unto me, and sio my dark speech upon the harp those that have inade a covenant with me

5 W erefore should I fear m the days with sacrifice of wickedness, and when the wickedness And the beavens shall declare his of my heels compass-th me round about? righteousness : for God is judge himself.

6 there be some that at their trust in 7 Hear, my people, and I will speak; their goods, and boast themselves in the I myself will testify against thee. Ols. multitude of their mhes;

rael. for 1 am God, even thy God. 7 But no man may deliver his brother. I will not reprove thee brenuse of thy bor make agreement into God for him. sacrifices or for thy burnt offerings

For 16 rost tnore to redeem their because they were not alway before me. souls: so that he must let that alone for 9 I will take no bullock mit of thise ever

house, nur he-goat out of thy foliis ; 9 Yes, though he live long, and see not 10 For all the beasts of the forest are the grave

mine and so are the cattle upos. a thou. 10 For he seeth that wist men also die sand bulls and perish together, as well as the igoo. 11! I now all the fow's upon the moun. rant and foolish, and leave their riches lains, and the wild beasts of the field are Lor other

in my sight.

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12 If I be hungry, I will not tell thee; 13 Then shall I teach thy ways unto for the whole world is mine, and all that the wicked, and sinners shall be convert. is therein

ed unto thee 13 Thinkest thou that I would eat bull's 14 Deliver me trom blood-guittness, Alesh, and drink the blood of goals? O God, thou that art the God of my

14 Offer unto God thanksgiving. and health ; and my congue shall sing of thy pay thy vows unto the Most Highest. righteousness

15 And call upon me in the time of 15 Thou shalt open my lips, (Lord, trouble, so will I hear thee, and thou and my mouth shall show thy praise shalt praise me

16 For thou desirest no sacrifice, elee 16 But unto the ungodly said God. would I give it thee, but thou delightest Why dost thou preach my laws, and ta not in burnt-offerings kest my covenant in thy mouth;

17 'The sacrifice of God is a troubled 17 Whereas thou latest to be reformed, spirit a broken and contrite heari, O and hast cast my words behind thee? God, shalt thou not despise

IP When thuu sawest a threi. thou con 19 O be favourable and gracious unto sentedst unto him, and hast been parta. Sion, build thou the walls of Jerusalem. ker with the adulterers

19 Tben shalt thou be pleased with the 19 Thou hast let thy mouth speak wick sacrifice of righteousness, with the edness, and with thy tongue thou hast set burnt offerings and oblations, then shall forth deceit

they offer young bullocks upon thine el. 20 Thou saltest and spakest agamst thy tar brother, yea and hast slandered thine

Psalm. 52. Quid gloriars? own mother's son

TAHY boastest thou thyself, thou ty. 21 These things hast thou dine, and 1

V rant, that thou canst de mischici ? held my tongue, and thou thoughtest

2 Whereas the goodness of God enduwickedly, that I am even such a one as thy sell : but I will reprove thee, and sei

reth yet daily

3 Thy tongue imagineth wickedness, before thee the things that thou hast done

and with lies thou cutlest like a sharp 22 O) consider this, ye that forget God.

razor lest I pluck you away, and there be none

4 Thou hast loved unrighteousness to deliver you 23 Whosn offereth me thanks and

more than goodness, and to talk of lies

more than righteousness. praise, he honoureth me, and to him that ordereth his conversation right. will I

5 l'hou hast loved to speak all words show the salvation of God

that may do hurt, thou false tongue. Psalm 51 Miserere mei, Detus.

. Therefore shall God destroy thee for HAVE mercy upon me, (God, after

ever. be hall take thee, anal pluck thee

out of thy dwelling, and root thee out of I thy great goodness, according to

the land of the living the multitude of thy mercies do away

7 lhe righteous also shall see this, and mine offences. 2 Wash me thoroughly from my wick

fear, and shall laugh him to srom:

o Lo, this is the man that look not God edness, and cleanse me from my sin; 3 For I acknowledge my faults, and

for his strength : but trusted unto the

multitude of his riches, and strengthened my sin is ever before me

himself in his wickedness 4 Against 'bee only have I sinned, and

9 As for me, I am like a green livedone this evil in thy sight, that thou

tree in the house of God; my trust is in mightest be justified in thy saying, and

the tender merey of God for ever and clear wl en thou art judged

ever 5 Behold, I was shapen in wickedness,

10 I will always give thanks unto the and in sin bath my mother conceived me.

for that thou hast done ; and I will hope 6 But lo, thot requirest truth in the

in thy name, for thy saints like it well. inwaru parts, and shalt make me to un. derstand wisdom secretly

EVENING PRAYER. 7 Thou shalt purge me with hyssop,

Psalm 53. and I shall be clean ; thou shalt wash

Dixit insipiens. me, and I shall be whiter than snow

THE foolish body hath said in his 8 Thou shalt make me hear of joy and 1 heurt. There is no God gladness, that the bones which thou hast 2 Corrupt are they, and become abombroken may rejoice

inable in their wickedness; there is none 9 Tum thy face from my sins, und put that doeth good out all my misdeeds

3 God looked down from herven upon 10 Make me a clean heart, O God, and the children of men, to see if there were renew a right spirit within me.

any that would understand, and seek af11 Cast me not away from thy pre ter God sence, and take not thy Holy Spirit from 4 But they are all gone out of the way, me.

they are altogether "ecome abominable ; 120 give me the comfort of thy help there is also none that doeth good, no ngain, and stablish me with thy free not one. Spirit

5 Are they not without understanding

that work wickedness, eating up my peoton, my guide, and mine own familiar ple as if they would eat bread? They have friend." not called upon God

15 We took sweet counsel together, 6 They were alraid, where no fear was; and walked in the house of God as for God hath broken th. boves of him friends that besieged thee; thou hast put them 16 Let death come hastily upon them, to confusion, because God hath despised and let them go down quick into hell ; thein

for wickedness is in their dwellings, and i Oh that the saivation were given un. among them to Israel out of Sion ! Oh that the Lord 17 As for me, I will call upon God, and would deliver his people out of captivity! the Lord shall save me

8 Then should Jacob rejoice, and Is. 11 In the evening and morning, and fuel should be right glad

at noon day, wall i pray, and that in. Psalm 54 Deus, in Vomine.

stantly and he shall hear my voke

19 it is he that hath delivered my soul SAVE me. O God, for thy name's sake,

in peace from the battle that was against and avenge me in thy strength.

me : for there were man with me 2 Hear my prayer, O God, and heark.

20 Yea, even God that endureth for en unto the words of my mouth :

ever, sbail hear me, and bring them 3 For strangers are risen up against

dowa ; for they will not turn, nor ear me; and tyrants which lave not God be.

God fore their eyes, seek after my soul

21 He laid his hands upon such as be 4 Behold, God is my helper, the Lord

al peace with him, and be brake his cov. is with them that uphold my soul

enant 5 He shall reward evil unto mine ene

22 The words of his mouth were soft. mies : destroy thou them in thy truth

er than butter, having war in his heart; 6 An offering of a free heart will I give

his words were smoother than oil, and thee, and praise thy name. (Lord; be

yet they be very swords cause it is so comfortable

23 Ocast thy burden tipon the Lord, 7 For he hath delivered me out of all

and be shall nourish thee, and shall not my trouble ; and mine eye nath seen his

suffer the righteous to fall for ever desire upon mine enemies

24 And as for them. thou, O God, Psalm 55 Ez audi, Deus shalt bring them into the pit of destruc. DEAR my prayer, O God, and hide tion. I not thyself from my petition.

25 The blood-thirsty and deceitful men 2 Take herd unto me, and hear me, shall not live out half their days never how I mourn in my prayer, and am theless, my trust shall be in thee, O vexed.

Lord 3 The enemy crieth so, and the ungodly cometh on so fast ; for they are mind.

The eleventh Day. ed to do me sonte mischief, so malicious.

MORNING PRAYER ly are they set against me

4 My heart is disquieled within me. Psalm 56 Miserere mei Deus. and the fear of death is fallen upon me DE merciful unto me, () God, for man

5 Fearfulness and trembling are come D goeth about to devour me: he is upon me, and an horrible dread hath daily fighting and troubling me overwhelmed me.

2 Mine enemies are daily in hand to 6 And I said, Oh that I had wings like swallow me up for they be many that

dove for then would I flee Away, and fight against me. () thou Most Highest. be at rest.

3 Nevertheless, though I am some. 7 Lo, then would get me away far times afraid, yet put I my trust in thee. off, and remain in the wilderness

4 I will praise God bucause of his I would nake haste to escape, be word: I have put my trust in God, and cause of the stormy wind and Lempest will not fear what Aesh ran do unto me.

9 Destroy their tongues, O Lord, and 5 They daily mistake my words: all divide them for I have spied unright that they imagine is to du me evil. cousness and strise in the city

6 They hold all together, and keep 10 Day and night they go about with themselves close, and mark my steps, in the walls thereof mischief also agd when they lay wait for my soul Sorrow are in the midst of it.

7 Shall they escape for their wicked. 11 Wickedness is therein ; deceit and ness ? thou, O God, in thv displeasure, guile go not out of their streets.

shall cast them down 12 For it is not an open enemy that 8 Thou tellest my wanderings : put my hath dore me this dishonour: for then 1 lears into liy boule are not these things could have borne it:

noted in thy book 13 Neither was it mine adversary that 9 Whensoever I call upon thee, then did magnify himself against me ; for then shall mine enemies be put to flight this peradventure I would have hid myself I know : for God is on iny side. from him:

Jo In God's word will I rejoice ; in the 14 But it was even thou, iny compag. I Lond's word will I comfort me.

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