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26 For as soon as the wind goeth over 16 The trees of the Lord also are full it, it is gone ; and the place thereof shall of sap; even the cedars of Libanus, which know it no more.

he hath planted ; 17 But the merciful goodness oi the 117 Wherein the birds make their nests; Lord endureth for ever and ever upon and the fir-trees are a dwelling for the them that fear him, and his righteous. stork ness upon children's children;

19 Th-high hills are a refuge for the 18 Even upon such as keep his cove wild goats, and so are the stony rocks nant, and think upon his commandments, for the conies to do them.

19 He appointed the moon for certain 19 The Lord hath prepared his seat in seasons, and the sun knoweth his going heaven, and his kingdom ruleth over all. down.

20 praise the Lord, ye angels of his, 20 Thou makest darkness, that it may yo that excel in strength ; ye that full be night, wherein all the beasts of the his commandment, and hearken unto the

forest do move voice of his words.

21 The lions, roaring after their prey, 21 (praise the Lord, all ye his hosts; do seek their meat from God. ye servants of his that do his pleasure. 22 The sun ariseth, and they get them 22 ( speak good of the Lord, all ye

way together, and lay them down in works on his, in all places ol his do their den's minion: Praise thou the Lord, O my 23 Man goeth forth to his work, and soul.

to his labour, until the evening EVENING PRAYER

24 () Lord, how manifold are thy Psalm 104. Benedic, anima mea. works, in wisdom hast thou made them DRAISE the Lord, O my soul : all; the earth is full of thy riches

I Lord my God, thou art become er. 25 So is the great and wide sea also; ceeding glorious, thou art clothed with wherein are things creeping innumerable, majesty and honour

both small and great beasts. 2 Thou deckest thyself with light as it 26 There go the ships, and there is that were with a garment, and spreadest out Leviathan, whom thou hast made to tako the beavens like a curtain

his pastime therein. 3 Who layeth the beams of his cham 27 These wait all upon thee, that thou bers in the waters, and maketh the clouds ma yest give them meat in due season. his chariot, and walketh upon the wings 2 When thou givest it them, they ga. of the wind

ther it ; and when thou openest thy hand, 4 He maketh his angels spirits, and his they are filled with good ministers a Haming fire.

29 When thou hidest thy face, they are 5 He laid the foundations of the earth. troubled : when thou takes away their that it never should move at any time. breath, they die and are turned again to 6 Thou coveredst it with the deep like

their dust as with a garment; the waters stand in 30 Wher thou lettest thy breat go the hills.

forth, they shall be made ; and thou nalt 7 At thy rebuke they flee; at the voice renew the face of the earth of thy thunder they are afraid.

31 The glorious majesty of the Lord 8 They go up as high as the hills, and shall endure for ever : the Lord shall re. down to the valleys beneath i even unto joice in his works. the place which thou hast appointed for 32 The earth shall tremble at the look them.

of him; if he do but touch the hills, 9 Thou hast set them their bounds, they shall smoke. which they shall not pass, neither turn 33 I will sing unto the Lord as long as again to cover the earth.

I live; I will praise my God while ! 10 He sendeth the springs into the have my being; rivers, which run among the hills.

34 And so shall my words please him: 11 All the beasts of the field drink my joy shall be in the Lord." thereof, and the wild asses quench their 35 As for sinners, they shall be conthirst,

sumed out of the earth, and the ungodly 12 Beside them shall the fowls of the shall come to an end : Praise thou the air have their habitation, and sing among | Lord, O my soul, praise the Lord the branches. 13 He watereth the hills from above;

The twenty-first Day. the earth is filled with the fruit of thy

MORNING PRAYER works. 14 He bringeth forth grass for the cat.

Psalm 105 Confitemini Domino. tle, and green herb for the service of GIVE thanks unto the Lord, and nien.

call upon his name ; tell the people 15 That he may bring food out of the what things he hath doce earth, and wine that maketh glad the 20 let your songs be of him, and heart of man; and oil to make him a praise him, and let your of cheerful countenance, and bread to all his wondrous works. strengthen man's heurt.

3 Rejoice in his holy name, let the

heart of them rejoice, that seek the 31 He spake the word, and there came Lord

all manner of flies, and lice in all their 4 Seek the Lord and his strength ; seek quarters. bis face evermore.

32 He gave them bail-stones for rain; 5 Remember the marvellous works that and flames of fire in their land. he hath done : his wonders, and the judg. 1 33 He smote their vines also and fig. ments of his mouth;

trees; and destroyed the trees that were 6 O ye seed of Abraham, his servant ; | in their coasts Je children of Jacob, his chosen.

34 He spake the word, and the grass 7 He is the Lord our God; his judghoppers came, and caterpillare innumements are in all the world.

rable, and did eat up all the grass in their 8 He hath been alway mindful of his land, and devoured the fruit of their covenant and promise, that he made to a ground. thousand generations.

35 He smote all the first-born in their 9 Even the covenant that he made with land, even the chief of all their strength. Abraham ; and the oath that he sware 36 He brought them forth also with unto Isaac,

silver and gold ; there was not one feeble 10 And appointed the same unto Jacob person among their tribes. for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting 37 Egypt was glad at their departing; testament,

for they were afraid of them. 11 Saying, Unto thee will I give the 38 He spread out a cloud to be a cov. land of Canaan, the lot of your inherit ering; and fire lo give light in the night. Ance.

season. 12 When there were yet but a few of 39 At their desire he brought quails; them, and they strangers in the land; and he filled them with the bread of

13 What tiine as they went from one heaven. nation to another, from one kingdom to 40 He pened the rock of stone, and another people ;

the waters flowed out, so that the rivers 14 He suffered no man to do them an in the dry places. wrong, but reproved even kings for their 41 For why? be remembered his holy sakes:

promise ; and Abraham his servant. 15 Touch not mine Anointed, and do 42 And he brought forth his people my prophets no harm

with joy, and his chosen with gladness; 16 Moreover, be called for a dearth 43 And gave them the lands of the hea. upon the land, and destroyed all the pro. then and they took the labours of the Vision of bread.

people in possession; 17 But he had sent a man before them, 44 That they might keep his statutes, even Joseph, who was sold to be a bond and observe his laws. servant,

EVENING PRAYER. 18 Whose feet they hurt in the stocks ; Psalm 106. Confitemini Domino. the iron entered into his soul

GIVE thanks unto the Lord; for 19 Until the time came that his cause he is gracious, and his mercy enduwas known: the word of the Lord tried reth for ever.

2 Who can express the noble acts of 20 The king sent, and delivered him ; the Lord, or show forth all his praise ? the prince of the people let him go free. 3 Blessed are they that alway keep

2! 'He made him lord also of his house, judgment, and do righteousness. and ruler of all his substance;

4 Remember me, O Lord, according to 22 That he might inforin his princes the favour that thou bearest unto thy after his will, and teach his senators people ; 0 visit me with thy sals stion, wisdom.

5 That I may see the felicity of thy 23 Israel also came into Egypt, and chosen, and rejoice in the gladness of thy Jacob was a stranger in the land of Ham. people, and give thanks with thine in

24 And be increased his people exceed heritance Ingly, and made them stronger than their 6 We have sinned with our fathers; enemies;

we have done amiss, and dealt wickedly. 25 Whose heart turned so, that they 7 Our fathers regarded not thy wonhated his people, and dealt untruly with ders in Egypt, neither kept they thy his servants

great goodness in remembrance ; but 26 Then sent he Moses his servant, and were disobedient at the sea, even at the Aaron whom he had chosen ;

Red Sea 27 And these showed his tokens among Nevertheless, he helped them for his them, and wonders in the land of Ham. name's sake, that he might make his

28 He sent darkness, and it was dark ; power to be known. and they were not obedient unto his 9 He rebuked the Red Sea also, and it word.

was dried up; so he led them through 29 He turned their waters into blood, the deep, as ihrough a wilderness. and slew their fish

10 And he saved them from the adver. • 30 Their land brought forth frogs; saries' hand, and delivered them from tha ser, even in their king's chambers. hand of the enemy.

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u As for those that troubled them, Canaan ; and the land was defiled with the waters overwhelmed them; there blood was not one of them left.

38 Thus were they stained with their 12 Then believed they his words, and own works, and went a whoring with sang praise unto him

their owu inventions. 13 But within a while they forgat hus 39 Therefore was the wrath of the works, and would not abide his counsel. Lord kindled against his people, inso

14 But lust came upon them in the much that he abhorred his own pleritwilderness, and they tempted God in the desert

40 And he gave them over into the 15 And he gave them their desire, and hand of the heathen ; and they that hated sent leanness withal into their soul them were lords over them

16 hey angered Moses also m their 141 their enemies oppressed them, and tents, and Aaron the saint of the Lord had them in subjection.

17 So the earth opened, and swallow 42 Many a time did be deliver them; ed up Dathan, and covered the congre- but they rebelled against him with their gation of Abiram.

own inventions, and were brought dowa 18 And the fire was kindled in their in their wickedness. company; the flame burnt up the un 43 Nevertheless, when he saw their adgodly.

versity, he heard their complaint 19 They made a calf in Horeb, and 44 He thought upon bis covenant, and worshipped the molten image.

pitied them, according unto the multi20 Thus they turned their glory into tude of his mercies, yea, he made all the similitude of a calf that eateth hay those that led them away captive to pity

21 And they forgat God their Saviour, them. who had done so great things in Egyptil 45 Deliver us, O Lord our God, and

22 Wondrous works in the land of gather us from among the heathen; that Ham; and fearful things by the Red Sea we may give thanks unto thy holy name,

23 So be said he would have destroyed and make our boast of thy praise. them, bad not Moses his chosen stood 46 Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, before him in the gap. to turn away bis from everlasting, and world without end; wruthful indignation, lest he should de and let all the people say, Amen. stroy them. 24 Yea, they thought scom of that

The twenty-second Day. pleasant land, and gave no credence unto

MORNING PRAYER. his word; 25 But murmured in their tents, and

Psalm 107 Confitemini Domino. hearkened no' unto the voice of the Lord. GIVE thanks unto the Lord; for he

26 Then lift be up his hand against is gracious, and his merey enduthem, to overthrow them in the wilder. ret for ever bess;

2 Let them give thanks, whom the 27 To cast out their seed among the Lord hath redeemed, and delivered from nations, and to scatter them in the lands the band of the enemy :

28 They joined themselves unto Baal 3 And gathered them out of the lands, peor, and te the offerings of the dead. from the east, and from the west ; from

29 Thus they provoked him to anger the north, and from the south. with their own inventions; and the 4 They went astray in the wilderness plague was great among them.

out of the way, and found no city to 30 Then stood up Phinees, and pray. dwell in ed; and so the plague ceased

5 Hungry and thirsty, their soul faint31 And that was counted unto him for ed in them. righteousness, among all posterities for 6 So they cried unto the Lord in their evermore

trouble. and he delivered them from 32 They angered him also at the wa. their distress ters of strife, so that he punished Moses 7 He led them forth by the right way, for their sakes;

that they might go to the city where they 33 Because they provoked his spirit, | dwelt so that he spake unadvisedly with his R O that men would therefore raise lips.

the Lord for his guodness; and Ceclare 34 Neither destroyed they the heathen, the wonders that he doeth for the chil. as the Lord commanded thein :

dren of tnen! 35 But were mingled among the hea 9 For he satisfieth the empty soul, and then, and learned their works.

filleth the hungry soul with goodness; 36 Insomuch that they worshipped 10 Such as sit in darkness, and in the their idols, which tuned to their own shadow of death, being fast bound in decay, yea, they offered their sons and misery and iron; their daughters unto devils;

11 Because they rebelled against the 37 And shed innocent blood, even the words of the Lord, and lightly regarded blood of their sons and of their daugh- the counsel of the Most Highest. ters, whom they offered unto the iduls of 12 He also brought down their licart

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through heaviness; they fell down, and 36 And there he setteth the hungry, there was none to help them.

that they may build them a city to dwell 13 So when they cried unto the Lord

in; in their trouble, he delivered them out of 37 That they may sow their land, and their distress

plant vineyards, to yield them fruits of 14 For he brought them out of dark. increase dess, and out of the shadow of death, 38 He blesseth them, so that they mul. and brake their bonds in sunder

tiply exceedingly; and suffereth not their 15 O that men would therefore praise cattle to decrease the Lord for his goodness, and declare 39 And again, when they are mm:shed the wonders that he doeth for the chil and brougat low through oppression, dren of men !

through any plague or trouble ; 16 For he hath broken the gutes of 40 though he suffer them to be evil. brass, and smitten the bars of iron in entreated through tyrants, and let them sunder

wander out of the way in the wilder ess; 17 Foolish inen are plagued for their 41 Yet helpeth he the poor out oi misoffence, and because of their wickedness ery, and maketh him households like a 19 Their soul abhorred all manner of

flock of sheep meat, and they were even hard at death's 42 The righteous will consider this,

and rejoice, and the mouth of all wick19 So when they cried unto the Lord edness shall be stopped in their trouble, he delivered them out of 43 Whoso is wise, will ponder these their distress.

things; and they shall understand the 20 He sent his word, and healed them; loving kindness of the Lord. and they were saved from their destrue.

EVENING PRAYER 21 O that men would therefore praise Psalm 108.Paratum cor meum. the Lord for his goodness; and declare

O GOD, my heart is ready, my heart the wonders that he doeth for the chil

is ready; I will sing, and give dren omen !

praise with the best member that I have. 22 That they would offer unto him the

2 Awake, thou lute and harp : I my. sacrifice of thanksgiving, and tell out his

self will awake right early. works with gladness!

3 I will give thanks unto thee, O Lord, 23 they that go down to the sea in

among the people, I wil sing praises ships, and occupy their business in

unto thee among the nations. greal waters

4 For thy mercy is greater than the 24 These men see the works of the

beavens, and thy truth reacheth unto the Lord, and his wonders in the deep.

clouds. 25 For at his word the stormy wind

5 Set up thyself, O God, above the ariseth, which lifteth up the waves there

heavens, and thy glory above all the of.

earth, 26 They are carried up to the heaven,

6 That thy beloved may be delivered: and down again to the deep their soul

let thy right hand save them, and hear melteth away because of the trouble.

thou me 27 They reel to and fro, and stagger

7 God bath spoken in his holiness; I like a drunken man, and are at their wit's

will rejoice therefore, and divide Siend.

chem,and mete out the valley of Succoth, 28 So when they cry unto the Lord in

. Gilead is mine, and Manasses is their trouble, he deliveretb them out of

mine, Ephraim also is the strength of their distress

my head; 29 For he maketh the storm to cease,

9 Juda is my law.giver; Moab is my 30 that the waves thereof are still.

wash-pot; over Edom will ) cast out my 30 Then are they glad, because they

shoe ; upon Philistia will I triumph. are al rest; and so he bringeth them un

10 Who will lead me into the strong to the haven where they would be

city ? and who will bring me into Edom? 31 O that men would therefore praise

11 Hast not thou forsaken us, ) God? the Lord for his goodness; and declare

and will not thou, O God, go forth with the wonders that he doeth for the chil.

our hosts? dren of men !

12 O help us against the enemy : for 32 that they would exalt him also in

vain is the help of man. the congregation of the people, and praise

13 Through God we shall dn great him in the seat of the elders!

acts; and it is be that shall tread down 33 Who turveth the floods into a wil

our enemies. derness, and drieth up the water springs. 34 A fruitful land maketh be Gerren,

Psalm 109. Deus laudum. for the wickedness of them that dwell LTOLD not thy tongue, O God of my therein.

I praise; for the mouth of the un35 Again he maketh the wilderness a godiy, yes, the mouth of the deceitful is standing water, and water-springs of al opened upon me. dry ground,

12 And they have spoken against mo with false tongues; they compassed me 25 Help me, O Lord my God; O savo about also with words of hatred, and me, according to thy mercy. fought against me without a cause. 26 And they shall know how that this

3 For the love that I had unto them, is thy hand, and that thou, Lord, bast lo, they take now my contrary part ; but done it I give myself unto prayer.

27 Though they curse, yet bless thou; 4 Thus have they rewarded me evil for and let them be confounded that rise up good, and hatred for my good will. against me ; but let thy servant rejoice.

5 Set thou an ungodly man to be ruler 24 Let mine adversaries be clothea over him, and let Satan stand at his with shame; and let them cover them. right hand.

selves with their own confusion, as with When sentence is given upon him, I a cloak. let him be condemned, and let his prayer 29 As for me, I will give great thanks be turned into sin.

| unto the Lord with my mouth. and 7 Let his days be few, and let another praise him among the multitude : take his office.

30 For he shall stand at the right hand 8 Let his children be fatherless, and his of the poor, to save his soul from unwife a widow.

righteous judges 9 Let his children be vagabonds, and beg their bread; let them seek it also out

The twenty-third Day. of desolate places.

MORNING PRAYER. 10 Let the extortioner consume all that Jie hath ; and let the stranger spoil his

Psalm 110. Dicit Dominus. labour

THE Lord said unto my Lord, Sit 11 Let there be no man to pity him, thou on my right hand, until I nor to have compassion upon his father make thine enemies thy footstool. less children

2 The Lord shall send the rod of thy 12 Let his posterity be destroyed; and power out of Sion ; be thou ruler even in the next generation let his name be in the midst among thine enerries clean put out.

3 In the day of thy power shall the peo 13 Let the wickedness of his fathers ple offer thee free-will offerings with an be had in remembrance in the sight of holy worship : the dew of thy birth is o. the Lord, and let not the sin of his! the womb of the morning mother be done away.

4 The Lord sware, and will not repent, 14 Let them alway le before the Lord, Thon art a Priest for ever after the order that he may root out the memorial of of Melchisedech them from off the earth;

5 The Lord upon thy right hand shall 15 And that, because his mind was not

wound even kings, in the day of his Lo do good; but persecuted the poor

wrath helpiess man, that he might slay him that

6 He shall judge among the heathen was vexed at the heart

he shall fill the places with the dead 16 His delight was in cursing, and it

bodies, and smite in sunder the heada shall happen unto him ; he loved not

over divers countries blessing, therefore shall it be far from 7 He shall drink of the brook in the aim.

way. therefore shall he lift up his head. 17 He clothed himself with cursing like as with a raiment, and it shall come

Psalm 11 Confitehor tile into his bowels like water, and like oil in I WILL give thanks unto the Lord to his bones.

with my whole heart. secretly among 18 Let it be unto him as the cloak that the faithful, and in the congregation. he hath upon him, and as the girdle that 2 The works of the Lord are great, he is always girded withal

sought out of all them that have pleasure 19 Let it thus happen from the Lord therein unto mine enemies, and to those that 3 His work is worthy to he praised and speak evil against my soul

| had in honour, and his righteousness en. 20 Bul deal thou with me, O Lord God, dureth for ever. according unto thy name ; for sweet is 4 The merciful and gracious Lord hath thy mercy

so dore his marvellous works, that they 21 ( deliver me, for I am helpless and ought to be had in remembrance poor, and my heart is wounded within 5 He hath given meat unto them that me,

fear him; he shall ever be mindful of his 22 I go hence like the shadow that de- covenant. parteth, and am driven away as the 6 He hath showed his people the power grasshopper

of his works, that he may give them the 23 My knees are weak through fast. l heritage of the heathen. ing: my Aesh is dried up for want of 7 The works of his hands are verity fatness

and judginent; all his commandments 24 I became also reproach unto are true. them: they that looked upon me shaked They stand fast for ever and even their heads.

and are done in truth and equity.

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