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drawn from therr about a stone's cast, gether, and led him Into their council, Ind kneeled down, and prayed, saying, saying, Art thou the Christ? Tell us. Father, if thouse willing, remove this And he said unto them, if I tell you, cup from me: nevertheless, not my ye will not believe. And if I also ask will, but thine be done. And there ap | you, ye will not answer me, nor let me peared an angel unto him from heaven, 1 go. Hereafter shall the Son of man sit strengthening him. And being in an on the right hand of the power of God. agony, he prayed more earnestly; and Then said they all, Art thou then the his sweat was as it were great drops of Son of God? And he said unto them, blood falling down to the ground And | Ye say that I am. And they said, What when he rose up from prayer, and was need we any further witness ? for we come to his disciples, he found them ourselves have heard of his own mouth. sleeping for sorrow; and said unto them, Why sleep ye? rise and pray, lest ye

Thursday before Easter enter into temptation. And while he The Epistle. 1 Corxi. 17. yet spake, behold, a multitude, and he IN thus that I declare unto you, I that was called Judas, one of the twelve, praise you not ; that you come to. went before them, and drew near unto gether not for the better, but for the Jesus to kiss him. But Jesus said unto worse For first of all, when ye come him. Judas, betrayest thou the Son of Logether in the Church, 1 hear that there man with a kiss? When they which be divisions among you and I partly were about him saw what would follow, believe it. For there must be also here they said unto him, Lord, shal' we smite sies among you, that they which are apwith the sword ? And one of them smote proved may be made manifest among the servant of the high priest, and cut you. When ye come together therefore off his right ear. And Jesus answered into one place, this is not to eat the and said, Suffer ye thus far. And he Lord's Supper. For, in eating, every touched his ear, and healed him. Then one taketh before other his own supper: Jesus said unto the chief priests and cap and one is hungry, and another is drunk. tains of the temple, and the elders which en. What, have ye not houses to eat were come to him, Be ye come ort and to drink in ? or despise ye the as against a thief, with swords and Church of God, and shame them that sta ves ? When I was daily with you in have not? What shall I say to you? the temple, ye stretched forth no hands shall I praise you in this ? I praise you against me but this is your hour, not. For I bave received of the Lord and the power of darkness. Then took that which also I delivered unto you, they him, and led him, and brought him That the Lord Jesus, the same night in into the high priest's house. And Peter which he was betrayed, took bread; followed afar off. And when they had and when he had given thanks, he brake kindled a fire in the midst of the hall, it, and said, Take, ert: this is my body, and were set down together, Peter sat which is broken for you : this to in redown among them. But a certain maid membrance of me. After the same bebeld him, as he sat by the fire, and manner also be took the cup, when he earnestly looked upon him, and said, had supped, saying, This cup is the new This man was also with him and he testament in my blood : this do ye, as denied him, saying. Woman, I know oft as ye drink it, in remembrance of him not. And after a little while an me. For as often as ye eat this bread, other saw him, and said, Thou art also and drink this cup. ye do show the of them. And Peter said, Man, I am Lord's death till he come Wherefore, not. And about the space of one hour whosoever shall eat this bread, and drink after, another confidently affirmed, say this cup of the Lord unworthily, shall ing, Of a truth, this fellow also was with be guilty of the body and blood of the him ; for he is a Galilean. And Peter Lord. But let a man examine himself, said, Man, I know not what thou say. and so let him eat of that bread, and est. And immediately, while he yet drink of that cup. For he that eateth spake, the cock crew. And the Lord and drinketh unworthily, cateth and turned, and looked upon Peter ; and Pe. drinketh damnation to himself. Do dis. ter remembered the word of the Lord, cerning the Lord's body. For this Low he had said unto lim, Before the cause many are weak and sickly among cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice. you, and many sleep. For if we would And Peter went out and wept bilterly. judge ourselves, we should not be judg. And the men that beld Jesus, mocked ed. But when we are judged, we are him, and snote him And when they chastened of the Lord, that we should had blindfolded him, they struck him on not be condemned with the world. the face, and asked him, saying, Pro Wherefore, my brethren, when ye come phesy, who is it that sinote thee? And together to eat, tarry one for another. many other things blasphemously srake And if any man hunger, let him eat at they anainst him. And, RS soon as it home that ve come not together an was day, the elders of the people, and the condeinnation. And the rest will chief orests, and the scribes, came to. I in order when I come.

The Gospel. St. Luke xxiü. 1. ed Jesus to their will. And as they led

him away, they laid hold upon one Si. THE whole multitude of them arose, mon, a Cyrenian, coming out of the

1 and led him unto Pilate. And they country, and on him they laid the cross, began to accuse him, saying, We found! that he might bear it after Jesus. And this fellow perverting the nation, and there followed him a great company o forbidding to give tribute to Cæsar, say people, and of women, who also be. ing, that he himself is Christ a king. And wailed and lamented him. But Jesus Pilate asked him, saying, Art thou the turning unto them, said, Daughters of King of the Jews ? And he answered Jerusalem weep not for me, but weep him, and said, Thou sayest it. Then for yourselves, and for your children. said Pilate to the chief priests and to the For behold, the days are coming in the people, I and no fault in this man. And which they shall say, Blessed are the they were the more fierce, saying, He barren, and the wombs thaj never lare, stirreth up the people, teaching through and the paps which never gave suck. out all Jerry, beginning from Galilee to Then shall they begin to my to the moun. this place When Pilate heard of Gali. tains, Fall on us, and to the hills, Co. lee, he asked whether the man were a ver us. For if they do these things in a Galilean. And as soon as he knew that green tree, what shall be done in the he belonged unto Herod's jurisdiction, dry ? And there were also two other, he sent him to Herod, who himself was malefactors, led with him to be part to also at Jerusalem at that time and death And when they were come to when Herod saw Jesus, he was exceed the place which is called Calvary, there ing glad for he was desirous to see they crucified him, and the malefactors; bim of a long season, because he had one on the right hand, and the other on heard many things of him; and he hoped the left. Then said Jesus, Father, for to have seen some miracle done by him. give them, for they know not what they Then he questioned with him in many do And they parted his raiment, and words; but he answered him nothing cast lots. And the people stood behold. And the chief priests and scribes stooding and the rulers also with him deriand vehemently accused him. And He. ded him, saying, He saved others; let rod with his men of war set him at him save himself, if he be Christ the nought, and mocked him, and arrayed chosen of God. And the soldiers also him in a gorgeous robe, and sent bim mocked him, coming to him, and offer again to Pilale And the same day Pi ing him vinegar, and saying, I thou be late and Herod were made friends to the King of the Jews, save thyself And gether; for before, they were at enmity a superscription also was written over between themselves. And Pilate, when him in letters of Greek, and Latini, and he had called together the chief priests, Hebrew, THIS IS THE KING OF and the rulers, and the people, said unto THE JEWS. And one of the malefac. them. Ye have brought this man unto tors, which were hanged, railed on him, me, as one chat pervertelh the people : saying. If thou be Christ, save thyself and behold, I. having examined him be and us But the other answering, re. fore you, have found no fault in this man, buked him, saying, Dost not thou fear touching those things whereof ye accuse God, seeing thou art in the same con. him. No, nor yet Herod : for I sent demnation ? And we indeed justly ; for you to him, and lo, nothing worthy of we receive the due reward of our deeds : death is done unto him, I will therefore but this man hath done nothing amiss. chastise him, and release him. (For of And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember necessity he must release one unto them me when thou comest into thy kingdom. at the feast.) And they cried out all at And Jesus said unto him. Verily, I say once, saying, Away with this man, and unto thee, To-day sha it thou be with me release unto is Barabbas : (who for a in Paradise. And it was about the sixth certain sedition made in the city, and for hour, and there was darkness over all murder, was cast into prison ) Pulate, the earth until the ninth hour and the therefore, willing to release Jesus, spake sun was darkened, and the vail of the again to them But they cried, saying, temple was rent in the midst. And Crucify bim, crucify him. And he said when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, unto them the third time, Why, what he said, Father, into thy hands I com. evil hath be done? I have found no mend my spirit and having said thus, cause of death in him: I will therefore he gave up the ghost. Now when the chastise him, and let him go. And they Centurion saw what was done, he glori. were instant with loud voices, requiring fied God, saying, Certainly this was a that he might be crucified: and the righteous man. And all the people that voices of them, and of the chief priests, came together to that sight, beholding prevailed. And Pilate gave sentence the things that were done, smote their that it should be as they required and breasts and returned. And all his ac. he released unto them him that for sedi- quaintance, and the women that followtion and murder was cast into prison, ed him from Galilee, stood alar off, whom they had desired: but he deliver beholding these things

Good Friday

Christ once for all. And every pries! The Collects.

slandeth daily ministering and offering

oftentimes the same sacrifices, which ALMIGHTY God, we beseech thee

can never take away sins But this man. H graciously to behold this thy fami

after he had offered one sacrifice for y, for which our Lord Jesus Christ was

sins, for ever sat down on the right contented to be betrayed, and given up

hand of God; from henceforth expect. into the hands of wicked men, and to

ing till his enemies be made his foot. suffer deatb upon the cross, who now

stool. For by one offering he hath perliveth and reigneth with thee and the

fecteu for ever them that are sanctified: Holy Ghost, ever one God, world with

whereof the Holy Ghost also is a witness ont end. Amen.

to us : for after that he had said before, ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, by This is the covenant that I will make A whose Spirit the whole body of the with them after those days, with the Church is governed and sanctified; re Lord; I will put my laws into their ceive our supplications and prayers, hearts, and in their minds will I write which we offer before thee for all estates them; and their sins and iniquities will of meu in thy holy Church, that every I remember no more. Now, where remember of the same, in his vocation and mission of these is, there is no more of. ministry, may truly and godly serve fering for sin. Having, therefore, breththee, through our Lord and Saviour Je ren, boldness to enter into the holiest by sus Christ. Amen

the blood of Jesus, by a new and living MERCIFUL God, who hast made

way, which he hath consecrated for us all men, and hatest nothing that

through the vail, that is to say, his flesh; thou hast .nade, nor desirest the death of

and having an high priest over the house a sinner, but rather that he should be

of God; let us draw near with a true converted and live ; have mercy upon all

heart, in full assurance of faith, having Jews. Turks, Infidels, and Heretics;

our hearts sprinkled from an evil conand take from them all ignorance, hard.

science, and our bodies washed with ness of heart, and contempt of thy word;

pure water. Let us hold fast the proand so fetch them home, blessed Lord,

lession of our faith without wavering to thy flock, that they may be saved

(for he is faithful that promised :) and among the remnant of the true Israelites,

let us consider one another to provoke and be made one fold under one Shep unto love, and to good works; not for herd, Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveih | saking the assembling of ourselves to. and reigneth with thee and the Holy

gether, as the manner of some is; but Spirit, one God, world without end.

exhorting one another and so much Amen.

the more, as ye see the day approaching. The Epistle. Heb... !

The Gospel. St. John xix. 1. THE law having a shadow of good | PILATE therefore took Jesus, and

I things to come, and not the very 1 scourged him. And the soldiers image of the things, can never, with platted a crown of thorns, and put it on those sacrifices which they offered year his head, and they put on him a purple by year continually, make the comers robe, and said, Hail, King of the Jews ! thereunto perfect For then, would And they smote him with their hands. they not have ceased to be offered ? be. Pilate therefore went forth again, and cause that the worshippers, once purged, saith unto them, Behold, I bring him should have had no more conscience of forth to you, that ye may know ihat I sins But in those sacrifices there is a find no fault in him. Then came Jesus remembrance again made of sins every forth, wearing the crown of thoms, and year. For it is not possible that the the purple robe. And Pilate saith unlo blood of bulls and of goats should take them, Behold the man. When the chief away sins. Wherefore, when he com priests therefore and officers saw him, eth into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and they cried out, saying, Crucify him, cruoffering thou wouldest not, but a body cify him. Pilate saith unto them, Take hast thou prepared me: In burnt-offer- ye him, and crucify bim ; for I find 0 ings and sacrifices for sin thou hast had fault in him. The Jews answered him, no pleasure. Then said 1, Lo, I come We have a law, and by our law he ought (in the volume of the book it is written to die, because he made himself the Son of me) to do thy will, O God. Above, I of God. When Pilate therefore heard when he said, Sacrifice, and offering. that saying, he was the more afraid ; and and burnt-offerings, and offering for sin, went again into the judgment-hall, and thou wouldest not, neither hadst pleasaith unto Jesus, Whence art thou ? But sure therein, which are offered by the Jesus gave him no answer. Then saith law; Then said he, Lo, I come to do Pilate nto him, Speakest thou not unto thy will, O God. He taketh away the me ? Knowest thou not that I have pow. first, that he may establish the second. I er to crucify thee, and have power to re. By the which will we are sanctified, lease thee? Jesus answered, Thou could. through the offering of the body of Jesus est have no power at all against me, en. cept it were given thee from above ; bowed his head, and gave up the ghost. therefore he that delivered me unto thee The Jews, therefore, because it was the hath the greater sin. And i rom thence- preparation, that the bodies should not forth Pilate sought to release in; but remain upon the cross on the sabbath the Jews cried out, saying, If thou let day. (for that sabbath-day was an high this man go, thou art not Cæsar's friend: day) besought Pilate that their legs Whosoever maketh himself a king, speak might be broken, and that they inight be eth against Cæsar. When Pilate there taken away. Then came the soldier fore heard that saying, he brought Jesus and brake the legs of the first, and of forth, and sat down in the judgment. the other which was crucified with him. seat, in a place that is called the Pave But when they came to Jesus and saw ment, but in the Hebrew, Gabbatha. that he was dead already, they brake not And it was the preparation of the pass his legs. But one of the soldiers with over, and about the sixth hour and he a spear pierced his side, and forthwith saith untn the Jews, Behold your King, came thereout blood and water. And But they cried out, Away with him, he that saw it bare record, and his re. away with him, crucify him. Pilate cord is true : and he knoweth that he mith unto thern, Shall I crucify your saith true, that ye might believe. For King ? The chief priests answered, We these things were done, that the Scrip have no king but Cæsar. Then delivered ture should be fulfilled. A bone of him he him therefore unto them to be cruci- shall not be brokenAnd again another fied: and they took Jesus, and led him Scripture saith, They shall look on him away. And he, bearing his cross, went whom they pierced. forth into a place called the place of a skull, which is called in the Hebrew Gol.

Easter-Even. gotha; where they crucified him, and

The Collect iwo others with him, on either side one, RANT, O Lord, that as we are and Jesus in the midst And Pilate

G han

baptized into the death of thy bless. wrote a title, and put it on the crossed Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, so by and the writing was, JESUS OF NA-I continual mortifying our corrupt affecZARETH, THE KING OF THE tions. we may be buried with him ; and Jews. This title then read many of that through the grave and gate of death the Jews, for the place where Jesus was we may pass to our joyful resurrection, crucified was nigh to the city; and it for his merits, who died, and was buried, was written in Hebrew, and Greek, and and rose again for us, thy Son Jesus Latin. Then said the chief priests of the Christ our Lord. Amen Jews to Pilate, Write not, The King of the Jews : but that he said, I am King The Epistle, i St. Peter iii. 17. of the Jews. Pilate answered, What I TT is better, if the will of God be so, have written, I have written. Then the

I that ye suffer for well-doing, than for soldiers, when they had crucified Jesus, evildoing. For Christ also hath once took his garmeuts, (and made four parts, sutiered for sins, the just for the unjust, to every soldier a part) and also his coat: (that he might bring us to God) being now the coat was without seam, woven put to death in the flesh, but quickened from the top throughout. They said by the Spirit: by which also he went therefore among themselves, Let us not and preached unto the spirits in prison; rend it, but cast lots for it, whose it which sometime were disobedient, when shall be that the Scripture might be once the long-suffering of God waited in fulfilled, which saith, They parted my the days of Noah, while the ark was a rainient among them, and for my ves preparing: wherein few, that is, eight ture they did cast lots. These things souls, were saved by water. The like therefore the soldiers did. Now there figure whereunto, even Baptism, doth stood by the cross of Jesus. his mo also now save us (not the putting away ther, and his mnther's sister, Mary the the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a wife of Cleophas, and Mary Magda

good conscience towards God) by the Jene. When Jesus, therefore, saw his resurrection of Jesus Christ : 'Who is mother, and the disciple standing by

gone into heaven, and is on the right whom he loved, he saith unto his mother, hand of God angels, and authorities, Woman, behold thy son, Then saith he

and powers, being made subject unto to the disciple, Behold thy mother And from that hour that disciple took her unto his own home. After this, Jesus

The Gospel. St. Matt. IIVH. 57. knowing that all things were now ac.

W HEN the even was come. there complished, that the Scripture might be V came a rich man of Arimathea, fnlfilled, maith, I thirst Now there was named Joseph, who also himself was Jeuet a vessel full of vinegar : and they sus disciple: He went to Pilate, and filled a spunge with vinegar, and put it begged the body of Jesus Then Pilate upon hyssop, and put it to his mouth. commanded the body to be delivered When Jesus, therefore, had received the And when Joseph had taken the body, vinegar, he said, It is finished and he he wrapped it in a clean linen cloth, and

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hid it in his own new tomb, which he Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. lad hewn out in the rock; and he rolled Set your affertions on things above. not a great stone to the door of the sepul. on things on the earth: For ye are dead, chre, and departed. And there was Ma. | and your life is hid with Christ in God. Ty Magdalene, and the other Mary, sit. When Christ. who is our life, shall apling over against the sepulchre. Now pear, then shall ye also appear with him the next day that followed the day of the in glory Mortify therefore your mempreparation, the chief priests and Phari. bers which are upon the earth; fornica. sees came together unto Pilate, saying, tion, uncleanness, inordinate affection, Sir, we remember that that deceiver said, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, while he was yet alive. After three days which is idolatry: for which thing's I will rise again. Command therefore sake the wrath of God cometh on the that the sepulchre be made sure until the children of disobedience. In the which third day, lest his disciples come by ye also walked sometime, when ye lived night, and steal him away, and say unto in them the people, He is risen from the dead; so the last error shall be worse than the

T'he Gospel. St. John xx first. Pilate said unto them, Ye have a

THE first day of the week cometh watch : gu your way, make it as sure as

1 Mary Magdalene early, when it you can. So they went and made the was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and sepulchre sure, sealing the stone, and seeth the stone taken away from the seselling a watch

pulchre Then she runneth and cometh

to Simon Peter, and to the other disciple Easter Day

whom Jesus loved, and saith unto them, At Morning Prayer, instead of the

They have taken away the Lord out of

the sepulchre, and we koow not where Psalm, ( come let us sing, &c.) these

they have laid him Peter thereforo Anthems shall be sung or said

went forth, and that other disciple, and CHRIST our passover is sacrificed came to the sepulchre. So they ran both for ustherefore let us keep the together and the other disciple did out.

run Peter, and came first to the sepul. Not with the old leaven, neither with chre; and he, stooping down and look. che leaven of malice and wickedness; buting in, saw the linen clothes lying, yet with the unleavened bread of sincerity went he not in. Then cometh Simon and truth Cor V 7.

Peter following him, and went into the CHRIST being raised from the dead, sepulcbre, and seeth the linen clothes

dieth no more ; death hath no more lie; and the napkin that was about his dominion over him

head not lying with the linen clothes, For in that he died, he died unto sin but wrapped together in a place by itself, once : but in that be liveth, he liveth Then went in also that other disciple unto God.

hich came first to the sepulchre. and he Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to saw, and believed. For as yet they R dead indeed unto sin ; but alive unto knew not the Scripture, that he must rise God through Jesus Christ our Lord again from the dead Then the disciples Rom. vi. 9

went away again unto their own home. CHRIST is risen from the dead, and become the first fruits of them that

Monday in Easter-Week. slept

The Collect. For since by inan came death, wy man came also the resurrection of the dead.

ALMIGHTY God, who through thine For as in Adam all die ; even so in

A only begotten Son Jesus Christ hast Christ shall all be made alive 1 Cor.

overcome death, and opened unto us the xv. 20

gate of everlasting life; we humbly be

seech thee, that as, by thy special grace The Collect

preventing us, thou dost put into our ALMIGHTY God, who through thine minds good desires ; so by thy continual

only begotten Son Jesus Christ hast help we may bring the same to good ef. over ome death, and opened unto us the feci, through Jesus Christ our Lord; gate of everlasting life: we humbly be. who liveth and reigneth with thee and Beech thee, that as, by thy special grace the Holy Ghost, ever one God, world preventing us, thou dost put into our without end Amen. minds good desires ; so Syihy continual

For the Epistle Acts :. 34. help we may bring the same io good ef fect, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who

| DETER opened his mouth, and said. liveth and reigneth with thee and the

I Of a truth I perceive that God is no Holy Ghost, ever one God, world with respecter of persons but in every na. Out end Amen.

tion he that feareth him and worketh

righteousness, is accepted with him. The The Epistle. Col. i. 1.

word which God sent unto the children TT yo then be risen with Christ, neek of Israel, preaching peace by Jesus

tiose things which are above, where Christ : (he is Lord of all :) that word,

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