Structural Drafting and the Design of Details

John Wiley and sons, Incorporated, 1920 - 352 sivua

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Sivu 10 - By definition, the radius of gyration is equal to the square root of the quotient of the moment of inertia divided by the area of the section...
Sivu 182 - The shear on a segment of a beam is the algebraic sum of all the external forces that act upon that segment. It is not a force but a sum of forces which act not at any one point but on one side of a given section plane; it is better, therefore, to speak of the shear for a section taken at a given point rather than the shear at a given section. For any section, the shear on one...
Sivu 10 - The moment of the internal forces or stresses which resist the bending moment on a beam or girder. Restrained Beam. A beam which is restrained or " fixed " at a support. Resultant or Resultant Force. The simplest single force or system of forces which can replace a system of forces and have an equivalent effect. Reversal of Stress. The change of stress from tension to compression, or vice versa. Ridge Strut. A longitudinal strut along the ridge or peak of a roof. Right. A member is so marked when...
Sivu 189 - The maximum moment under a load occurs when that load and the center of gravity of all the loads on the beam are equidistant from the center.
Sivu 7 - ... MEMBERS 321 226. THE PRINCIPLE OF LEAST WORK APPLIED TO REDUNDANT MEMBERS, . 322 THEORY AND PRACTICE IN THE DESIGNING OF MODERN FRAMED STRUCTURES PART I STRESSES IN SIMPLE STRUCTURES CHAPTER I DEFINITIONS AND HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT.:-:; SECTION I. — FORCES AND STRESSES 1. Forces. — A Force is that which tends to change the state of motion of a body. It becomes evident either as a push or a pull applied at some point of the body. Forces exerted upon a given body by another body are called...
Sivu 182 - The moment diagram may be constructed in a similar manner; one must remember that the bending moment at any section of a beam is the algebraic sum of the moments of all the external forces on either side of the section.
Sivu 11 - A small steel angle riveted to one member to support the end of a beam or girder.
Sivu 181 - Since the algebraic sum of the moments of all the forces about any point equals zero...
Sivu 189 - ... as the center of gravity of all the loads on the beam is from the other support.

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