Critical and Miscellaneous Essays: Characteristics. Goethe's portrait. Death of Goethe. Biography. Boswell's Life of Johnson. Goethe's works. Corn-law rhymes. On history again. Appendix: The tale. Novelle

Chapman and Hall, Limited, 1869

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Sivu 103 - Is not a patron, my lord, one who looks with unconcern on a man struggling for life in the water, and when he has reached ground encumbers him with help...
Sivu 102 - Seven years, My Lord, have now passed since I waited in your outward rooms or was repulsed from your door, during which time I have been pushing on my work through difficulties of which it is useless to complain, and have brought it at last to the verge of publication without one act of assistance, one word of encouragement or one smile of favour. Such treatment I did not expect, for I never had a patron before.
Sivu 116 - He then burst into such a fit of laughter, that he appeared to be almost in a convulsion ; and, in order to support himself, laid hold of one of the posts at the side of the foot pavement, and sent forth peals so loud, that in the silence of the night his voice seemed to resound from Temple-bar to Fleetditch.
Sivu 125 - I was disobedient : I refused to attend my father to Uttoxeter market. Pride was the source of that refusal, and the remembrance of it was painful. A few years ago I desired to atone for this; fault. I went to Uttoxeter in very bad weather, and stood for a considerable time bare-headed in the rain, on the spot where my father's stall used to stand. In contrition I stood, and I hope the penance was expiatory.
Sivu 103 - Having carried on my work thus far with so little obligation to any favourer of learning, I shall not be disappointed though I should conclude it, if less be possible, with less; for I have been long wakened from that dream of hope, in which I once boasted myself with so much exultation, My Lord, Your Lordship's most humble Most obedient servant, SAM. JOHNSON.
Sivu 127 - His dress was a rusty brown morning suit, a pair of old shoes by way of slippers, a little shrivelled wig sticking on the top of his head, and the sleeves of his shirt and the knees of his breeches hanging loose. A considerable crowd of people gathered round, and were not a little struck by this singular appearance.
Sivu 58 - God ; wherever there is a Man, a God also is revealed, and all that is Godlike : a whole epitome of the Infinite, with its meanings, lies enfolded in the Life of every Man.
Sivu 52 - ... indentured to live. A poetic interest still more : for precisely this same struggle of human Freewill against material Necessity, which every man's Life, by the mere circumstance that the man continues alive, will more or less victoriously exhibit, — is that which above all else, or rather inclusive of all else, calls the Sympathy of mortal hearts into action ; and whether as acted, or as represented and written of, not only is Poetry, but is the sole Poetry possible.
Sivu 44 - Goethe," mean ; to such men, among their many thoughts on the event, which are not to be translated into speech, may these few, through that imperfect medium, prove acceptable. " Death," says the Philosopher, " is a commingling of Eternity with Time ; in the death of a good man, Eternity is seen looking through Time.
Sivu 189 - In the poorest cottage are Books ; is one BOOK, wherein for several thousands of years the spirit of man has found light, and nourishment, and an interpreting response to whatever is Deepest in him...

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