The Annual Register of World Events: A Review of the Year, Nide 45

Edmund Burke
Longmans, Green, 1805
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Sivu 634 - An act to enable his majesty more effectually to provide for the defence and security of the realm during the present war...
Sivu 556 - Animated by the same spirit which pervaded the nation at large, conscious of the duties which I owed to His Majesty and the country, I seized the earliest opportunity to express my desire of undertaking the responsibility of a Military command. I neither did, nor do, presume on supposed talents as entitling me to such an appointment. I am aware I do not possess the experience of actual warfare ; at the same time I cannot regard myself as totally unqualified or deficient in Military science, since...
Sivu 627 - Duty ; and also so much of an Act passed in the Forty-second Year of the Reign of King George the Third, intituled An Act for amending the Laws relating to the Militia in England, and for augmenting the Militia...
Sivu 349 - We your majesty's most dutiful and loyal subjects, the lord mayor, aldermen, and commons, of...
Sivu 645 - Langues shall continue to subsist, after the exchange of the ratification of the present treaty, are invited to return to Malta, as soon as the exchange shall have taken place. They shall there form a general chapter, and proceed to the election of a grand master...
Sivu 733 - ... honour and the safety of his dominions, to induce the Government of France to concede to him, what is, in his judgment, absolutely necessary for the future tranquillity of Europe. His efforts in this respect have proved abortive, and he has therefore judged it necessary to order his Ambassador to leave Paris. In having recourse to this proceeding, it has been His Majesty's object to put an end to the fruitless discussions which have too long subsisted between the two Governments, and to close...
Sivu 559 - Should the implacable enemy so far succeed as to land, you will have an opportunity of showing your zeal at the head of your regiment. It will be the duty of every man to stand forward on such an occasion; and I shall certainly think it mine to set an example in defence of every thing that is dear to me and to my people.
Sivu 680 - ... and England with a fleet that made her mistress of the seas, and which he did not think he should be able to equal in less than ten years : two such countries, by a proper understanding, might govern the world, but by their strifes might overturn it.
Sivu 657 - Order held them previous to the war, and under the following stipulations : 1) The Knights of the Order, whose langues shall continue to subsist after the exchange of the ratifications of the present treaty, are invited to return to Malta, as soon as that exchange shall have taken place.
Sivu 82 - The bill was then read a second time, and ordered to be committed. The...

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