Encyclopedia of African Colonial Conflicts [2 volumes]

Timothy J. Stapleton
ABC-CLIO, 7.11.2016 - 787 sivua

This sweeping study examines the wars of colonial conquest fought in Africa during the 19th and early 20th centuries. From Britain's efforts to wrest control of the Sudan from military leader Muhammad Ahmad al-Mahdi, to Italy's decisive defeat at the Battle of Adowa in Ethiopia, to Leopold II's brutal reign over the Belgian Congo, the work surveys the devastation reaped upon the continent by colonization and illustrates how its combative influence continues to resonate in Africa today.

Written by scholars in the fields of history and politics, this complete reference includes entries on wars, campaigns, rebellions, battles, leaders, and organizations. The work delves into key historical periods including the "Scramble for Africa" (ca.1880 to 1910); early European colonial wars in Africa, such as the Dutch in the Cape and the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique; and African rebellions against the early colonial state in the 1890s and early 1900s. Entries feature prominent events and personalities as well as lesser-known occurrences and players.


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Encyclopedia of African Colonial Conflicts

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Stapleton's (history, Univ. of Calgary; Warfare and Tracking in Africa 1952–1990) intent with this set of encyclopedias is to provide "basic information on the many wars of colonial conquest fought by ... Lue koko arvostelu


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Timothy J. Stapleton is professor of history at the University of Calgary.

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