Miscellaneous poems

Archibald Constable and Company Edinburgh; White, Cochrane, and Company and Gale, Curtis, and Fenner, London; and John Cumming, Dublin., 1814
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Sivu 335 - Here shift the scene, to represent How those I love my death lament. Poor Pope will grieve a month, and Gay A week, and Arbuthnot a day. St. John himself will scarce forbear To bite his pen and drop a tear. The rest will give a shrug, and cry, " I'm sorry — but we all must die...
Sivu 338 - Without regarding private ends, Spent all his credit for his friends ; And only chose the wise and good ; No flatterers ; no allies in blood : But succour'd virtue in distress, And seldom fail'd of good success ; As numbers in their hearts must own, Who, but for him, had been unknown.
Sivu 299 - As jEsop would the world persuade ; He better understands his trade : Nor comes whene'er his lady whistles, But carries loads, and feeds on thistles. Our author's meaning, I presume, is A creature bipes et implumis ; Wherein the moralist design'd A compliment on human kind ; For here he owns, that now and then Beasts may degenerate into men.
Sivu 339 - LIBERTY was all his cry; for her he stood prepar'd to die; for her he boldly stood alone; for her he oft" expos'd his own. Two kingdoms, just as faction led, had set a price upon his head ; but not a traitor could be found, to sell him for six hundred pound. Had he...
Sivu 331 - Behold the fatal day arrive! How is the Dean? He's just alive. Now the departing prayer is read: He hardly breathes. The Dean is dead.
Sivu 470 - As fine as daubers' hands can make it, In hopes that strangers may mistake it, We think it both a shame and sin To quit the true old Angel Inn.
Sivu 54 - Dame, said I, as loud as I could bawl, do you know what a Loss I have had? Nay, said she, my Lord Col/way's Folks are all very sad; For my Lord Dromedary comes a Tuesday without fail; Pugh! said I, but that's not the Business that I ail.
Sivu 84 - No hurt shall come to you or yours : Uut for that pack of churlish boors, Not fit to live on Christian ground, They and their houses shall be drown'd; While you shall see your cottage rise, And grow a church before your eyes.
Sivu 88 - what's this you tell us? I hope you don't believe me jealous! But yet, methinks, I feel it true, And really yours is budding too — Nay, — now I cannot stir my foot; It feels as if 'twere taking root.
Sivu 297 - Though hard to find in every case The fittest man to fill a place: His promises he ne'er forgot, But took memorials on the spot; His enemies, for want of charity, Said, he affected popularity: 'Tis true, the people understood, That all he did was for their good; Their kind affections he has tried; No love is lost on either side.

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