Harper's Magazine, Nide 118

Henry Mills Alden, Frederick Lewis Allen, Lee Foster Hartman, Thomas Bucklin Wells
Harper's Magazine Company, 1909

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Sivu 612 - Farewell, a long farewell, to all my greatness ! This is the state of man ; to-day he puts forth The tender leaves of hope, to-morrow blossoms, And bears his blushing honours thick upon him : The third day comes a frost, a killing frost ; And,— when he thinks, good easy man, full surely His greatness is a ripening, — nips his root, And then he falls, as I do.
Sivu 349 - If you have writ your annals true, 'tis there, That, like an eagle in a dove-cote, I Flutter'd your Volscians in Corioli : Alone I did it. Boy ! Auf.
Sivu 753 - Hark, hark ! the lark at heaven's gate sings. And Phoebus gins arise, His steeds to water at those springs On chalic'd flowers that lies ; And winking Mary-buds begin To ope their golden eyes : With every thing that pretty is, My lady sweet arise ; Arise, arise ! Clo.
Sivu 488 - She is weary of dance and play." Now half to the setting moon are gone, And half to the rising day ; Low on the sand and loud on the stone The last wheel echoes away.
Sivu 770 - With more than the courage and devotion of the soldier he risked and lost his life to show how a fearful pestilence is communicated, and how its ravages may be prevented.
Sivu 753 - Hark! hark! the lark at heaven's gate sings, And Phoebus 'gins arise, His steeds to water at those springs On chaliced flowers that lies; And winking Mary-buds begin To ope their golden eyes; With everything that pretty bin : My lady sweet, arise! Arise! arise!
Sivu 558 - Take heed therefore how ye hear: for whosoever hath, to him shall be given ; and whosoever hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he seemeth to have.
Sivu 612 - Heat not a furnace for your foe so hot That it do singe yourself: we may outrun By violent swiftness that which we run at, And lose by over-running.
Sivu 269 - I know exactly what I'm saying; and I mean exactly what I say. There have been days when I've suspected that she's pinching in the essentials of meat and drink." "But she has pupils." "She has two; but they must pay her very little. It's dreadful for people who have as much as we to have to look on at the tragedy of others going hungry — " "Good Lord! Don't pile it on." Striding to a window, he stood with his back to her, staring out. "I'm not piling it on, Derek. I wish I were." "Well, can't we...
Sivu 771 - HAVE DONE. Nothing but to stand in the way of progress. Not a single human life has been saved by their efforts ; not a single household made happy. Not a single disease has had its ravages abated or abolished. The victims of their sincere but misguided zeal are men, women, and little children. Even the lower animals may well cry, "Save us from our friends.

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