The Works of the Most Reverend Father in God, William Laud, D.D. Sometime Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Nide 6,Numero 2


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Sivu 398 - (he writes in another place), " I see you deciphered it well " (they frequently corresponded in cipher), " and I see you make use of it too; do so still, thorough and thorough. Oh that I were where I might go so too ! but I am shackled between delays and uncertainties; you have a great deal of honor here for your proceedings ; go on a God's name.
Sivu 517 - Prebendaries ; and also to pass all the premises under the style and title of the Dean and Chapter of the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster...
Sivu 395 - I leave you to the Grace of God, and rest. — Your Lordship's very loving Friend and Brother, W. CANT. LAMBETH, April 20, 1636. B. Mr Hill Burton's Collation of the Lambeth Copy. In the Advocates' Library, Edinburgh, is an English Book of Common Prayer into which the late Mr Hill Burton transcribed this collation.
Sivu 390 - But I hope they will all deal fairly and conscionably with you. Thus recommending to you in this the care both of yourself and successors, I leave you to the grace of God, and rest Your lordship's very loving friend and brother, Croydon, August 16.
Sivu 369 - I leave you to the grace of God, and rest, Your lordship's very loving friend and brother, Croyden, October 4, 1C34.
Sivu 460 - So I leave you to the grace of God, and rest, " Your Lordship's loving Freind and Brother, "W. CANT.
Sivu 350 - And among other benefits I doubt not but the very naming you to this place will make them at Oxford look well to your son. So in great haste I leave you to the grace of God, and rest Your very loving Friend, GUIL.
Sivu 373 - I pray what means this Johnnism of yours, ' till the rights of the Pastors be a little more settled ' 1 You learnt this from old Alvye or Billy Nelson ; for where, I pray, in all the ancient Fathers do you find Pastor applied to any but a Bishop } Well, I see the errors of your breeding will stick by you : Pastors and elders and all will come in if I let you alone.
Sivu 520 - One thing more I must tell you, that though I did you this favour, to make stay of the hearing till your return, yet for the business itself, I can show you none ; partly because I am a great hater of depopulations in any kind, as being one of the greatest mischiefs in this kingdom, and of very ill example from a College, or college tenant ; and partly because it concerns me very deeply in the particular of my archbishopric.
Sivu 342 - Our servant Patrick Young, keeper of Our library, hath lately, with great industry and care, published in print an Epistle of Clemens Romanus in...

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