Sivut kuvina

$237,626.10; total disbursements during same period, $196,381.76; balance in treasury, Sept. 30, 1894, $148,335.16. The balances in all appropriations, Sept. 30, 1893, amounted to $174,178.87; there was expended during the year $102,097.91; and there remained a balance, Sept. 30, 1894, of $72,080.96.

The following memorandum is made of the receipts and expenditures on account of the Capitol building at Cheyenne for the two years ending Sept. 30, 1894. The total receipts were $15,901.93; total expenditures, $12,655.35, being an annual expenditure of $6,332.67.

The expense of the construction of public building for the past ten years was $546,567; of this amount $50,724.31 was expended in 1894, and $3,987.39 in 1893.

The report of the certificates of indebtedness outstanding shows: Certificates outstanding Sept. 30, 1893, $8,555.68; issued during the fiscal year, $10,085.57; paid and canceled during the fiscal year, $12,514.42; outstanding Sept. 30, 1894, $6,126.43.

Valuation. In 1893 the total assessed valuation of taxable property was $32,356,801, and in 1894 it was $29,198,041.20.

It is estimated that the actual value of property will approximate $100,000,000.

way. The State does not permit the selling of any State land at less than $10 an acre. The cash statement as to the land income of the various funds gives the following totals: Balances, Sept. 30, 1892, $21,868.69; received to Sept. 30, 1894, $35,344.21; balances, Sept. 30, 1894, $57,212.30.

Education. The Superintendent of Public Instruction, in his report for the two years ending Sept. 30, 1894, gives the total number of enrolled pupils during the past year as 10,310, and the amount expended as $215,479.61. In 1893 there were enrolled 9,933 pupils and 424 teachers. There was expended for buildings at the close of 1893 a total of $380,073.86, on which there is a bonded indebtedness of $192,707.58. In the Common-school-land Income fund there is now $24,702.63.

The balance to the credit of the agricultural department of the State University, Nov. 1, 1894, was $18,213.84. The amount expended during four years on the experimental farms of the State has been $38,932.22, divided as follows: Laramie, $6,782.22; Lander, $7,050 ; Saratoga, $4,600; Sheridan, $7,000; Sundance, $6,650; and Wheatland, $6,850. In addition to this, there was spent $25,561.45 for salaries of scientific workers, apparatus, printing materials, and incidentals, making the total expenditures for four years $64,493.

The Constitution provides that the tax levy for State purposes shall not exceed 4 mills on the dollar, except for the support of State insti- The report of the treasurer of the university tutions, the payment of the State debt and in- as to the amount received under act of Conterest thereon. For county revenue the tax is gress gives the following figures: Available for limited to 12 mills for all purposes, including year ending June 30, 1894, $22.253.62; disbursepayment of public debt. An additional tax ments for instruction in agriculture, mechanic of $2 is levied for schools on all persons be- arts, English language, mathematical science, tween twenty-one and fifty years of age. All physical science, and economic science, $20,incorporated cities or towns are limited to 8 478.89; balance, July 1, 1894, $1,774.73. The mills on the dollar. Several counties have made State gave to the university during the year their tax rate greater than is allowed. The $3,797.08. The statement of the AgriculturalState tax for 1894 was levied at the rate of 5.85 experiment fund for the year ending June 30, mills, or 584 cents on $100. It amounted to $170,- 1894, gives as the amount of cash expended 808.54. In 1893 the State tax levy was at the rate $15.263.27; of which $15,000 was received from of 66 mills. The total average levy of 26 mills the United States, and $263.27 from the sale of in 1893 produced a revenue of $851,276.82. Nine crops from farms. counties are in arrears for taxes to the total amount of $13,826.26.

Banks. An abstract of the statement of the condition of the 3 State and 4 private banks, Sept. 29, 1894, shows their resources as $764,597.40. The individual deposits were $237,658.53; loans and discounts, $536,199.08.

Live Stock. The number of horses is estimated, for 1894, at 71,283; mules and asses, 1,532; sheep and goats, 881,695; cattle, 334,724, at an average value of $10.33 per head. It is probable that the number of cattle assessed does not represent, by a large fraction, the actual number in Wyoming. The live-stock industry represents more than one quarter of the entire wealth of the State.

State Lands.-The biennial report of the Board of Land Commissioners states that grants of the land given to Wyoming by the General Government aggregating 4,042,01134 acres have been made to the various State institutions. Of this amount, 3,657,630:01 acres have been select ed, and 241,638 73 acres have been certified by the General Land Office. The number of acres leased is 303,946-62, 770 acres have been sold, and 2,478 acres have been deeded for right of

Charities.—For the State Hospital for the Insane, at Evanston, an expenditure of $10,812.06 was made during the year. The daily per capita cost of maintaining the patients was 66-28 cents, 20 per cent. less than in 1892. There was an average attendance of 45 patients, the whole number under treatment being 61. The hospital has accommodations for 100.


The Legislature of 1891 passed an act providing for the establishment of a hospital for minBy popular vote this hospital was located at Rock Springs, and in 1893 the Legislature appropriated $25,000 for its construction. It was opened Oct. 1, 1894. The building is of stone, 35 by 78 feet; the two wings, 45 by 54, are not completed. The total amount expended is $24.267.58, and it is estimated that $10,900 will be needed to complete the building, and $15,900 to maintain it for two years. The hospital is partly self-sustaining, as all miners who can afford to do so pay $6 a week, and other persons who are able $10 a week. A levy of one quarter of a mill, equivalent to $7,000, was made for the maintenance of the hospital for 1894. A donation of 30,000 acres of land has also been made to this institution.

The census of 1890 reports the number of deaf and dumb in Wyoming as 16, and the number of blind as 7. The State Asylum at Cheyenne for the care of these unfortunates is not in operation, and only 2 of them take advantage of the statutory provision for their maintenance and education. These are maintained at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Dumb and Blind, at an annual expense of $250 per capita. The juvenile delinquents of the State are sent to industrial schools in Colorado, where, during 1894, 5 boys were maintained at a cost of $3.60 each a week, and 2 girls at a cost of $3.50.

The State poor farm, in Frémont County, has been abandoned, there being no permanent class of paupers in Wyoming. The county hospital at Cheyenne and several private hospitals are the only places where the poor are cared for at the expense of the counties.

Laramie Penitentiary.-This prison was given by the General Government to Wyoming on its admission as a State. It has a capacity for 150 convicts, and over $100,000 has been expended on its construction and repair. During 1894 106 prisoners were confined at Laramie, and 7 at the Illinois State Penitentiary, under a contract made before Wyoming owned a prison. The State Board of Charities entered into a contract in 1891, for fifteen years, that all prisoners of the State should be kept in Wyoming penitentiaries at 45 cents a day, or 50 cents when the number is less than 100. Under this arrangement all convicts are now sent to Laramie. The total amount expended on the Rawlins penitentiary has been $56,875.35, but the prison is far from complete.

Corporations.-The Secretary of State reports that the number of instruments relating to corporations filed since the admission of Wyoming as a State has been 744. The number of corporations created under State laws during the same period was 347, of which 304 are for business and profit, and 43 are religious, fraternal, or educational.

Insurance. The report of the Auditor as ex-officio Insurance Commissioner shows that $6,000,000 of life insurance is carried by citizens of the State, on which an annual premium of $133,000 is paid, while $3,000,000 is carried in the assessment companies. The 47 fire insurance

companies represented in Wyoming wrote insurance in 1893 to the amount of $6,500,000, in which $128,000 were paid as premiums. Losses amounting to $72,632 were incurred, and losses to the amount of $59,000 were paid.

Fish Hatchery.—The appropriation of $7,400 made by the last Legislative Assembly has enabled the Fish Commissioner during the past two years to conduct the operations of the hatchery and enlarge the buildings. Over 1,000,000 fish have been distributed during this period throughout the streams and lakes.

Mining. The mineral resources, with the exception of coal, can hardly be said to have been developed. The total production of coal in short tons during the year was 2,202,000 tons, having a market value of over $3,060,978, and the number of miners employed was 3,458.

Census Statistics.-The statistics of manufactures in Wyoming, as given in the Census Bureau reports dated Feb. 20, 1894, give the number of establishments as 190; value of land, $146,369; buildings, $209,721; machinery, etc.. $455,748; live assets, $599,346; average number of employees. $1,144; total wages, $878,646; cost of materials used, $1,084,432; value of products. including receipts from custom work and repairing, $2,367,601.

Political.-At the November election the entire Republican ticket was successful. The Republican candidate for Governor, W. A. Richards. received a majority of 1,008 votes over the combined votes for his two competitors-Holliday. Democrat, and Tidball, Populist. The new Legislature stands: Senate-Republicans 14, Democrats 4; House-Republicans 34, Democrats 2. Populists 1. Miss Estelle Reel was elected to the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction, which makes her, ex-officio, a member of the State Board of Charities and Reform. and of the State Board of Land Commissioners. For the past four years Miss Reel has been Superintendent of Schools in Laramie County. In Wyoming there are 367 teachers, 300 of whom are women, and 12 county superintendents, 11 of whom are women.

Owing to the failure of the second State Legislature to elect a successor to Senator Francis E. Warren, Wyoming has been represented by but one Senator since March 4, 1893.



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Ali-el-Din Pasha, x, 318.
Alikhanoff, Lieut.-Col., x, 5, 7, 8,
9; sketch, 19.

Alima River, discovery of, iv, 401.
Alimentary canal, viii, 750.
Alimonda, G., obit., xvi, 663.
Alison, Sir A., in Egypt, and por-
trait, vii, 251.

Alkali Desert, the, iv, 340.
Alkali metals, processes for redue-
tion of, xi, 536.
Alkalimetry, indicators for, x, 154.

Alkaline springs, x, 595.
Alkaloid, volatile, iv, 137; vege-
table, v, 89; of pituric, vi, 98; a
new, xi, 140.
Allain-Targé, x, 376.
Allaire, James, xii, 716.
Allard, Gen. N., obit., ii, 591.
Allcock. Thomas, obit., xvi, 603.
Allegheny City, Pa., xi, 159; wa-
ter, xix, 773.

Allen, A. H., experiments, vi, 94;

X, 161.

Allen, G. A., obit.. iii, 631.
Allen, Horatio, sketch, xiv, 616.
Allen, J. B., nominated, xiii, 838.
Allen, J. H., obit., xv, 631.
Allen, Jerome, obit.. xix, 560.
Allen, Lewis, ix, 146.
Allen, Lieut. H. J., x, 399.
Allen, Nathan, sketch, xiv, 616.
Allen, Robert, obit., xi, 662.
Allen, W. A., obit., vii, 635.
Allen, W. H. H., obit., xviii, 538.
Allen, William, sketch, iv, 27; jur-
ist, obit., xvi, 603.
Allen, William, philanthropist,
obit., xvi, 603.

Allen, William F., obit., iii, 631.
Allen, W. Fernley, obit., ii, 592.
Allentown, xii, 118.

Allezeit Voran, Prince, x, 382.
Alliance, Churchman's, xiv, 13.
Alliance electrical machine, iii, 275.
Alliance expedition, vi, 323, 324.
Allibone, S. Austin, obit. and por-
trait, xiv, 616.

Alligator, illustration, i, 296.
Allingham, W., sketch, xiv. 654.
Allon, Henry, obit., xvii, 584.
Alloys. See Metallurgy.
Alluard, invention by, iii, 545.
Allyn, Robert, obit., xix, 561.
Almaden company case, ix, 626.
Alma-Tadema, x, 359, 364; xi, 345;
xii, 276, 277.

Almshouse, Tewksbury, viii, 517.
Almucantar, the, x, 45; xii, 35.
Alpaneca, battle at, x, 467.
Alpena, Mich., xvi, 146.
Alpine Mountain Club, the, ix, 538;
view of cabin, xix, 735.
Alps, Tunnels, vii, 11; map, 12.
Alsace-Lorraine, map, i, 345; pow-
ers of Parliament, ii, 349; final
regulation of government, iv, 488;
incident, v, 208; government of,
vii, 359; language question, viii,
397; ix, 340, 359; x, 380.
Alsina, Adolfo, sketch, i, 21.
Altar Mountain, ix, 542.
Altar, Roman, xvi, 16.
Altitudes, vi, 332.
Altoona, Pa., xvii, 101.
Aluminum, wear of, ii, 500; atomic
weight, vi, 93; production, vii,
531; manufacture, viii, 524; ix,
123, 476; boride of, xi, 140; re-
duction of, xi, 535; xii, 482; al-
loys, 481; plating and welding,
483; bronze, 483; steel, 483; red
color of, 109; xiii, 524; xiv, 540;
xv, 528; xvi, 509; xvii, 442;
xviii, 482; xix, 467.
Alveloz, x, 298.

Alvensleben, Gen., obit., ii, 592.
Alvord, H. E., xi, 47.
Alzog, J. B., obit., iii, 649.
Amadeo, sketch and portrait, xv. 6.
Amalie, ex-Queen, obit., ii, 592.
Amaria, Michele, sketch, xiv, 654.
Amaryllis, the, catamaran, ix, 116.

Amat di San Filippo e Surso, Card-

inal, sketch, iii, 11.
Amat, Thaddeus, obit., iii, 631.
Amatongaland, xii, 93.

Amaxebes, tribe of the, x, 136.
Amazon, survey of the, iii, 365, 589;
explorations near, iii, 365.
Amazons, raids of, xvii, 221.
Amber, in Canada, xviii, 267.
Amberly, Viscount, obit., i, 627.
Ambros, A. W., sketch, i, 21.
Ambukol, capture of, ix, 299.
Amenemhe, King, ix, 19, 21.
Am Ende, Max, x, 329.
Amenhotep III, x, 32.
Amenophis, x, 32.
America, i, 22; ii, 15; iii, 12; iv,
28; v, 15. See under names of
the various countries; geographi-
cal progress and discovery in,
xix, 301.

America, the yacht, x, 788.
American Board, x, 194.
American Conference, Internation-
al, xiv, 440.

Américan country-seats, architec-
ture of, xii, 861; illustrations,
362, 363, 364, 366, 367, 369, 370.
American Literature. Sec Litera-


American Party, organized in Penn-
sylvania, xii, 659.

American protectorate, in Hawaii,
xviii, 380.

American Water-Color Society ex-
hibitions, etc. See under Fine
Americanists, Congress of, xiv, 18.
Americans expelled from Germany,

X, 419.

Amerman, John, Jr., obit., i, 611.
Ames, Adelbert, i, 561.
Ames, E. R., sketch, iv, 29.
Ames, F. L., obit.. xviii, 538.
Ames, J., Jr., obit., iii, 631.
Ames, Oliver, obit., ii, 574.
Ames, Sarah Etta, obit., xix, 561.
Amici, Prof., ix, 90.

Amidon, experiments, viii, 99.
Aminof, explorations by, iii, 359.
Aminulla Khan, x, 7.
Ammen, Jacob, obit., xix, 561.
Ammonia, in saliva, vi, 100; in pot-
able waters, vii, 91.
Amnesty, bill in Congress, i, 182-
193; to Cubans, ii, 700; for press
offenses, iii, 343, 344; in France,
iv, 389; v, 284; return of exiles,
v. 285.

Amos, Sheldon, obit., xi, 708.
Amphiaraus, temple of, xi, 34.
Ampthill, O. R., obit., ix, 614.
Amr-el-Makasef, revolt, viii, 299.
Amsterdam fair, viii, 824; riots in,
xi, 607. Exhibition. See Fine

Amsterdam, N. Y., xii, 119.
Amu-darja river, the, xii, 307.
Amusements, General Assembly
on, v, 630.
Amylene, xii, 678.

Anaconda, illustration, i, 78.
Anaesthetic, a new local, ix, 271.
Anesthetics, xiii, 752.
Analytic chemistry, viii, 117.
Anam, ix, 337; x, 24; map, i, 109;
royal treasures in, x, 30; mili-
tary campaign in, x, 24, 30; mas-
sacre of Christians in, x, 31; new
king, x, 31; protectorate over, xi,
378; xii, 298. See Tonquin.

Anarchists, x, 418; xi, 12; exe-
cutions of, in Austria, ix, 67;
French, ix, 344; x, 379; xix, 289;
Niederwald, plot of, ix, 358; ex-
pelled from Switzerland, 754; X,
746; trials in Austria, xii, 52; in
Illinois, xii, 377; act to punish,
xii, 374; xvii, 287; in Belgium,
xvii, 61: trial of, xiv, 77; in
France, xviii, 328; pardoned in
Illinois, xviii, 398; in Spain, xix,

Ancient history, earliest date estab-
lished in, ix, 18.

Andaman Islands, xvi, 344; xvii,

Anderledy, A., obit., xvii, 384.
Anderson, A. A., explorer, iv, 404.
Anderson, Ind., xv, 118.
Anderson, J. A., obit., xvii, 581.
Anderson, J. R., obit., xvii, 532.
Anderson, Larz, obit., iii, 631.
Anderson, Louise, obit., ii, 574.
Anderson, L. W., obit., xii, 568.
Anderson, M. B., obit. and port.,
XV, 631.

Anderson, R. II., obit., iv, 692.
Anderson, Sir John, obit., xi, 708.
Andersonville prison, i, 164-192.
Andes, the, explorations in, vi, 330:
ix, 540-543; new pass over, viii.
123, 384.
Andkhoi, x, 2, 8.

Andlau, Gaston J. H. d', obit..
xix, 609.

Andlaw, Comte d', xii, 294.
Andlaw, F. X. von, obit., i, 627.
Andorra, ix, 345.

Andouin, Victor, ix, 273; x, 304.
Andover Cases, the, xi, 206; xii,


Andrae, C. C., obit., xviii, 576.
Andral, Gabriel, sketch, i, 22; in-
vestigations by, viii, 60.
Andrassy, Count, policy of, i, 387,
388, 710, 760; ii, 55, 57, 381; iii,
43, 44; resignation of, iv, 67;
and Bismarck, iv, 67; sketch and
portrait, xv, 7.

Andrassy, Countess, obit., i, 628.
Andrews, invention by, vi, 258.
Andrews, Judson B., obit., xix,


Andrews, Justin, obit., xix, 561.
Andrews, S. Pearl, obit., xi, 662.
Andromeda, new star in, x, 53.
Anethan, Baron, obit., xv, 672.
Angel, Benjamin F., obit., xix, 561.
Angela, Mother, obit., xi, 790.
Angelin, N. P., obit., i, 628.
Angelis, Cardinal, obit., ii, 592.
Angle, James L., obit., xvi, 604.
Anglican Churches, in every vol-
ume; resolution in regard to
Christian unity, i, 22; iv, 35; to
the Athanasian creed, 23, 26; ii,
18; iv, 31; Society of the Holy
Cross, ii, 21; missions in Cey-
lon, ii, 24; iii. 13; communica-
tion with the P. E. Church in
the United States, ii, 27; con-
troversy concerning cemeteries,
i, 25; iii, 13; new rubric, iv, 31:
mistakes in history, 31; case of
Rev. S. F. Green, vi, 13; vii, 14;
viii, 7; marriage regulations, x,
20; free seats in churches, 23;
Congress of, x, 23; church re-
form, xi, 20, 21.
Anglican ritualistic controversy, i.
25; ii, 21; iii, 15; iv, 32, 34; vi,

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