Sivut kuvina

From scepter'd kings, in long descent deriv'd, (Sweet solitude !) where warbling birds provoke Thou, Anna, ruleft : prudent to promote

The Glene Muse, delicious rural feat Thy people's ease at homc, nor studious less Of St. John, English Memmius, I presumid Of Europe's good; to thee, of kingly right, To fing Britannic trophies, inexpert Sole arbitrefs, declining thrones, and powers Of war, with mcan attempt; while he intent Sue for relief; thou bid'nt thy Churchill go, (So Anna's will ordains) to expedite Succour the injur'd realms, defeat the hopes His military charge, no leisure finds Of haughry Louis, unconfin'd; he goes

To string his charming Mell: but when returt'd OBsequious, and the dread command fulfils, Consummate Peace Thall rear her cheerful bead; In one great day. Again thou giv's in charge Then shall his Churchill, in sublimer verse, To Rooke, that he should let that monarch know, For ever triumph; latest times shall learn The empire of the occan wide diffus'd

From such a Chief to fight, and Bard to fing, Is thine; behold! with winged speed hc rides Undaunted o'er the labouring main t'assert Thy liquid kingdoms; at his near approach The Gallic pavies impotent to bear His volly'd thunder, corn, dissever'd, scud,

O DE And bless the friendly interposing night.

Hail, mighty Queen! reserv'd by Fate to grace AD HENRICUM ST. JOHN, ARMIG. 1706. The new-born age : what hopes may we conceive Of future years, when co thy early reign

O qui recisæ finibus Indicis Neptune submits his trident, and thy arms Benignus herbæ, das mihi divitem Already have prevail'd co th'utmoft bound

Haurire succum, et sauveolentes
Hesperian, Calpe, by Alcides fixt,

Sæpe tubis itcrarc fumos;
Mountain sublime, that casts a Made of length
Immeasurable, and rules the inland waves ! Qui solus acri respicis asperuin
Let others, with insatiate thirst of rule,

Siti palatum, proluis et mero,
Invade their neighbours lands, neglect the ties

Dulcem olaborant cui faporem
Of leagues and oaths; this thy peculiar praise

Hefperii pretiumque, foles :
Be still, to study right, and quell ehe force
Of kings perfidious; let thein learn from thee

Ecquid reponam muneris omnium
That neither strength, nor policy refin'd,

Exors bonorum ? prome reconditum,
Shall with success be crown'd, where justice fails. Piniplæa, carmen, defidélque
Thou, with thy own content, not for thyself,

Ad numeros, age, cende chordas.
Sübduest regions, generous to raise
The suppliant knee, and curb the rebel neck. Ferri secunda mens avec impetu,
The German boasts thy conquests, and enjoys Quà cygniformes per liquidum æthera,
The great advantage; nought to thee sedounds Te, diva, vim præbente, vates
But satisfaction from thy conscious mind,

Explicuit veoulinus alas :
Auspicious Queen! Since in thy realms, secure
Of peace thou reign'it, and victory attends Solers modorum, seu puerum trucem,
Thy distant enfigns, with compaflion view

Cum matre flavâ, feu caneret rolas
Europe embroil'd; still thou (for thou alone

Et vina, cyrrhæies Hetrufcum
Sufficient art) the jarring kingdoms ire,

Rite beans equitem sub antris.
Reciprocally ruinous; say who
Shall wield th' Hesperian, who the Polish (word, At oon Lyæi vis generosior
By thy decrce ? the trenbling laods fhall hear Affluxit illi; læpe licet cadum
Thy voice, obedient, left thy scourge should bruise Jadet Falernum, sæpe Chia
Their stubborn necks, and Churchill, in his wrath, Munera, lætitiamquc celta.
Make them remember Blenheim with regret.

Thus shall the nations, aw'd to peace, excol Patronus illi non fuit artium
Thy power, and justice : Jealousies and Fears, Celebriorum ; sed nec amantior
And Hate infernal banilh'd, shall retire

Nec charks æquè. O! quæ medallas
To Mauritania, or the Badrian coasts,

Flanıma subit, tacitolque fenius!
On Tartary, engendering discords fell
Amongst the enemies of truth; while arts

Pertentat, ut téque et tua munera
Pacific, and inviolable love,

Gratus recordor, mercurialium Flourith in Europe. Hail, Saturnian days

Princeps virorum ! et ipse Musa
Returning: in perpetual tenor run

Cultor, et usque colende Mukts !
Delectable, and shed your influence sweet
Ou virtuous Anna's head: ye happy days, Sed me minantem grandia deficit
By her restor'd, her jult designs complete, Receprus ægrè fpiritus, ilia
And, mildly on her thining, bless the world!

Dum puisac ima, ac inquietum
Thus, from the noisy world cxempt, with cafe Taffius ageas fine more pe&us.
And plenty blest, amid the mazy groves,

# He was then Secretary oi Wasa

Alte petito quaffat anhelicu ;
Funela planè, ni mihi balsamum

Dintillet in venas, tuæque
Lenis opem ferat baustus uvæ.

The Muse invoking eri endue
With strength his pinions, as he flew.
Whether he fings great Beauty's praise,

Love's gentle pain, or tender woes;
Or choose, the subject of his Jays,

The blushing grape, or blooming rose: Or near cool Cyrrha's rocky springs Mæcenas liftens while he fings.

Hanc sumo, parcis et tibi poculis
Libo salutem ; quin precor, optima

Ut ufyue conjux sospitetur,

Perpetuo recreans amore.
Te consulentem militiæ super
Rebus togatum. Macte ! tori decus,

Formosa cui Francisca cessit,
Crine placens, niveoque collo!

Quam Gratiarum cura decentium
O! O! labellis cui Venus infidet!

Tu forte felix: me Maria
Macerat (ah miserum!) videndo :

Yet he no nobler draught could boaft,

His Muse or music en inspire, Though all Falernum's purple coast

Flow'd in each glass, to lend him fire; And oti his tables us'd to smile The vintage of rich Chio's ille. Mæcenas deign'd to hear his songs,

His Mufe extolld, his voice approv'd: To thee a fairer fame belongs,

At once more pleasing, more belov’d. Oh! teach my heart to bound its flame, As I record thy love and same.

Maria, quæ me lidereo tuens
Obliqua voltu per medium jecur

Trajecit, atque excuflit omnes

Protinus ex animo puellas. Hanc ulla mentis spe mihi mutuz Uccunque decit, node, die vigil

Suspiro; nec jam vina somnos
Nec revocant, tua dona, fumi.


TO HENRY ST. JOHN, ESQ. 1706". O thou, from India's fruitful foil,

That doft that sovereign herbt prepare, In whose rich fumes I lose the toil

Of lifc, and every anxious care : While from the fragrant lighted bowl I suck new life into my soul.

Teach me the passion to restrain,

As I my grateful homage bring; And last in Phæbus' humble train,

The first and brightest genius fing; The Muses favourite pleas'd to live, Paying them back the fame they give. But oh! as greatly I aspire

To cell my love, to speak thy praise, Boasting no more its sprightly fire,

My bosom heaves, my voice decays; With pain I touch the mournful strings And pant and languish as I sing. Faint Nature now demands that breath,

That seebly strives thy worth to fing! And would be hush'd, and loft in death,

Did not thy care kind succours bring! Thy pitying casks my soul fustain, And call new life in every vein. The fober glass I now behold,

Thy health, with fair Francisca's join, Wishing her checks may long unfold

Such beauties, and be ever thine; No chance the tender joy remove, While she can please, and thou can t love,

Thou, only thou ! art kind to view

The parching flames that I sustain ; Which with cool draughts thy casks subdue,

And wash away the thirsty pain With wines, whose strength and taste we prize, From Latian suns and nearer skics.

O! say, to bless thy pious love,

What vows, what offerings, shall I bring? Since I can spare, and thou approve

No other gift, О hear me ling!
In numbers Phæbus does inspire,
Who strings for thee the charming lyre.

Aloft, above the liquid sky,

I ftretch my wing, and fain would go Where Rome's sweet swain did whilomi Ay;

And foaring, left the clouds below;

Thus while by you the British arms

Triumphs and distant famc pursue ; The yielding Fair resigns her charms,

And gives you leave to conquer too; Her snowy neck, her brcaft, her eyes, And all the nymph becomes your prize. What comely grace, what beauty smiles!

Upon her lips what sweetness dwells ! Noc love himself so oft beguiles,

Nor Venus self fo mach excels. What different fates our paffions share; While you enjoy, and I despair !


This piece was transated by the Reverend Thomas Newcomb, M. A, of Corpus Christi College, Oxon. t Tobacco

02. VI,

• Maria's form as I survey,

Although my anxious breast despăír, Her smiles a thousand wounds impart;

And fighing, hopes no kind return; Each feature steals my soul away,

Yet, for the lov'd relentless Fair, Each glance deprives me of my heart!

By night I wake, by day I burn! And chacing thence each other Fair,

Nor can chy gifts, soft Sleep, supply, Leaves her own image only there.

Or sooth my pains, or close my eye.



Honos erit huic quoque Pomo?" Virg.


What foil the apple loves, what care is due Hesperiar: (ruits, and wasts their odors sweet
To orchats, timeliest when to press the fruits, Wide through the air, and distant fhores perfumcs.
Thy gift, Pomona, in Miltonian verse

Nor only do the hills exclude the winds :
Adventurous I presume to fing; of verse

But when the blackening clouds in sprinklin Nor skill'd, nor studious: but my native soil

Showers Invites me, and the theme as yet unfung.

Dilil, from the high summits down the rain Ye Ariconian knights, and faireft dames, Runs trickling; with the fertile moisture cheer', To whom propitious Heaven these bleflings grants, The orchats smile ; joyous the farmers see Attend my lays, nor hence disdain to learn, Their thriving plants, and bless the heavenly des. How Nature's gifts may be improv'd by art. Next let the planter, with discretion meel, And thou, O Mostyn, whose benevoience, The force and genius of each foil explore; And candour, oft experienc'd, me vouchlaf'd To what adapted, what it shuns averle : To knic in friendship, growing still with years, Without this necessary care, in vain Accept this pledge of gratitude and love. He hopes an apple vintage, and invokes May it a lasting monument remain

Pomona's aid in vain. The miry fields, Of dear respect; that, when this body frail Rejoicing in rich mold, molt ample fruit is moulder'd into duft, and I become

of beauteous form produce; pleasing to ligh, As I had never been, latc times may know But to the tongue inelegant and flat. I once was bless'd in fuch a matchless friend! So Nature has decreed: so oft we see

Whoe'er expects his labouring trees should beod | Men palling fair, in outward lineaments
With fruitage, and a kindly harvest yield, Elaborate ; less, iawardly, exact.
Be this his first concern, co find a tract

Nor from the sable ground expea success,
Impervious to the winds, begirt with hills Nor from cretaceous, stubborn and jejune;
That intercept the Hyperborean blasts

The Mult, of pallid hue, declares the soil Tempestuous, and cold Eurus’ nipping force, Devoid of spirit; wretched he, that quaffs Noxious to feeble buds : but to the weit

Such wheyish liquors; oft with colic pangs, Let him free entrance grant, let Zephyrs bland With pungent colic pangs distress'd he'll roar, Adminifter their tepid genial airs;

And toss, and turn, and curse th' unwholesamo Nought fear he from the west, whose gentle draught. warmth

But, farmer, look where full-ear'd shcaves of the Discloses well the earth's all-teeming womb, Grow wavy on the silth; that foil select Invigorating tender seeds; whose breath

For apples; thence thy induitry thall gain Nurtures the Orange, and the Citron groves, Tenfold reward; thy garners, thence with fore

Surcharg'd, fha!! burst: thy press with pureft juice * Miss Mary Meerd, daugliter of the late Trincipal of Bia

Shall frow, which, in revolving years, may try zen. Nose College, Oxon.

Tly seeble fect, and bind thy faltering tongue

Such is the Kontchurch, such Dantzcyan ground, Bermear the roots; in vain! the nursing grove
Sych chine, I learned Brome, and Capel fuch, Seems fair a while, cherish'd with foster carth:
WilliGan Burlton, much-lov'd Geers his Marli, But when the : lien conpoft is exhauit,
And Sutton-acres, drench'd with regal blood les dative poverty again prevails.
Of Ethelbert, when to th' unhallow'd feast

Though this art fails, despond not ; little pains,
Of Mercian Offa he invited came,

in 3 due hour employ'd, great profit yield. บๆ คน

To treat of fpoufals : loog cunnubial joys Th'industrious, when the sun in Lco rides,
He proinis'd to himself, allur'd by fair

And darts his fultrict beams, portending drought,
Elsrida's beauty; but deluded dy'd

Forgets nut at the foot of every plant
In height of hopes oh! hardelt fate, to fall To sink a circling trench; and daily pour
By shew of friendship, and pretended love! A just fupply of alimental ftrcams,
I nor advise, nor reprehend the choice

Exhauited lap recruiting; elle false hopes
of Marcley-hill; the apple no where finds He cherishes, nor will his fruit expect
A kinder mold: yet 'tis unsafe to trust

Tl'autuninal season, but, in summer's pride,
Deceitful ground: who knows but that, once more, When other orchats smile, abortive fail.
This mount may journey, and, his present fice Thus the great light of hoiven, that in his course
Forsaking, to thy neighbour's bounds transfer Surveys and quickens all things, often proves
The goodly plants, affording matice frange Noxious to planted fields, and often men
For law debates ? if therefore thou incline Perceive his influence dire; (weltering they run
To deck this rise with fruits of various tastes, To grous, and caves, and the cool umbrage feek
Fail not by frequent vows t'implore success; Of woven arborets, and oft the rills
Thus piteous Heaven may fix the wandering glebe. Still streaming fresh revifit, to allay
But if (for Nature doth not thare alike

Thirft inextinguishable : boe is the spring
Her gists) an happy Soil should be withheld; Preceding should be destitute of rain,
If a penurious clay should he thy lot,

Or blait leptentrional with brushing wings
Or rugh unwieldy earth, nor to the plough, Sweep up the smoky mists, and vapours damp,
Nor to the cattle kind, with sandy stones

Then woe to mortals ! Titan then exerts And gravel o'er-abeunding, think it not.

His heat intense, and on our vitals preys; Beneath thy coi!; the sturdy pear-tree here

Then maladies of various kinas, and names Will rise luxuriant, and with toughest root Unknown, malignant fevers, and that foe Picrcc the obtructine grit, and restive marle. To blooming beauty, which imprints the face Thus nought is useless made ; nor is there land, Of faireít nymph, and checks our growing love, But what, or of itsell, or else compeild,

Reign far and near; grim Death in different Thapes Affords advantage. On the barren heath

Depopulates the nations; thousands fall T'he shepherd tcudo his hock, that daily crop

His victims; youths, and virgins, in their flowcr, Their verdant dinner from the mosty turl, Reluctant die, ad fighing leave their loves Sufficient; after them the cackling goole,

Unfinith’d, by infectious heaven destroy'd. Close-grazer, finds where with to ease her want. Such heacs prevail'd, when fair Eliza, last What should I more? Ev'n on the cliffy heighc Of Winchomb's rame (text thee in blood and Of Penmennaur, and that cloud-piercing liill,

worth, Plinlimmon, from afar the traveller kens

Of fairelt Saint John!) left this toilfome world Aftoniid, how the goats their shrubby browze

In beauty's prime, and sadden'd all the year : nas pendent; nor untrembling canst thou see,

Nor could her virtues, nor repeated vows How from a scraggy rock, whose prominence

Of thousand lovers, the relentle's hand Half overlades the ocean, hardy men,

Of Death arrell; fe with the vulgar fel!, Fearless of rending winds, and dashing waves,

Only diftinguith'd by this humble verse. Cut lamphire, to excite the fqueamish gust

But if it please the sun's intemperate force Oi pamper'd luxury. Then, let thy ground To know, attend; whilft 1 of ancient fame Not lie uzlabor'd ; if the richest flem

The annals trace, and image to thy mind, Refuse to thrive, yet who would doubt to plant How our forefathers, (lucklefs men!) ingolfe Somewhat, that may to human use redound, By the wide yawning carth, to Stygian shades And penury, the worst of ills, remove?

Went quick, in one sad fepulchre inclos'd. There are, who, fondly studious of increase, In elder days, etc yet the Roman bands Rich foreign mold on their ill-natur'd land Victorious, this our other world subdued, Induce laborious, and with fattening muck A spacious city stood, with firmest walls

Sure mounded, and with numerous turrets crown'd, • Pebrnary the revent!), 1571, at fix o'clock in the eren. Aërial spircs, and citadels, the feat ing, this all rouleuitief uitbaroaring noise, and by leven

of kings, and heroes resolute in war, next morning had moved forty pacet; it kept moving for three days together, carrying with it theep in their Fam'd Ariconium : uncontroul'd and free, Cotes, bedge-tows and trees, and in its pallave overthrow

Till all-subduing Latian arm.s prevail'd. kionation Chapple, and turned two highways near an hun. Cred yards iron their former pofition. The ground thus Then also, though to foreign yoke fubmiss, moved was about twenty.fix acres, which opened itfelt, She undemolith'd flood, and ev'r till now ad carried the carth before it for our hundred yards luzce, leaving that which was palture in the place of the

Perhaps had stood, of ancient British art tilageand the rillage overspreal with pafture. See Speers A pleasing monument, not less admir'd Account of Hercturuthire, page 49, and Camden's Dri

Than what from Actic, of Etrufcan hands tannia.



Arofe; had not the heavenly powers averse Urging her destin'd labours to pursue.
Decreed her final doom : for now the fields

The prudent will observe, what paflions
Labour'd with thirst; Aquarius had not shed In various plants (for not to man alone,
His wonted showers,' and Sirius parch'd with heat But all the wide creation, Nature gave
Solstitial the green herb: hence 'gan relax Love, and aversion) : everlasting hate
The grounds contexture, hence Tartarian dregs, The vine to Ivý bears, nor less abhors
Sulphur, and nitrous spune, cnkindling fierce, The Colewort's rankness; but with amorous twine
Bellow'd within their darksome caves, by far Clasps the tall Elm : the Fæstad Rose unfolds
More dismal than the loud disploded roar

Her bud niore lovely, near the ferid Leek, Of brazen engiury, that ceaseless storm

(Crest of stout Britons), and enhances thence 'The bastion of a well-built city, deem'd

The price of her celestial scent: the Gourd, Impregrable : th' infernal winds, till now And thirsty Cucumber, when they perceive Closely imprison'd, by Titanian warmth

Th' approaching Olive, with resentment ily Dilating, and with unetuous vapours fed, Her fatty fibres, and with tend: ils creep Bisdain'd their narrow cells; and, their full | Diverse, detesting contract ; whilst the Fig ftrength

Contemps pot Rue, nor Sage's humble leaf, Collecting, from beneath the solid mass

Close neighbouring: the Herefordian plant Upheav'd, and all her calles rooted deep

Caresses freely the contiguous Peach, Shook from their lowest seat: old Vaga's stream, Hazel, and weight-resisting Palm, and likes Forc'd by the sudden shock, her wonted track T' approach the Quince, and the Elder's pitry Forsook, and drew her humid train aflope, Uncasy, seated by fuocreal Yew, Grankling her banks : and now the lowring sky, Or Walnut, (whose malignant touch impairs And baleful lightning, and the thunder, voice All generous fruits), or near the bitter dews Of angry Gods, that rattled solemn, dismay'd of Cherrics. Therefore weigh the habits well The finking hearts of men. Where should they of plants, how they associate beft, nor let

Il neighbourhood corrupt thy hopeful graffs. Distress'd? whence seek for aid ? when from below Would's chou thy vats with gen'rous juice Hell threatens, and ev'n Fate supreme gives signs

should froth ? Of wrath and defolation? vain were vows, Resped thy orchats; think not, that the trees And plaints, and suppliant hands to Heaven ered! Spontaneous will produce an wholesome draugile Yet some to fanes repair'd, and humble rites Let art correct thy breed: from parent bough Perform'd to Thor, and Woden, fabled gods, A Cyon meetly sever : afrer, force Who with their votaries in one ruin shar'd, A way into the crabstock's close-wroughe grain Crush'd, and o'erwhelm'd. Others in frantic mood

By wedges, and within the living wound Run howling through the strects, their hideous Inclose the fofter twig, nor over nice yells

Refuse with chy own hands around to spread Rend the dark welkin; Horror stalks around, The binding clay: ere long their differing veids Wild-faring, and his sad concomitant,

Unite, and kindly nourishment convey Defpair, of abje& look : at every gate

To the new pupil; now he shoots his arms The thronging populace, with halty Irides With quickest growth; now shake the teeming Press furious, and, too eager of escape,

trunk, Obstruct the easy way; the rocking town Down rain th’impurpled balls, ambrosial fruit. Supplants their foorseps; to and fro they reel Whether the Wilding's fibres are contriv'd Astonish'd, as o'ercharg'd with wine; when lo! To draw th' earth's purelt fpirit, and resist 'The ground adust her riven niouth disparts, Its feculence, which in more porous stocks Horrible chasm; profound! with swift descent Of Cider-plants finds paisage free, or elle Old Ariconium sinks, and all her tribes,

The native verjuice of the Crab, derivid Heroes, and senators, down to the realms

Through th' infix'd graff, a graceful mixture íerms Of endless night. Meas wlile the loosen'd winds Of tart and Sweet; whatever be the cause, Infuriate, molten rocks and faming globes This doubtful progeny by nicest talles Hürld high above the clouds; till all their force Expected beft acceptance finds, and pays Consum'd, her ravenous jaws sh' earth fatiate Largest revenues to the orchat-lord. clos'd.

Some think the Quince and Apple would come Thus this fair city fell, of which the name

bine Sarvives alonc ; nor is there found a mark, In happy union ; others fitter deem Whereby the curious passenger may learn The Sloc-stem bearing Sylvan Plumbs austere. ller ample fite, fave coins, and mouldering urns, Who knows but both may thrive? howe'er, what Ard huge unwieldy bones, lasting remaius

lors O that gigantic race; which, as he breaks To try the powers of both, and search how far The clcited glebe, the plownian haply finds, Two different natures may concur to mix Appallid. Upon that treacherous track of land, In close enibraces, and frange offspring bea? She whilome stood; now Ceres, in her prime, Thou'lt find that plants will frequent changes try, Smiles fertile, and with ruddielt freight bedeck'd, Undamag'd, and their marriageable arms The apple tree, by our forefathers blood.

Conjoin with others So Silurian plants Improv'd, that now recals the devious Muse, Admit thc Peach's odosiferous globe,

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