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This valuable picture by Gerard Dow, was the only work of his in the Dusseldorf Collection, and gave name to the second room. It is considered as one of his masterpieces ; being distinguished for the richness of the composition and the variety of the details, as well as for truth of expression, and the perfectly natural air of the figures. It is remarkable also far its dimensions, which exceed those of the Dropsical Woman, in the Gallery of the Louvre.

The scene is before the door of an inn, in the street of a little Dutch town : at the window is placed the painter, with his palette.

Near the bottom of the piece is inscribed : G. Dov. 1632.

This picture is painted on wood : it is now in the Munich Gallery : it has been engraved by

Height, 3 feet 7 inches ; width, 2 feet, 8 inches.

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