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Love discharged into Daphne's heart a leaden arrow, which inspired an icy coldness; to Apollo's, he sped a golden shaft, that kindled an ardent frame. This differerence rendered unavailing all the God's attempts; till seeing « his complaints and his caresses alike unheeded, he gave chace to the object of his passion..... At length Daphne, exhausted by the violence of her speed, and feeling her strength forsake her, grows pale, and turning towards the river Peneus, cries : 0 my Fatber! if it be true that rivers enjoy the privilege of divinity, hasten to my aid! or thou , Earth! swallow me up! since I have had the misfortune to please, destroy the beauty that has proved fatal to me. Instantly, her members stiffen, her body is covered with bark, her hair is changed into leaves, and her feet, erewhile so light, become fast rooted in the earth. »

Albano has displayed his usual grace in this picture, which is one of the ornaments of the Brussels Museum. Widih, 7 feet 1 inch; height, 6 feet 8 inches.


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