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Pieter Breughel the Old , also called Peter the Droll, often composed landscapes from sketches made during his travels in France and Italy. He commonly animates his scenes with a great number of figures. His drawing is correct, the bands and heads are touched with spirit, and the draperies carefully finished.

Breughel had attentively observed the dances and manners of the peasantry. In this piece he has represented the sequel of a game at cards. Some difference occurring between a number of boors at play, they rise precipitately, and overturn the bench on which they had been sitting : the cards are scattered on the ground, and the disputants fly to arms. One of them grasps a flail, and has already dealt bis adversary a blow from which the blood streams. The other, to avenge himself, seizes a pitch-fork; but a woman has been beforehand with him, and presses the handle so closely in her arms, that it seems no easy matter to loose ber hold. The back-ground represents a village street.

This picture, which is painted in wood, is in the Dresden Gallery: there is also a copy of it by the author, in the Belvedere Gallery, at Vienna. It has been engraved by Lucas Vorsterman. Width, 3 feet 8 inches; height, 2 feet 7 inches.


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