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courts. The work of many volunteers giving a little time has been taken over in many instances by salaried, full-time officers to the great improvement of the probation work, both in quantity and quality. The number of salaried probation officers shows a net increase of ten. The total number of persons cared for part or all of the rear by probation officers increased by 2,429 or 8.9 per cent. The number actually on probation at the end of the year increased by 974, or 8.9 per cent. More cities, counties, towns and villages used probation than during the preceding year or any previous year. Investigations by probation officers and money collections of all kinds increased.

The number of persons placed on probation divided between children and adults for each year since the Commission has collected complete statistics is shown in the following table:

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It is seen that in eight years' time 103,674 persons received the benefits of probation. Chart No. II, which follows, makes clear this remarkable growth.

NEW POSITIONS CREATED During 1915 there were sixteen new salaried probation officers' positions created in the State as follows: a woman probation officer for the city of Ithaca; an additional woman probation officer for the Magistrates Courts, First Division, New York City; five additional male probation officers for the New York City Childrens Court; five new probation officers, two women and three men, added to the staff of the Buffalo City Court; the position of county probation officer established for Orange county; the position of county probation officer established in Westchester county; Polish speaking male probation officer added to the staff of the Erie county probation office; an additional county probation officer serving under the title of county detective provided for the Bronx County Court. During the year the positions of seven women probation officers were abolished in the New York City Magistrates Courts, Second Division. There was a net gain of nine new positions during the year. In addition to the above, five probation officers were appointed to positions newly created during the pre vious year, and there were eight appointments to succeed salaried officers.

Better salaries than before were established for most of the new positions created during the past year. A minimum of $1,200 is now paid to all probation officers starting work in New York City. The same was paid to the male probation officers appointed in the City Court of Buffalo. Salaries from $900 to $1,500 were provided for the new positions of county probation officer established

last year.

Thirty-five probation officers received salary increases during the past year.

Fifty-seven new volunteer probation officers were appointed and eight resigned.

The following table shows the steady increase in the number of salaried officers serving at the end of each fiscal year. The totals include only those publicly salaried for probation work and not those detailed from other branches of the public service:




December 31, 1906.
December 31, 1907.
December 31, 1908.
December 31, 1909.
December 31, 1910.
December 31, 1911.
September 30, 1912.
September 30, 1913.
September 30, 1914.
September 30, 1915.

30 35 49 61 81 109 137 157 164 174

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