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Mr. William A. Killip, Chief Probation Officer, Juvenile Court, Rochester.

Mr. Joseph J. Kingsbury, Chief Probation Officer, Children's Court, Buffalo.

Mr. Hugh Knowlton, Assistant Secretary, Committee on Criminal Courts, New York city.

Mr. John F. Lee, Secretary, Sacred Heart Branch Catholic Boys' Protective League, New York city.

Mr. John E. Leibfred, Probation Officer, New Rochelle.

Miss Frances E. Leitch, Probation Officer, Special Sessions Court, New York city.

Mr. John D. Lynn, 2d, State Probation Commission, Albany.

Dr. Clinton P. McCord, Health Director of Public Schools, Albany.

Mrs. Jessie D. McKnight, Police Matron, Utica.

Mr. James E. McNamara, Probation Officer, Children's Court, New York city.

Mr. Patrick Mallon, Probation Officer, Children's Court, Brooklyn.

Mr. Don C. Manning, Parole Agent, State School, Industry.

Mr. Morris Marcus, Probation Officer, Children's Court, New York city.

Mr. Alfred J. Masters, County Probation Officer, Rochester.
Mr. William B. May, State Health Department, Albany.
Jr. Irving Melius, Albany.

Miss Mary Rebecca Moore, Superintendent, New York Stato Reformatory, Bedford Hills.

Mr. David W. Morris, County Probation Officer, I'tica.

Mr. William H. Morse, Montgomery County Probation Officer, Amsterdam.

Mr. W. E. Mounteney, Westchester County Probation Officer, White Plains.

Mrs. P. W. Mulderry, Albany.
Hon. Edwin Mulready, Commissioner of Labor, Boston.
Mr. Clement A. Munger, State Probation Commission, Albany.
Miss Alma C. O'Neill, Albany.
Mrs. Emma D. O'Neill, Teacher, Cngraded School, Albany.
Mr. Emanuel Perrott, Probation Officer, Newburgh.

Mr. V. T. Pisarra, Assistant Superintendent, Society for Prevention Cruelty to Children, New York city.

Mr. Horatio M. Pollock, State Hospital Commission, Albany.

Mr. Henry H. Preston, Suffolk County Probation Officer, Riverhead.

Miss Rebecca Rosenberg, Volunteer Probation Officer, Rochester.

Mr. John T. Rooney, Probation Officer, Special Sessions Court, Brooklyn.

Miss E. Ruskin, Agent, Council of Jewish Women, New York city.

Mr. H. X. Saxton, Chief Examiner, State Civil Service Commission, Albany.

Mr. Arch C. Scoby, Probation Officer, North Tonawanda, N. Y.

Miss Marian D. Shove, Probation Officer, Children's Court, Syracuse.

Miss Ella Josephine Skeahan, Marshal, Reformatory for Women, Bedford Hills.

Hon. Fred B. Skinner, Police Justice, Medina.

Miss Alice C. Smith, Probation Officer, Women's Night Court, New York city.

Mrs. Sarah F. Smith, Probation Officer, Children's Court, Rochester,

Mr. C. A. Smithenson, Haddenfield, N. J.
Mr. N. C. Squires, Probation Officer, Mechanicville.

Mr. Charles Stark, Probation Officer, Dutchess county, Poughkeepsie.

Hon. J. B. M. Stephens, Monroe County Judge, Rochester. Mrs. Rose E. Thalheimer, Chief Probation Officer, Syracuse.

Mr. John Trembly, Ontario County Probation Officer, Canandaigua.

Mr. Laurence Veiller, Secretary, Committee on Criminal Courts, New York city.

Hon. Frank E. Wade, Vice-President, State Probation Commission, Buffalo.

Miss Hannah H. Walker, Albany.
Mr. Richard A. Wallace, Probation Officer, Auburn.

Mr. Charles H. Warner, Superintendent, Westchester County Society for Prevention Cruelty to Children, Yonkers.

Mr. Howard P. Weir, Probation Officer, New York city.
Mr. Isaac W. Wentworth, Attendance Officer, Albany.

Mr. Daniel J. White, Probation Officer, Children's Court, New York city.

Hon. Charles S. Whitman, Governor of the State of New York, Albany.

Mr. William E. Wiley, Chief Probation Officer, City Court, Buffalo.

Mr. Charles W. Winter, Onondaga County Probation Officer, Syracuse.

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