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International Education Series







1013 THE NTERNATIONAL FOCATION SERIES was projected for the pura

pose or bringing together in orderly arrangement the best writings, new and old, upon educational subjects, and presenting a complete course of reading and training for teachers generally. It is edited by WILLIAM T. HARRIS, LL.D., United States Commissioner of Education,

who has contributed for the different volumes in the way of introduction, analysis, and commentary. 1. The Philosophy of Education. By JOHANN K. F. ROSENKRANZ, Doc

tor of Theology and Professor of Philosophy, University of Königsberg. Translated by ANNA C. BRACKETT. Second edition, revised, with Com

mentary and complete Analysis. $1.50. 2. A History of Education. By F. V. N. PAINTER, A.M., Professor of

Modern Languages and Literature, Roanoke College, Va. $1.50. 8. The Rise and Early Constitution of Universities. WITH A SUR


the Institutes and History of Education, University of Edinburgh. $1.50. 4. The Ventilation and Warming of School Buildings. By GILBERT

B. MORRISON, Teacher of Physics and Chemistry, Kansas City High School.

$1.00. 5. The Education of

Man. By FRIEDRICH FROEBEL. Translated and annotated by W. N. HAILMANN, A.M., Superintendent of Public Schools,

La Porte, Ind. $1.50. 6. Elementary Psychology and Education. By JOSEPH BALDWIN,

A. M., LL. D., author of "The Art of School Management." $1.50. :7. The Senses and the Will. (Part I of “THE MIND OF THE CHILD.")

By W. PREYER, Professor of Physiology in Jena. Translated by H. W.

BROWN, Teacher in the State Normal School at Worcester, Mass. $1.50. 8. Memory: What it is and How to Improve it. By DAVID KAY,

F. R. G. S., author of “Education and Educators," etc. $1.50. 9. The Development of the Intellect. (Part II of “ THE MIND OF THE

CHILD.") By W. PREYER, Professor of Physiology in Jena. Translated by

H. W. Brown. $1.50. 10. How to Study Geography, A Practical Exposition of Methods and Devices in Teaching Geography

which apply the Principles and Plans of Ritter and Guyot. By FRANCIS W. PARKER, Principal of the Cook County

(Illinois) Normal School. $1.50. 11. Education in the United States : Its History from the Earliest THE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION SERIES.- (Continued.)

Settlements. By RICHARD G. BOONE, A.M., Professor of Pedagogy,

Indiana University. $1.50. 12. European Schools ; CR, What I SAW IN THE SCHOOLS OF GERMANY,


of the Cincinnati Technical School. Fully illustrated. $2.00. 13. Practical Hints for the Teachers of Public Schools. By GEORGE

HOWLAND, Superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools. $1.00. 14. Pestalozzi : His Life and Work. By ROGER DE GUIMPS. Authorized Translation from

the second French edition, by J. RUSSELL, B. A. With an Introduction by Rev. R. H. QUICK, M. A. $1.50. 15. School Supervision. By J. L. PICKARD, LL. D. $1.00. 16. Higher Education of Women in Europe. By HELENE LANGE, Berlin.

"Translated and accomjanied by comparative statistics by L. R. KLEMM. $1.00. 17. F.ssays on Educational Zeformers. By ROBERT HERBERT QUICE, M. X.., Trinity College, Cambridge. Only authorized

edition of the work as rewritten in 1890.. $1,50.. 18. A Text-Book in Psyshalogy. By JOHANN FRIEDRICH HERBART. Trans.

lated by MARGARET K. SMITA. $1.00. 19. Psychogy Applied to the Art of Teaching. By JOSEPH BALDWIN,

A. Y.; LL. IS $2.50.

20. Rousseau's

Emile; OR, TRBATISE ON EDUCATION. Translated and annotated by W. ¥. PAYNÉ, Ph. D., LL. D. $1.50. 21. The Moral Instruction of Children. By FELIX ADLER. $1.60. 22. English Education in the Elementary and Secondary Schools

By Isaac SHARPLESS, LL.D., President of Haverford College. $1.00. 23. Education from a National Standpoint. By ALFRED FOUILLÉB. $1.50. 24. Mental Development of the Child. By W. PREYER, Professor of

Physiology in Jena. Translated by H. W. BROWN. $1.00. * How to study and Teach History. By B. A. HINSDALE, Ph. D., LL.D.,

University of Michigan. $1.50. 20. Symbolic Education. A COMMENTARY ON FROEBEL'S “MOTHER-PLAY."

By Susan E. Blow. $1.50. 27. Systematic Science Teaching. By EDWARD GARDNIER HOWE. $1.50. 28. The Education of the Groek People. By THOMAS DAVIDSON. $1.50. 2. The Evolution of the Massachusetts Public-School System. By

G. H. MARTIN, A. M. $1.50. 30. Pedagogics of the Kindergarten. By FRIEDRICH FROEBEL. $1.60. 31. The Mottoes and Commentaries of Friedrich Froebel's Mother

Play. By SUSAN E. Blow and HENRIETTA R. ELIOT. $1.50. 32. The Songs and Music of Froebel's Mother-Play, By SUSAN E.

Blow. $1.50. 83. The Psychology of Number. By JAMES A. MOLELLAN, A. M., and

JOHN DEWEY, Ph. D. $1.50. 34. Teaching the Language-Arts. By B. A. HINSDALE, LL. D. $1.00. 35. The Intellectual and Moral Development of the Child. PART I.

By GABRIEL COMPAYRÉ. Translated by MARY E. WILSON. $1.50. 36. Herbart's A B C of Sense-Perception, and Introductory Works.

By WILLIAM J. ECKOFF, Pd. D., Ph. D. $1.50. 37. Psychologic Foundations of Education. By WILLIAM T. HARRIS,

A.M., LL.D. $1.50. 88. The School System of Ontario. By the Hon. GEORGE W. Ross, LL. D.,

Minister of Education for the Province of Ontario. $1.00. 89. Principles and Practice of Teaching. By JAMES JOHONNOT. $1.60. 40. School Management and Methods. By JOSEPH BALDWIN. $1.50. 41. Froebel's Educational Laws for all Teachers. By JAXBS L.

HUGHR8, Inspector of Schools, Toronto. $1.50. 42. Bibliography of Education. By WILL 8. MONROE, A. B. $2.00. 43. The Study of the Child. By A. R. TAYLOR, Ph. D. $1.50. 44. Education by Development. By FRIEDRICH FROEBEL. Translated by

JOSEPHINE JÄRVI8. $1.50. 15. Letters to a Mother. By SUBAN E. Blow. $1.50. 46. Montaigne's The Education of Children. Translated by L. R. RRO

TOR, Ph. D. $1.00. 47. The Secondary School System of Germany. By FREDERICK E.

BOLTON. $1.50. 18. Advanced Elementary Science. By EDWARD G. HOWE. $1.50. 49. Dickens as an Educator. By JAMES L. HUGHES. $1.50. 80. Principles of Education Practically Applied. By Jars M.

GREENWOOD. Revised. $1.00.

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