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It is also like the mind of a man perpetually thinking and willing, without any organ of sense or motion in the body, to which it may descend, and produce the ideas of it's thought, or bring the efforts of it's will into operation. V. These comparisons are made, to the end that it may be perceived or known, that as the natural world cannot exist without the spiritual world, nor reciprocally the spiritual world without the natural world, so neither can there be a church in the earths, unless there be an angelic heaven, through which it may exist and subsist, nor reciprocally can there be an angelic heaven, unless there be a church in the earths. VI. The angels know this; on which account they bitterly lament, when the church in the earths is desolated by falses, and consummated by evils; on such occasion also they compare the state of their life to that of sleepiness, for then heaven is to them like a seat withdrawn, or like a body deprived of it's feet; but when the church in the earths is restored by the Lord, they compare the state of their life to that of wakefulness.

20. That the Lord through the new heaven derives and produces a new church in the earths by a revelation of truths from his own mouth, or from his Word, and by inspiration, will be demonstrated when we come to treat of the four churches in their order, especially of the Israelitish church, and of the present Christian church. It is to be observed, that, when hell has increased from below, and passed over the great interstice or gulph fixed between it and heaven, Luke xvi. 26, and has raised up it's back even to the confines of the heavens inhabited by angels, which came to pass during the interval of the vastation

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vastation and consummation of the church, no doctrine of the church could be conveyed from the Lord through heaven to men on earth; the reason of which is, because man is then in the midst of satans, and satans with their falses encompass his head as with a veil, and inspire the delights of evil and the pleasures of the false thence derived, whereby all light from heaven is darkened, and all the desirableness and pleasantness of truth is intercepted. As long as this state continues, no doctrine of truth and good can be infused out of heaven into man, without being falsified. But after this complicated veil of falses, or covering induced over the head by satans, has been removed by the Lord, which was effected by the last judgment, spoken of above in article IV, then man is led with a more free and spontaneous spirit to shake off falses, and to receive truths. To those who prepare themselves, and suffer themselves to be led by the Lord, is afterwards conveyed and introduced the doctrine of the new heaven, which is the doctrine of truth and good, falling like the morning dew from heaven upon the earth, which opens the capsules of tender herbs, and sweetens their vegetable juices: and it is like the manna which fell in the morning, and was in appearance white like coriander seed, and in taste like a cake kneaded with honey, Exod. xvi. 31: it is also like seasonable rain, which refreshes the fallowed lands, and causes germination and it is like the fragrancy exhaling from fields, gardens, and flowery plains, which the breast attracts by a lively and chearful respiration. But still the Lord compels no one, nor urges any against his will, as a person drives a labouring beast with whips; but he draws


the man who is willing, and afterwards leads him continually, in all appearance as though the willing man did good and believed truth of himself, when yet it is from the Lord, who operates in him all the genuine good of life, and all the genuine truth of faith.


That this divine Work, taken together, is called Redemption, without which no Man can be saved, because he cannot be regenerated.

21. THAT REDEMPTION, which was accomplished by the Lord when he was in the world, consisted in the subjugation of the hells, the orderly arrangement of the heavens, C and thereby in the preparation for a new spiritual church, may be seen in the work entitled TRUE CHRISTIAN RELI GION, n. 115, 116, 117, and likewise from n. 118 to 133. But as this is a new discovery, and has lain hid for ages, like a ship cast away with it's valuable wares in the bot tom of the sea, and yet the doctrine of redemption is as it were the treasury of all the spiritual riches or doctrinal tenets of the New Church, therefore we shall treat of the MYSTERY OF REDEMPTION in the last Lemma of this volume, in which the following propositions shall be unfolded and explained. I. That liberation from enemies is what in the Word is called redemption. II. Conse quently, that redemption is a liberation from evils and falses, which, as being from hell, are spiritual enemies; for they kill souls, as natural enemies kill bodies. III. Hence

Hence it becomes evident, that the first [act] of redemption accomplished by the Lord was the separation of the evil from the good, and the elevation of these latter to himself into heaven, and the removal of the former from himself into hell, for thus the good were liberated froin the evil: this first [act] of redemption is the last judgment, treated of above, n. 10 to 13. IV. That the se

cond [act] of redemption was the co-ordination of all in C the heavens, and the subordination of all in hell, by which means the good were still more distinctly separated and liberated from the evil; and this is the new heaven and the new hell, spoken of above, n. 14 to 17. V. That the third [act] of redemption was the revelation of truths out of the new heaven, and thereby the raising up and establishment of a new church in the earths, by which means the good were further separated and liberated from the evil, and hereafter are separated and liberated: this third [act] also is treated of above, n. 18 to 20. VI. That the final cause of redemption was a possibility, that the Lord by virtue of his divine omnipotence might regenerate man, and thereby save him; for unless man be regenerated, he cannot be saved, John iii. 3. VII. That the regeneration of man, inasmuch as it is a separation and liberation from evils and falses, is a particular redemption by the Lord, existing from his common [or general] redemption. VIII. That with those who are regenerated, evils are first of all separated from goods, and this resembles a judgment; that afterwards goods are collected together into one, and arranged into a heavenly form, and this resembles a new heaven; and that lastly hereby is implanted and produced a new church, whose internal is


heaven, and whose external from the internal, consequently whose internal and external together in man, is what is called a church. IX. That all are redeemed, since all, who reject the falses of the former church, and receive the truths of the new church, are capable of being regenerated; but that still the regenerate are, properly speaking, the redeemed. X. That the goal of

redemption, and the prize of the redeemed, is spiritual peace. XI. That a redemption has at this day also been accomplished by the Lord, because at this day is his second advent according to prediction; in consequence of which, having been an eye-witness thereof, I am fully assured of the truth of the preceding arcana. But these are only brief heads, which at the end of this volume, when we come to treat of the MYSTERY OF REDEMPTION, will be explained as to their particulars, and submitted to view both in spiritual and natural light.

22. Moreover it will be fully proved in it's proper place in the following pages, that the passion of the Lord on the cross was not redemption, but the medium of intimate union with the divine of the Father, from which he came forth, and into which he returned. In the work entitled TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, n. 132, 133, to which this volume is an Appendix, I undertook to demonstrate, that the belief of the passion of the cross having constituted real redemption, is a fundamental error of the present Christian church; and that that error, together with the error concerning three divine persons from eternity, hath perverted the whole church to such a degree, that there is nothing spiritual left remaining in it. This will also be further demonstrated in the following pages ;



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