Truths and Fictions of the Middle Ages: The Merchant and the Friar

J. W. Parker, 1837 - 408 sivua

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Sivu 411 - THE LIFE OF SIR WILLIAM JONES, by the late LORD TEIGNMOUTH ; with Notes, Selections from his Works, and a Memoir of his Noble Biographer, by the Rev. SAMUEL CHARLES WILKS, MA Two Volumes, with Portraits, 10s.
Sivu 409 - But a just story of learning, containing the antiquities and originals of knowledges and their sects, their inventions, their traditions, their diverse administrations and managings, their flourishings, their oppositions, decays, depressions, oblivions, removes, with the causes and occasions of them, and all other events concerning learning, throughout the ages of the world, I may truly affirm to be wanting.
Sivu 410 - CV. *HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH ; from the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the Conversion of Constantine. By the late EDWARD BURTON, DD, Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford.
Sivu 177 - Not thundered in vengeance for the satisfaction of the state, but imposed for the good of the offender : in order to afford the means of amendment, and to lead the transgressor to repentance, and to mercy.
Sivu 413 - ON THE EDUCATION AND TREATMENT OF CHILDREN. Being Mrs. CHILD'S "MOTHER'S BOOK," revised, and adapted to the use of Parents and Teachers. 2s.
Sivu 44 - Man shall descend to the bottom of the ocean safely breathing; and treading with firm step on the golden sands never brightened by the light of day. Call but the secret powers of Sol and Luna into action, and...
Sivu 414 - Rain, Steam, the Cometary System, Tides, Volcanoes, &c., have, among many others, been developed in original communications and discussions, abounding in the freshest facts, the most recent discoveries, and the latest intelligence, which an indefatigable examination of the products of Scientific Research, at home and abroad, has been able to furnish. The...
Sivu 410 - HISTORY OF THE ENGLISH EPISCOPACY, FROM THE PERIOD OF THE LONG PARLIAMENT, TO THE ACT OF UNIFORMITY; 'With Sketches of the Religious Parties of the time ; and a Review of Ecclesiastical Affairs in England from the Reformation.
Sivu 79 - I do not know how it can be amended — "and," continued he with much vehemence, "Sir Richard must be forthwith committed to custody, unless he gives good bail— two substantial freeholders— that he will duly attend in his place amongst the commons on the first day of the session, according to the laws and usage of parliament." All this, however, was more easily said than done. Before the verbal precept had proceeded from the lips of the sheriff, Sir Richard was galloping away at full speed across...

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