The European Magazine, and London Review, Nide 41

Philological Society of London, 1802

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Sivu 283 - By opening this intercourse between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and forming regular establishments through the interior, and at both extremes, as well as along the coasts and islands, the entire command of the fur trade of North America might be obtained, from latitude 48.
Sivu 248 - Poetry, he will find but very few precepts in it, which he may not meet with in Aristotle, and which were not commonly known by all the poets of the Augustan age. His way of expressing and applying them, not his invention of them, is what we are chiefly to admire.
Sivu 248 - God will one time or another make a difference between the good and the evil ; but there is little or no difference made in this world. Therefore there must be another world wherein this difference shall be made.
Sivu 377 - Butler-abo, or other words like, or otherwise contrary to the king's laws, his crown, and dignity, and peace; but to call only on St. George, or the name of his sovereign lord the king of England for the time being.
Sivu 161 - Toulouse, where they fixed their residence for eighteen months, and where, in addition to the pleasure of an agreeable society, Mr. Smith had an opportunity of correcting and extending his information concerning the internal policy of France, by the intimacy in which he lived with some of the principal persons of the Parliament. From Toulouse they went, by a pretty extensive tour, through the south of France to Geneva.
Sivu 210 - The Chancellor of the Exchequer moved the order of the day for the house...
Sivu 402 - That the term should be one month from the Channel and the North Seas as far as the Canary Islands Inclusively, whether in the Ocean or in the Mediterranean. Two months from the said Canary Islands as far as the Equinoctial Line or Equator ; and lastly, Five months in all other Parts of the World, without any Exception, or any other more particular description of Time or Place.
Sivu 251 - ... nothing of what he had a mind to eat or drink ; which gave him a body full of humours, and made his fits of the gout...
Sivu 152 - I understanding that language, learnt that there was a village about three miles distant, called Belmont. This Indian went to the village, and gave information that the French had landed, and in about two hours the governor of the village, a clergyman, with several armed men, took Conway and Parr prisoners, tying...
Sivu 254 - Attorney-General, he was by no means what is called a prerogative lawyer. He loved the Constitution, and maintained the just prerogative of the Crown, but without stretching it to the oppression of the people. He was naturally humane, moderate, and decent ; and when, by his former employments he was obliged to prosecute...

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