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may appoint a deputy. And every visitor shall superintend Visitor may the poor-house, and settle accounts between guardian and appoint a de

puty. treasurer, in case of dispute, and settle all doubts concerning the persons who are to be sent thither (1), and enforce the Duties of. rules and regulations of this act, and prevent unnecessary expence, and the governor and treasurer shall be subject to his directions; and the visitor or deputy shall be freed, Exempt from whilst so acting, from serving parochial offices, and upon offices.

serving parish juries, and a certificate by a justice acting for the limit shall be evidence thereof.

Sect. 11. Two-thirds of the owners, &c. as aforesaid, Single parishes in a single parish, may nominate three persons for visitors, may have a and the justices shall appoint one as directed above.

Sect. 12. The guardians of united parishes shall recom- One of the mend to the justices one of their own body to be ap

guardians to be

a treasurer. pointed treasurer, and the justices shall appoint him, or any other guardian whom they think more fit; and the treasurer shall give security for duly accounting for the money received by him, and shall keep accounts, receive the money to be contributed by each parish, pay bills and expences allowed and ordered by the guardians, and lay his account before them at every meeting; and shall, once a-year, fourteen days before the Michaelmas quarter sessions, make out His duties. an account of the expences attending the poor-house, and of the number of poor persons, distinguishing their age and sex, and how they have been employed, and how much money hath been earned by the labour of the poor in the year preceding, which shall be laid before the visitor, and signified under his hands, if he approves the same, and shall then be transmitted to the clerk of the peace or town clerk, and by him laid before the sessions, and such treasurer shall be allowed an annual sum not exceeding 101. Salary of. as the visitor, if not a guardian, shall appoint, and if no such visitor, then as two justices shall appoint.

[By 41 Geo. III. c.9. s. 3. two justices, on application of Treasurer may

be appointed two-thirds of owners in value, &c. may appoint a treasurer

(1) Sce post, 105. Rex v. Laughton.

for a single parish.

for the poor-house of a single parish, with a salary not exceeding 101. according to 22 Geo. III. s.12.]

Vacancies to be filled up.

Sect.13. Vacancies in any of the above-mentioned offices shall be filled up as soon as convenient, at the same meetings and on similar recommendations, as mentioned before.

Offices when to determine.

Sect.14. The offices of guardian, governor, visitor, and treasurer shall determine in Easter week next after the appointment, on the day of the public meeting for the purposes of this act; and the same persons may be continued in their respective offices.

Justices of other limits to act.

Sect. 15. If there be no justices in the limit where the poor-houses shall be, or only one, or if they be absent, the justices of other limits may act.

Special ses


Sect. 16. Justices may hold special sessions on due notice thereof, and adjourn any such sessions, for discharging the business under this act.

House to be provided.

Sect. 17. The guardians shall provide proper houses and buildings, either by erecting new ones on land to be purchased or rented, or by altering old ones, or by hiring; and shall fit them up, with the advice and approbation of the visitor, and provide utensils and materials for the employment of the poor.

Where to be situate.

Sect. 18. The poor-house shall be situate within the parish, &c., and, if several be united, then within one of them, and not elsewhere, without the consent of three parts in four of such owners as aforesaid, in their meetings aforesaid.

Houses on what terms hired.

Sect, 19. The houses shall be hired on the terms given in the Schedule No.IV., and shall be free from all parochial and parliamentary taxes, except such, and to such amount, as they were assessed at the time of taking thereof.

Wastes inclosed.

Sect. 27. The guardians may inclose by consent not exceeding ten acres of waste or common, near any house,

for building upon and improving the same, for benefit of the poor-house.

Sect. 43. The guardians, with the approbation of owners, Poor-houses

sold. &c., as aforesaid, may sell any house provided for the poor of such place, and may apply the money for the purposes of this act, and may, by order of a justice, remove the Paupers re

moved. poor to any other house provided by such parish, if they refuse to go after fourteen days' notice.

And by 1 & 2Geo.IV. c. 56. s. 1& 2., notwithstanding an omission to appoint guardians in each successive year, or any informality in such appointment, they may, with the direction of the inhabitants in vestry, and with consent of two justices, sell any workhouse belonging to the parish or united parishes, and, after the expences of the sale, discharge incumbrances on the workhouses, and debts charged on the poor rates, and pay over the residue to the churchwardens, as part of the poor's rate to be collected.

Sect. 20. The visitor and guardian, where the expences Money may

be borrowed. of erecting the building and purchasing the land, or their proportion thereof, where parishes are united, shall respectively amount to 100l. or upwards, may borrow the same at interest, and secure the money by a charge upon the poor's rate, in sums not exceeding 501., and the guardians and their successors shall keep down the interest; and, when Assessments to

remain the the principal shall be called for, may borrow it from some

same till debt other person by assignment of the security. And the paid off. poor's assessment shall continue at the same rate as when such poor-house was first established, till the debt and interest shall be discharged ; and when the savings amount to one of the sums borrowed, it shall be paid off.

[43 Geo. III. c. 110. s. 1. reciting this last provision of Assessments 22 Geo. III. c.83. s. 20., and the provisions of 42 Geo. III. may be dimi

nished, c. 74. for paying off the sums borrowed, repeals somuch of the first-mentioned act as requires the assessments for the relief of the poor to continue the same, until the debt contracted,

after paying and interest, shall be fully discharged; and s. 2. provides to th sums bor

that the rowed, and

assessments may

be diminished from time to time, interest of the provided the guardians pay off one-twentieth part of the remaining debt.

sums borrowed, and keep down the interest of all sums borrowed.)

Visitor and
guardian a
body corpo-
Take lands and

Sect. 21. The visitor and guardian shall be a body corporate, and enabled by that name to sue and be sued, and to take by purchase or lease any lands not exceeding in any town one acre, and in the open country twenty acres, for the purposes of this act, and also all voluntary grants and donations of land for the use of the poor.


Sect. 22. authorises corporate or collegiate bodies, &c. trustees, committees, and others, &c. on behalf of incapacitated persons, to sell or lease lands for the use of the poorhouse and poor, not exceeding the quantities aforesaid.

How purchase Sect.23. provides, that the sums paid for such lands, &c. money to be applied.

so purchased, if exceeding 201., shall be laid out in the purchase of other lands, &c. which shall be settled in the same way, and to the same uses and trusts, as the lands, &c. sold were; the parish to be at the expence of the conveyance; and the money, until the purchase, shall be placed out at interest in the public funds, and the interest thereof, or rent of the premises, if the same are rented, shall go to those entitled to the land to be so purchased.

Poor to be Sect. 24. The poor persons sent to every poor-house shall maintained at be maintained at the general expence of the parishes, acexpence of repective pa- cording to the terms, and in the proportions hereinafter rishes.

mentioned ; and the treasurer, with the assistance of the governor, shall provide all necessaries for the maintenance of such

poor, and keep an account thereof; and the guardians Monthly shall meet at the poor-house on the first Monday in every meetings.

month to state and examine the accounts of the preceding Treasurer to month; at which meeting, the treasurer shall produce the produce his

account of debts incurred in the preceding month for materials for manufacture, furniture, repairs of the building,


salaries of the governor and servants, and sums paid for rent, if the premises be rented, which being signed by the guardians, shall be paid by the several parishes, in proportion to their respective poor's rates taken on a medium of three years next before the date of the agreement to unite : How to be but the debt incurred for the maintenance of the poor, of settled. which the treasurer shall produce a separate account, shall be paid in proportion to the number of persons sent by the respective parishes, and the time they have staid in the poorhouse; which account shall be signed by the guardians, and approved by the visitor, if not a guardian ; and in default of payment of such sums by such parishes after seven days, the same shall be levied by distress and sale of the goods and chattels of the respective guardians of such parishes ; and at the end of every year the account shall be closed, and the balances paid, as in schedule No. XVI.

Sect. 25. The churchwarden or overseer having the cus- Poor's rates to tody of the poor's rate, shall, on four days' notice, produce be produced. the same, in order that the expence of the maintenance of the poor, at a medium of three years, may be ascertained, or in default shall forfeit 51.


Sect. 26. Any guardian not attending the monthly Penalty on meeting, or sending some substantial inhabitant to attend

guardian not

attending and answer the payments for him in case of sickness, &c., meeting. shall forfeit not exceeding 51. nor less than 40s.

Sect. 28. Every person sent to the house shall bring an Order for adorder for his admission in the form prescribed in schedule mission to

poor-house. No. XII. signed by one of the guardians.

Sect. 29. No person shall be sent to the poor-house ex- Who shall be cept the indigent by old age, sickness, or infirmities, and sent to poorsuch as are unable to acquire a maintenance by their labour, and such orphans as shall be sent thither by order of the guardians, with the approbation of the visitor, and such children as shall necessarily go with their mothers thither for sustenance.

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