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in what cases, ii. 551.

matter of form, ii. 551.
in what not, ii. 553.

matter of substance, ii. 553.
of rates, ii. 554.

under 41 Geo. III. c. 23., ii. 555.
how before, ii. 554.
not to be in a return to certiorari, ii. 557.

unless by justices' consent, ii. 558.
rate amended by K. B. on certiorari, ii. 608.

See Clerk of the Peace.

exempt from parish offices, when, i. 52.
APPEAL, in what cases to the sessions, &c.

against an appointment of overseers, i. 36. 56.
by whom brought, i. 56.

party aggrieved, i. 56.

parishioners, i. 56.
against a rate in aid, i. 249.
against a distress for a poor's rate, i. 260.
against order respecting apprentices, i. 549.
against a removal by a pass,

none lies, ii. 239.

query, if by the vagrant, ii. 240.

or a foreigner without settlement, ii. 240.
against an adjudication as a rogue, &c., ii. 273. 276.
against an order of filiation, ii. 309.
preliminaries to by 49 Geo. III. c. 68., ii. 309.

as to notice, ii. 309.
what is insufficient, ii. 309.
verbal sufficient, ii. 310.
to what sessions, ii. 310.
who determine both on law and fact, ii. 312.
may quash in part, and affirm the remainder, ii. 312.
their judgment, how far conclusive, i. 314, 315.
to be final must be on merits, ii. 315.

the parish cannot appeal, ii. 309. 316.
against an order to take an apprentice, ii. 344.

master, when concluded from appealing, ii. 350.

points to be discussed on, ii. 350., &c.
against an order of relief,

none lies, ii. 374.
against any act of justices under 22 Geo. III. c. 83.,

ii. 406.
against overseers' accounts, ii. 406.

by parties aggrieved, ii. 459.
succeeding overseers on behalf of the parish, ü. 459.
who may join in, ii. 487.
to what sessions, ii. 462., &c.
to the next possible sessions after the allowance,

ii. 466.


where notice of appeal was to be given on the day

of allowance, ii. 465.
previous allowance necessary, ii. 467.
notice of appeal, ii. 459.
must specify causes and grounds of objection, ii.459.
insufficient merely to state the items objected to,

ii. 459.
what is not a waiver of the notice, ii. 461.

See Notice.
power of sessions to find a balance, ii. 468.
to order payment, ii. 468.

so may justices out of session, ii. 470.
compellable by mandamus, when, ii. 470.
may remit to the justices to whom the accounts

have been first referred, ii. 469.
by overseers under 50 Geó. III.

against reductions, ii. 470.
to what sessions, ii. 470.
conditions to, ii. 470.
power of sessions over, ii. 470.

as to costs, ii. 470.
against a conviction,

by parish officers, ii. 473.
APPEAL, against poor's rate, ii. 485.

by what statutes given, ii. 485.
who may appeal against a rate, ii. 486.
who may join in, ii. 487.
several rates included in one appeal, ii. 487.
to what sessions, ii. 490.
when to a limited jurisdiction, ii. 490.

to the county sessions if there be not four justices, ii. 491.
APPEAL, against an order of removal, ii. 488.

by what statutes, ii. 486.
of the parties to, ii. 488.
to what sessions, ii. 493.
not to a limited jurisdiction, ii. 492.

the reason of this, ii. 494., n. (2).

their order is null, ii. 494.
by 1 Geo. IV. if there be not six justices, ii. 495.

to general sessions if there be no quarter sessions, ii. 493.
APPEALS, against charges of maintenance during suspension

of order of removal above 201., ii. 371.
time of bringing, ii. 372.
time for, to be reckoned from service of the order,
ii. 373.
order must be served within reasonable time,

ii. 373. n.(1).
against orders of suspension, i. 488.

notwithstanding paupers' death, ii. 488.
against costs though under 201., ii. 489.


and no notice in three days, ii. 489.
APPEAL, of entering at the sessions, ii. 496.

entered by the clerk of the peace, when, ii. 496.
special motion, when necessary, ii. 497.
at what sessions against a rate, ii. 497.
the next practicable, ii. 498.

after rate allowed, ii. 498.
at what sessions against an order of removal,
the next, ii. 499.

after pauper's removal, ii. 499.

when order abandoned, ii. 499.
must be to next original sessions, ii. 500.

though intervening adjournment, ii. 501.
next quarter sessions, ii. 501.

not general sessions, ii. 501.

for the division, ii. 501.
of entering at an adjournment, ii. 502.

not usually heard then, ii. 502.
if no adjournment, consequence of, ii. 503.
but the party is not obliged to enter his appeal at

the adjournment, although it is the practice,

ii. 510.
next sessions is, next possible sessions, ii. 503.

second sessions, when so held, ii. 503, 504, 505.508.
the aggrieved party is intitled to reasonable time to

inquire, ii. 504.
Sunday is not to be taken as a day for such purpose,
ii. 504.
where appeal is prevented by agreement to

refer, ii. 511.
where appeal is not entered by agreement,

ii. 512,
when held not to be, ii.505,506.
if the party is not prepared to try at such second

sessions, ii. 507.
remedy to compel sessions to receive an appeal, ii, 513.

form of entering after mandamus, ii. 515.
APPEAL, of the notice of, ii. 515.

See Notice.

adjourning appeal for want of notice, when, ii. 518. 520.

so for insufficient, ii.518.520.
dismissing appeal for want of sufficient, ii. 519, 520.
proof of service of notice, ii. 527. 532. 539.
objections, how argued on, ii. 542.
appearances of parties, effect of, upon, ii. 532.
if neither appear, may be struck out, ii. 532.
party may waive his right of, ii. 588.

effect of, upon the settlement, ij. 578.

APPEALS, of adjourning,

in what cases, ii. 535.

by consent, ii. 536.
for sessions to advise, ii. 536.
if divided in opinion, ii. 536.

must not be beyond next sessions, ii.536.
want of, avoids a subsequent order, ii. 537.
B.R. directs the sessions to enter adjournments.
in what cases, ii. 538.

in what not, ii. 538.
APPEALS, of hearing.

order of, ij. 539.
when pauper to be produced at, ii. 539.
who to produce the order of removal at, ii. 539.
how conducted,

respondent begins in removals, ii. 540.
when appellant begins, in cases of rates, ii. 540.
.when respondent, ii. 540.
copy of the rate, when to be read, ii. 541.
notice to produce it, ii. 541.
forms in cases of orders or removal, ii. 542.

if sessions refuse evidence, ii. 544.
APPEALS, of re-hearing, when a case is to be re-stated.

of sending down for re-statement, ii. 606.
grounds for remitting it, ii. 606.

not if fact immaterial, ii. 607.
nor in rates, ii. 608.

will remit a second time, ii. 609.
ancient form of remitting, ii. 609.
modern practice, ii. 610.

parties begin de novo, ii. 610.
unless remitted for informality, ii. 611:

manner of re-hearing appeals, ii. 611.
a new notice, quere if necessary, ii. 611.
of continuances, ii. 611.
of stating the case anew, ii. 611.
of returning it, ii. 612.
if order contradicts the former, ii, 612

motion to quash, ii. 612.
APPEAL, of the sessions, judgment upon, ii. 545

who may vote in, ii. 545.

may not, ii. 545.
when to be adjourned, ii. 546.
when sessions may refer, ii. 547.
when amend, ü.551.

See Amendments.
of stating a case, ii. 556.
form of the judgment, ii. 564, &c.
in orders of removal, ii. 569, &c.
in rates, ii. 570.

under 41 Geo. III. c. 23., ii, 570.


of its caption, ii. 565.
must appear to be given upon appeal, ii. 567.
need not state the time of a removal, ii. 568.

must not be conditional, ii. 571.
APPEAL, effect of the judgment on, ii. 578.

in order of removal, ii. 578.

of an order confirmed, ii. 578.
an order quashed on the merits, ii. 578.

quashed for informality, ii. 579.
of allowing appeal without quashing the order,

ii. 579.
APPEAL, of the costs in, ii. 571.

See Costs.
maintenance in, ii. 575.623.

See Maintenance.
APPOINTMENT, See Appointment of Overseers.

See Orders of Appointment.
APPRENTICE, voluntary.

of the binding, i.496.
by deed, i. 496, 497.

indenture unnecessary, i. 497., &c.
who parties to, i. 497.

master's condition in life, immaterial what, i. 498.
so master's age, provided no fraud, i. 498.
so though both master and apprentice are under a

paramount obligation, 1.586.
where they were on the staff local militia, and

under command of superior officers, i. 586.
master residing in another county, i. 499.

apprentice's age immaterial, i. 497, 498. 545.
by what words, i.532.
time of service, i. 500.
what covenants, immaterial, i. 545.

punishment, i. 547.
of the stamps, i.517.

for the deeds, i.517.

premium, i. 518., &c.
See Apprenticeship, Settlement by,
of executing the deed, i. 499.
master's neglect to execute deed, i. 499.
of discharging the indentures, i. 545.

by two justices, i. 547.
must be on master's complaint, and on oath, i. 548.

appeal to sessions, i. 549.

no certiorari to remove their order, i. 549.
by the sessions, i.545.
what sessions, i. 550.
must consist of four justices, i. 550.

appeal, i. 548.

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