A treatise of the laws for the relief and settlement of the poor, Numero 788,Nide 2

A. Strahan, 1825
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Sivu 199 - ... such house or building, or land, shall be occupied under such yearly hiring, and the rent for the same, to the amount of 101., actually paid, for the term of one whole year at the least...
Sivu 276 - Action may plead the General Issue and give the special Matter in Evidence...
Sivu 248 - ... to the House of Correction, there to be kept to hard labour for ary time not exceeding three calendar months.
Sivu 62 - ... at and for the sum of 10/. a year, at the least, for the term of one whole year ; nor unless such house or building, or...
Sivu 578 - ... -notice thereof in writing to the justice or justices, or to two of them (if so many there be) by and before whom such conviction...
Sivu 482 - Majesty's justices of the peace; it shall and may be lawful for such person or persons, in any of the cases aforesaid...
Sivu 48 - ... a mortgagor in possession gains a settlement, because the mortagee, notwithstanding the form, has but a chattel, and the mortgage is only a security. It is an affront to common sense, to say the mortgagor is not the real owner.
Sivu 277 - ... or shall declare herself to be with child, and that such child is likely to be born a bastard, and to be chargeable to any parish, &c.
Sivu 240 - ... the parish or place to which such poor person is ordered to be removed, in case any removal shall take place, or in case of the death of such poor person before the execution of such order...
Sivu 114 - I. c. 11.) the presumption of the duration of life, with respect to persons of whom no account can be given, ends at the expiration of seven years from the time when they were last known to be living.

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