The Complete Writings of Walt Whitman: Leaves of grass

G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1902

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Sivu 213 - ... when all life and all the souls of men and women are discharged from any part of the earth — then only shall the instinct of liberty be discharged from that part of the earth.
Sivu 78 - Roaming in thought over the Universe, I saw the little that is Good steadily hastening towards immortality, And the vast all that is call'd Evil I saw hastening to merge itself and become lost and dead.
Sivu 107 - ... wider than Uranus flies, It wrenches such ardors from me I did not know I possess'd them, It sails me, I dab with bare feet, they are lick'd by the indolent waves, I am cut by bitter and angry hail, I lose my breath, Steep'd amid honey'd morphine, my windpipe throttled in fakes of death, At length let up again to feel the puzzle of puzzles, And that we call Being.
Sivu 279 - YOUTH, large, lusty, loving — youth full of grace, force, fascination, Do you know that Old Age may come after you with equal grace, force, fascination? Day full-blown and splendid — day of the immense sun, action, ambition, laughter, The Night follows close with millions of suns, and sleep and restoring darkness.
Sivu 73 - STRONGER LESSONS HAVE you learn'd lessons only of those who admired you, and were tender with you, and stood aside for you? Have you not learn'd great lessons from those who reject you, and brace themselves against you? or who treat you with contempt, or dispute the passage with you?
Sivu 65 - Leaves of Grass" indeed (I cannot too often reiterate) has mainly been the outcropping of my own emotional and other personal nature— an attempt, from first to last, to put a Person, a human being (myself, in the latter half of the Nineteenth Century, in America,) freely, fully and truly on record.
Sivu 91 - Fifth-month flowers experienced, stars, rain, snow, my amaze, Having studied the mocking-bird's tones and the flight of the mountainhawk, And heard at dawn the unrivall'd one, the hermit thrush from the swamp-cedars, Solitary, singing in the West, I strike up for a New World.
Sivu 61 - From another point of view Leaves of Grass is avowedly the song of Sex and Amativeness, and even Animality — though meanings that do not usually go along with those words are behind all, and will duly emerge; and all are sought to be lifted into a different light and atmosphere. Of this feature, intentionally palpable in a few lines, I shall only say the espousing principle of those lines so gives breath...
Sivu 215 - Now Lucifer was not dead . . . . or if he was I am his sorrowful terrible heir; 1 have been wronged .... I am oppressed .... I hate him that oppresses me, I will either destroy him, or he shall release me. Damn him! how he does defile me, How he informs against my brother and sister and takes pay for their blood, How he laughs when I look down the bend after the steamboat that carries away my woman. Now the vast dusk bulk that is the whale's bulk .... it seems mine, Warily, sportsman! though I lie...
Sivu 137 - I broke off a twig with a certain number of leaves upon it and twined around it a little moss, And brought it away, and I have placed it in sight in my room...

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