Sivut kuvina

c. 30.


ship or vessel in distress, wrecked, &c. offered 7 & 8 G.4.
or exposed for sale, any person to whom they
shall be offered for sale, or any officer of
customs or excise, or peace officer, may seize
the same, and with all convenient speed

the same, or give notice of the seizure,
to some J. P., and if the person who offered
or exposed the same for sale, or being duly
summoned by the J. shall not appear and
satisfy the J. that he came lawfully by the
goods, &c. then the same shall by order of
the J. be delivered to the owner upon pay-
ment of a reasonable reward, (to be ascer-
tained by the J.) to the person seizing them,
and the off. on conv. shall forfeit and pay
over and above the value of the goods, &c.

not ex. 201. as the J. shall order.
Offences relating to deer.
If any deer, or the head, skin or other part s. 27.

thereof, or any snare or engine for taking
deer shall be found on search warrant) in the
possession of any person, or on his premises,
with his knowledge, and such person being
carried before a J. P. shall not satisfy the J.
that he came lawfully by such deer, or the
head, &c. or that he had lawful occasion for
such snare, &c. and did not keep them for

s. 20.

c. 29.

SUMMARY CONVICTION-continued. 7 & 8 G. 4.

unlawful purposes, pun. on conv. to forfeit

and pay notex. 201. 7 & 8 Geo.4. c. 29. s. 27. If such person shall not be liable to conv. un

der the provisions of this act, then the J. at his disc. as the evidence given, and the cire cumstances of the case require, may summon before him any person through whose hands such deer, or the head, &c. shall have passed, and if the person from whom the same shall have first passed, or who shall have had possession thereof, shall not satisfy the J. that he came lawfully by the same, pen, as

for deer stealing. Id. See Deer, p. 40, ante. Destroying rabbits and hares in warrens, breeding

grounds, &c. in the night time, or in the day time. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 29. S. 30. See

p. 109, ante. c. 30.

Stealing dogs, beasts, or birds. Id. c. 30. s. 31.

See Beasts, p. 19, ante.
Stealing or destroying pigeons. Id. c. 29. s. 33.

See Pigeons, p. 133, ante.
Offences relating to fish. Id. s. 34. See Fish,

p. 56, ante.
Stealing trees,
The 1st and 2d offences are punishable before

magistrates. Id. s. 39. See p. 68, ante.

Stealing fences. 6. 40. Stealing or cutting, breaking or throwing

c. 29.

8. 39.




c. 29.

stile or

SUMMARY CONVICTION-continued. down, with intent to steal any part of


live 7 & 86.4. or dead fence, or any wooden post, pale or rail set up or used as a fence, or any gate, or any part thereof respectively, pen. for first offence, forfeit and pay above the amount of articles stolen, or the amount of injury done, not less than 5l. pen. for every off. comm. after the first off.

pun. on conv. as aforesaid, comm. to the co. g. or h. cor. to H. L. not ex. 12 cal. m.; and if the subsequent conv. shall be before 2 Js. P. they may further order the off. if a male, to be once, twice or thrice pub. or priv. W. after the expiration of 4 days from the conv.

7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 29. s. 40. Suspected persons having stolen wood in their s. 41.

possession. Id. s.41. See Wood, p. 188, post. Stealing vegetables in gardens. Id. s. 42. See

Gardens, p. 67, ante.
Stealing vegetables not in gardens. Id. S. 43. S. 43.

See Vegetables, p. 185.

S. 42.

S. 45.

Larceny by. Id. s. 45. See p. 111, ante.
Sending or delivering any letter in writing, with

or without a name, or with a fictitious name

4 G.4. c. 54.

of any


pun. at the

7 & 8 G.4. c. 29.


or signature, threatening to kill or murder, or to burn or destroy any house, outhouse, barn, stacks of corn or grain, hay or

traw, or procuring, aiding or abetting therein, or forcibly rescuing any person from the lawful custody officer or other

person, disc. of the Ct. Tr. for life, or 7 yrs. as the Ct. shall adjudge, or Impr. only, or Impr. with H. L. in the co. g. or h. cor. not ex. 7 yrs.

4 Geo. 4. c. 54. The like threatening to accuse a person of any

crime, punishable with death, transportation
or pillory, &c. (a) 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 29. s. 8.

See p. 101. ante.
Destroying. Id. c. 30. s. 30, 33. See p. 116,

When it is not allowed. Id. c. 28. s. 3. See

p. 78, ante. TREASON, Petty. Petty treason is abolished, to be treated as murder

only, and no greater off. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31.

[blocks in formation]

S. 2.

(a) It was determined in the case of Rex v. Wagstoff, that dropping a letter in a man's way that he might pick it up, was a sending it to him. Russ. & Ry. C.C. R. 398.

c. 30.


Destroying. 7 & 8 Geo. 4.

c. 30. s. 19, 20. 7& 8 G. 4.
See p. 69, ante.
Stealing. Id. c. 29. s. 38, 39. See p. 68, ante. c. 29.
Where no remedy or punishment is provided for c. 30.

by 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 30.
Committing damage, injury or spoil, to or upon s. 24.

any real or personal property whatsoever,
either of a pub. or priv. nature, for which no
remedy is provided by this act, pen. on conv.
before a J. P. forfeit and pay such sum as

to the J. a reasonable compen
sation, for damage, injury and spoil comm.
not ex. 51. (a) if priv. property, to be paid to
the party aggrieved, except where such party
has been examined in proof of the off. (6)
and in such case, or in the case of property
of a pub. nature, or wherein any pub. right
is concerned, the money is to be applied as
every pen. imposed by a J. under this act (c)

(a) This penalty of 51. is not to be awarded at all events'; the amount of damage must be ascertained in each case, and then a reasonable compensation awarded to the party injured, according to the amount of the injury proved ; the magistrate is not to go beyond 5l. and he is not to award 51. unless the damage done is proved to amount to that sum.

(6) If the party is examined as a witness to prove the charge, he loses all claim to any part of the penalty.

(c) That is, to be paid to one of the overseers of the place, to be by him paid over to the general co. rate.

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