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7 & 8 G. 4. c. 30.

3. 6.

9 G. 4. c. 4.

c. 32.

s. 2.

s. 3.

[blocks in formation]

Impr. not ex. 2 yrs. If a male, to be once, twice, or thrice pub. or priv. W. in add. to the Impr. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 30. s. 7. 6.

But not to extend to damage comm. under ground by the owner of an adjoining mine in working the same. Id. s. 6.


In foreign service without the consent of H. M.
mis. pen.Fine and Impr. at the disc. of the
Ct. when conv. 9 Geo. 4. c. 4. See the
Mutiny Act.

ESCAPE. See Prison Breach, post.

EVIDENCE. See Confession, p. 32, Accessories, p. 2, and Depositions, p. 41, ante. Competency of witnesses. The affirmation or de

claration of quakers and moravians, in all cases criminal and civil, may be taken instead of an oath in the usual form. If any such person shall be conv. of falsely affirming or declaring, pun. subject to the pains, penalties, and forfeitures, as persons guilty of perjury. 9 Geo. 4. c. 32. s. 1.

The party whose name is forged is a competent witness in prosecutions for forgery, either at

com. law or by stat. Id. s. 2.

Every pun. for fel. after it has been endured, has


the same effect as a pardon under the Great 9 G. 4.

Seal. (a) Id. s. 3.

c. 23.

A person conv. of any misd. except perjury and s. 4.

subornation of perjury, and having endured

pun. shall not after pun. be deemed an in-
competent witness. Id. s. 4.


As to the return of them in fel.

Js. P. are to take the examination of prisoners 7 G. 4. and informations agt. them, bind over all the c. 64. parties to prosecute, and give evidence, and deliver the examinations, &c. to the proper officer at the sitting of the Ct. in which the trial is to be. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 2.

In cases of misd. (b) and suspicion thereof, the s. 3. depositions and examination are to be taken in writing and returned with recognizes, &c. as in cases of fel. (as above,) and the parties are to be bound over in the like manner. Id. s. 3.

Before Coroners. The examinations and deposi

(a) The benefit of clergy being abolished, this enactment was necessary to prevent the disabilities of attainder.

(b) Before this enactment was made, Js. seldom took the examinations in writing in cases of misd. But now the whole of the proceedings before Js. must be taken in writing, and returned in the same manner as in cases of felony. And the magistrate has now the same power of compelling the attendance of witnesses in misdemeanor, which he had before in cases of felony. Car. C. L. p. 14.

7 G. 4. c. 64.

s. 5.

s. 6.

c. 53.


tions in cases of murder and manslaughter
must be subscribed by the crown and certi-
fied, and the recognizances with the inquisi-
tion returned to the Ct. in which the trial is
to be. Id. 4.

Js. and coroners offending in these respects may
pun. at the disc. of the Ct. Id. 5.
All those provisions which relate to Js. or coro-
ners, apply to the Js. and coroners, not only
of cos, at large, but to all other juris. Id.
s. 6. See Exclusive Jurisdictions, post.


7 & 8 G. 4. Perjury relating to, pun. as for wilful and corrupt perjury. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 53. s. 31.

s. 56.

9 G. 4. c. 31.

Subornation of, relating to, pun. as for subornation of perjury. Id.

Forgery, relating to, fel. pun. D. without benefit of clergy. Id. s. 56.

Assisting therein, or uttering, or publishing, a

draft, instrument, or writing relating to the excise, with intent to defraud H. M. or any person whomsoever, fel. pun. D. without benefit of clergy. Id.

Assaulting a revenue officer.

In the due execution of his duty, or any one acting in his aid, with intent to prevent the

EXCISE continued.

c. 31.

apprehension or detaining the party so as- 9 G. 4.
saulting, or any other person for any offence for
which he may be liable by law to be appre-
hended or detained, pun. Impr. with or with-
out H. L. not ex. 2 yrs. or fine and sureties
for keeping the peace. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31.
s. 25.

Resisting and assaulting.

c. 53.

Any person being armed with any offensive wea- 7 & 8 G. 4. pon whatsoever, assaulting or resisting any officer of excise, or any person acting in his aid, &c. such officer and person so acting may oppose force to force. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 53. s. 31.


c. 14.

c. 52.

Js. may commit for trial at the assizes in capi- 63 G. 3. tal off. and bind over the parties to prosecute and give evidence. 60 Geo. 3. c. 14. Offences comm. in a co. of a city or town may 38 G. 3. be tried in the co. at large. 38 Geo. 3. c.52. (See Rex v. Mellor, R. & R. C. C. R. 144.) Prosecutors' expences for capital offences in ex- 60 G. 3. clusive jurisdictions which the judge shall c. 14. allow by virtue of any law now in force, shall be paid by the town, liberty, soke, or place in which the off. shall have been comm. in the same manner as if the off. had been tried


60 G. 3. c. 14.

9 G. 4. c. 31.

7 G. 4. c. 64.


JURISDICTIONS-continued. within the limits of the exclusive jurisdiction. 60 Geo. 3. c. 14. s. 3.


No pun. or forfeiture shall be incurred by any person killing another by misfortune, or in his own defence, or in any other manner without fel. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 10. EXPENCES IN FELONY.

Of the prosecutor and his witnesses in preferring the ind. and all reasonable expences incurred by attending before the examining magistrate and the grand jury, and also compensation for loss of time and trouble, whether ind. found or not, and of persons attending on recognizance or subpoena, to be allowed by order of the Ct. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 22. The compensation for trouble and loss of time to be ascertained by the certificate of the committing magistrate granted before the trial or attendance in Ct. if the magistrate thinks fit to grant it; the amount is to be ascertained by the officer of the Ct. as to the regulations of the rate of such expences and compensation. Id. See p. 51. post.

This section extends only to prosecution for fel. but the prosecutor is not to be allowed the expences of apprehending the priCar. C. L. 107.


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