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In cases of misd. expences may be allowed in the following cases

To the prosecutor or other person attending the

Ct. on recognizance or subpoena, to give
evidence in cases of assault with intent to
comm. fel.

c. 64,

In attempts to com, fel. riot, misd. for receiving 7 G. 4.
stolen property; in assaults upon a peace offi-
cer in the execution of his duty, or upon any
person acting in his aid; neglect or breach
of duty as a peace officer; in assaults comm.
in pursuance of conspiracy to raise the rate of
wages; for obtaining property by false pre-
tences; in wilful and indecent exposure of the
person; in perjury, subornation of perjury,
(except the expences incurred before the exa-
mining magistrate. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 23.
In exclusive juris. See p. 49, ante.

In the Admiralty Cts. expences may be ordered s. 27.
in all charges of fel. or of misd. where they
might be allowed in other Cts. to be paid by
the assistant to the counsel for the affairs of

the admiralty and navy. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 27. EXPORTING TOOLS OR MACHINERY. All the laws relative to artificers going abroad 5 G. 4. and exporting tools and machinery, &c. are repealed by 5 Geo. 4. c. 97.

c. 97.


c. 29.


7 & 8 G. 4. Disposing of, or pledging goods entrusted to them for sale, or any bill of lading, warehouse keeper's or wharfinger's cert. warrant or order for delivery of goods, for their own benefit, misd. pun. Tr. for 14 yrs. nor less than 7, or Fine or Impr. or both.7 & 8 Geo. 4.c. 29. s. 51. Except to the extent of what is due to the factor, and his acceptances at the time of the deposit and pledge. Id.

FALSE OATH. See Perjury, post.


7 & 8 G. 4. Obtaining any chattel, money or valuable securi

c. 29.

9 G. 4. c. 4.

ty, (a) with intent to cheat or defraud, misd. pun. Tr. 7 yrs. or Fine or Impr. or both, as the Ct. shall award; such offences not to merge in fel., no certiorari-and the off. is not to be tried for larceny on the same facts. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 29. s. 53.

By soldiers enlisting, making false statements at the time of enlisting, pun, as for obtaining money by false pretences. 9 Geo. 4. c. 4. s. 98. (Mutiny Act.)

Expence of prosecution.

p. 51, ante.

See title Expences,

(a) For what is deemed to be valuable security. See Larceny, post.

c. 56.

FALSELY PERSONATING SEAMEN, &c. Any person representing him or herself as the next 59 G. 3. of kin of any seaman or marine, or any agent whose authority is revoked, offering to receive pay, prize money, bounty money, or other allowance of money, misd. and pun. accordingly. 59 Geo. 3. c. 56. s. 3.

Inserting false dates in any order for payment of s. 12. prize money, bounty money, grants or other allowances of money payable by the commissioners and governors of Greenwich Hospital or their treasurer, misd. and pun. accordingly.

Id. s. 12.

Persons entitled to prize money using false docu- s. 17. ments, misd, with forfeiture of all prize money, bounty money, pension money or allowance of money due. Id. s. 17.

Falsely personating officers, seamen, marines, s. 18. and causing, procuring, aiding and assisting therein, or forging any letter of attorney, order, bill, ticket, certificate of service, or other certificate whatsoever, assignment, will or other power or authority whatsoever, in order to receive wages, &c.

Or uttering as true any such documents, or taking a false oath to obtain a probate or letters of administration, or demanding or receiving wages, &c. knowing the will to be forged, or the probate or administration to have been

59 G. 3. c. 56.

c. 49.

FALSELY PERSONATING, &c.-continued. obtained by false oath with intent to defraud, fel. pun. D. without benefit of clergy. Id. s. 18.

1 & 2G. 3. Procuring persons to sign a false petition under the 1 & 2 Geo. 4. c. 49. or procuring others to demand money due, or supposed to be due to seamen, &c. under a certificate from the inspector of seamen's wills, pun. Tr. 7 yrs. as persons conv. of fel. 1 & 2 Geo. 4.

s. 4.

7 & 8 G.4.

c. 30.

c. 49. s. 3.

Procuring others to utter any forged letter of at-
torney, bill, certificate, &c. to obtain sea-
men's wages, &c. or procuring another to
demand pay, &c. fel. pun. D. without benefit
of clergy. Id. s. 4.
FENCES.-Summary Conviction.
Destroying,-of any description whatever.
Unlawfully and maliciously cutting, breaking,
throwing down, or in anywise destroying any
fence of any description whatever, or any
wall, stile or gate, or any part thereof re-
spectively, pen. on conv. before a J. P. for
the first offence, to pay over and above the
amount of injury done, not ex. 51. pen.; for
any subsequent offence comm. to the co. g.
or H. C. to H. L. not ex. 12 cal. m. If
such subsequent conv. shall take place be-
fore 2 Js. they may further order, if a male,


to be once or twice pub. or priv. W. at the 7&8 G. 4.
end of 4 days after conv. 7 & 8 Geo. 4.

c. 30. s. 23.

c. 30.

Stealing rails, fences, &e. Summary Jurisdiction. c. 29.
Stealing or cutting, breaking or throwing down,
with intent to steal any part of any live or
dead fence, or any wooden post, pale or rail
set up or used as a fence, or any stile or gate,
or any part thereof respectively, pen. on
conv. before a J. P. for the first offence for-
feit and pay over and above the value of the
article or articles stolen, or the amount of in-
jury done, not ex. 5l.; on a second conv.
comm. to the co. g. or h. cor. to H. L. not
ex. 12 cal. m. If such subsequent conv.
shall take place before 2 Js. they may further
order, if a male, to be once or twice pub. or
priv. W. at the end of 4 days after the conv.
7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 29. s. 40.


Setting fire to any heath, gorze, furze or fern, c. 30. wheresoever the same may be growing, fel.

pun. Tr. 7

yrs. or Impr. not ex. 2 yrs, and if a male, to be once, twice or thrice pub. or priv. W. in add. to the Impr. if the Ct. shall think fit. 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 30. s. 17.


Destroying, in private fisheries, and breaking down dams of fish-ponds.


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