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7 G. 4.

c. 64.


off. to have been comm. on a day subsequent to the finding of the indict. or exhibiting the inf., or on an impossible day, or on a day that never happened, nor for the want of a proper or perfect venue, where the Ct. shall appear by the indict. or inf. to have had ju

risd. over the off. 7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 20. As to accessaries before and after the fact, see

Accessaries, p. 2 & 3, ante.
The like, receivers, see Accessaries, Receivers, p.6.

Where the property is found in some other part

of the U. K. The act of 7 & 8 Geo. 4. c. 29. does not extend

to Scotland or Ireland, except in the follow

ing cases. Where a person having stolen or otherwise fe

loniously taken any chattel, money, valuable security or other property, whatever, in any part of the U. K. shall afterwards have the same in his possession in any other part of the U. K. he may be ind. tried and pun. for larceny or theft, in that part of the U. K. where he shall have the property. 7 & 8 G. 4.

c. 29. s. 76. Receivers of such stolen property are to be dealt

with as last aforesaid. Id.

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7 & 8 G.4.

c. 29.

C. 64.

Offences at sea.
Where a fel. or misd. pun. under this act, 7 & 8 G. 4.

shall be committed within the jurisd. of the c. 29.
Admiralty of England, the same may be dealt
with, tried and determined as any other fel.

or misd. within that jurisd. Id. s. 77.
Of the name and addition, see Addition, p. 7,

ante. Of laying the property, whether real or personal,

where it is vested in partners, joint-tenants,&c. In all ind. or inf. for fel. or misd. it is sufficient 7 G. 4.

to lay the possession or property of partners
in trade, joint-tenants, parceners or tenants in
common, in one of them and another or
others, and also when it is necessary for any
purpose whatever to mention those parties,
in any ind. or inf. as joint-stock companies
and trustees, they are to be described in the

7 Geo. 4. c. 64. s. 14.
In a county or division.
The property of co. or divisions may be laid in s. 15.

the inh. without mentioning the names of

any. Id. s. 15.
In a parish, township or place.
Property of a parish, with respect to a work- s. 16.

house or poorhouse provided for the use of
the poor, or to be used in a workhouse or
poorhouse, or by the master thereof, or by

same manner,

7 G.4.

c. 64.

s. 17.


the workmen or servants employed therein :
it may be laid in the overseers of the poor for
the time being, without naming any of them.

Id. s. 16.
Property of a parish as to highways. Materials,

tools or implements provided for the high-
ways, (except trustees or commissioners of
turnpike roads) may be laid in the surveyor
or surveyors of the highways for the time

being, without naming any one of them. Id. Property of a turnpike trust. Where the property belongs to the trustees of a

turnpike road trust, it may be laid in the trustees or commissioners of such road with

out naming any of them. Id. s. 17. Where the property is vested in or under the

the management of commissioners of sewers. It may be laid as belonging to the commission

ers of sewers without naming any of them.

Id. s. 18.
Where the property belongs to Chelsea Hospital.
It is to be laid in the lords and others commis-

sioners of the Royal Hospital for soldiers at
Chelsea, in the co. of Midd. 7 Geo. 4.
c. 16. s. 35. See tit. Chelsea Hospital,

p. 25, ante. In case of leaving seamen abroad. See Forcing

Seamen A shore, p. 59. ante.

s. 18.

76.4. c. 16.

When the Ct. may order a copy, see Imparlance,

&c. p.78, ante.
la offences relating to the customs, see Cus-

toms, p. 35, ante. INJURIES, Malicious. To property. See Malicious Injuries, post. INJURIES TO THE PERSON. (a) Every offence of petty treason, which before the 9G. 4.

c. 31. commencement of this act would have amounted to murder, shall be deemed to be murder only, and all persons guilty thereof, whether as principals or accessaries, shall be ind. tried and pun. as principals and accessa

ries in murder. 9 Geo. 4. c.31. s. 2. Murder. Every person conv. of murder, or of being an

accessary before the fact to murder, pun. D.

Id. s. 3.
Every accessary after the fact to murder, pun.

at the disc. of the Ct. Tr. for life, or Impr.
with or without H. L. in the com. g. or h.

cor. not ex. 4 yrs. Id. Murder or manslaughter committed abroad by 9G. 4.

his majesty's subjects, and charged with the

s. 3.

c. 4.

(a) The various laws relating to murder and personal injuries, dispersed through a variety of statutes, were by the 9G. 4. c.31. reduced into one act, in which some important alterations and improvements are observable.

9 G. 4. c. 4.


offence in England, or being accessary before
the fact to murder, or after the fact to mur-
der or manslaughter respectively, comm. on
land out of the U. K. whether within the
king's dom. or without; any J. P. of the co.
or place where the person charged shall be,
is authorized to take cognizance of the of-
fence, and proceed therein as if it had been
comm. within his ordinary juris. and if the
party charged shall be comm. for trial, or
admitted to bail, a commission of O. T. shall
issue for the speedy trial of the offender, and
the persons named in the commission shall
hear and determine the offence in the same
manner, as if the offence had been comm. in
the said co. or place. 9 Geo. 4. c. 4. s. 7.

See Commitments, p. 29, ante.
Peers or persons entitled to the privilege of peer-

age, ind. for such offences shall be tried by
in the usual manner.

Nothing contained in the said act shall prevent

any person being tried in any place out of
this kingdom, (a) for murder or manslaughter

(a) If an offender is tried and acquitted in a foreign country for a murder committed in that country, he may plead the acquittal in bar of indictment in England under a special commission. Hutchinson's Case, 1 Show. 6. Bull. N.P. 245.

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