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7 G. 4. c. 64.

s. 17.

s. 18.

7 G. 4. c. 16.


the workmen or servants employed therein : it may be laid in the overseers of the poor for the time being, without naming any of them. Id. s. 16.

Property of a parish as to highways. Materials, tools or implements provided for the highways, (except trustees or commissioners of turnpike roads) may be laid in the surveyor or surveyors of the highways for the time being, without naming any one of them. Id. Property of a turnpike trust.

Where the property belongs to the trustees of a turnpike road trust, it may be laid in the trustees or commissioners of such road without naming any of them. Id. s. 17. Where the property is vested in or under the the management of commissioners of sewers. It may be laid as belonging to the commission. ers of sewers without naming any of them. Id. s. 18.

Where the property belongs to Chelsea Hospital.
It is to be laid in the lords and others commis-
sioners of the Royal Hospital for soldiers at
Chelsea, in the co. of Midd. 7 Geo. 4.
c. 16. s. 35. See tit. Chelsea Hospital,
p. 25, ante.

In case of leaving seamen abroad. See Forcing
Seamen Ashore, p. 59. ante.


When the Ct. may order a copy, see Imparlance, &c. p. 78, ante.

In offences relating to the customs, see Customs, p. 35, ante.

INJURIES, Malicious.

To property. See Malicious Injuries, post.

c. 31.

Every offence of petty treason, which before the 9 G. 4. commencement of this act would have amounted to murder, shall be deemed to be murder only, and all persons guilty thereof, whether as principals or accessaries, shall be ind. tried and pun. as principals and accessaries in murder. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 2.


Every person conv. of murder, or of being an s. 3. accessary before the fact to murder, pun. D. Id. s. 3.

Every accessary after the fact to murder, pun.

at the disc. of the Ct. Tr. for life, or Impr.
with or without H. L. in the com. g. or h.
cor. not ex. 4 yrs. Id.

Murder or manslaughter committed abroad by 9 G. 4. his majesty's subjects, and charged with the

(a) The various laws relating to murder and personal injuries, dispersed through a variety of statutes, were by the 9 G. 4. c. 31. reduced into one act, in which some important alterations and improvements are observable.

c. 4.

9 G. 4. c. 4.

INJURIES TO THE PERSON-continued. offence in England, or being accessary before the fact to murder, or after the fact to murder or manslaughter respectively, comm. on land out of the U. K. whether within the king's dom. or without; any J. P. of the co. or place where the person charged shall be, is authorized to take cognizance of the offence, and proceed therein as if it had been comm. within his ordinary juris. and if the party charged shall be comm. for trial, or admitted to bail, a commission of O. T. shall issue for the speedy trial of the offender, and the persons named in the commission shall hear and determine the offence in the same manner, as if the offence had been comm. in the said co. or place. 9 Geo. 4. c. 4. s. 7. See Commitments, p. 29, ante.

Peers or persons entitled to the privilege of peerage, ind. for such offences shall be tried by their peers in the usual manner. Id.

Nothing contained in the said act shall prevent any person being tried in any place out of this kingdom, (a) for murder or manslaughter

(a) If an offender is tried and acquitted in a foreign country for a murder committed in that country, he may plead the acquittal in bar of indictment in England under a special commission. Hutchinson's Case, 1 Show. 6. Bull. N. P. 245.


comm. abroad, in the same manner as he 9 G. 4. might have been tried before the passing of

this act.



c. 4. s. 7.

Every person conv. of manslaughter, pun. at 9 G. 4.

the disc. of the Ct, Tr. for life, or not less than 7 yrs. or Impr. with or without H. L. in the com. g. or h. cor. not ex. 4 yrs. or Fine as the Ct. shall award. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 9. The like offence comm. abroad, see Commitments, p. 29, ante.

Homicide not felonious. See Homicide, p. 72,


Attempts to murder by poisoning, drowning, stran

c. 31.

gling or suffocating, shooting or stabbing. Administering or attempting to administer to s. 11. any person, or causing to be taken by any person, any poison or other destructive thing, or attempting to drown, suffocate or strangle any person, or shooting at any person, or by drawing a trigger, or in any other manner attempting to discharge any kind of loaded

arms (a) at any person, or stabbing, cutting or

(a) These words will comprise air guns, though perhaps not cross bows, although a cross bow may be considered loaded when the bullet is put into the place from whence it is to be propelled by the distension of the gut; so a bullet is to be propelled from the air-gun by the escape of the air in the chamber.

9 G. 4. c. 31

s. 15.

s. 18.

s. 18.

wounding any person with intent in any of
the said cases to murder, and every person
aiding or abetting, fel. pun. D. 9 Geo. 4.
c. 31. s. 11.

Concealment of the birth of bastard children. See
Concealment, p. 31, ante.

Furious driving. See Driving Furiously, p. 57,



Every person conv. of this abominable crime, either mankind or with any animal, fel. pun. D. 9 Geo. 4. c. 31. s. 15.

In cases of sodomy, it is not necessary to prove the actual emission of seed in order to constitute the offence, but it is to be deemed complete upon proof of penetration only. Id. s. 18.


Persons conv. of

rape, (a) fel. pun. D. Id. s. 16. Carnal knowledge of girls under 10 yrs. See p. 22. ante.

The like of girls between 10 & 12 yrs. Id.
Forcible abduction of women on account of their

property, and against their will. See p. 1,


(a) It was held that the least degree of penetration was sufficient to constitute this offence. See Russen's case, 1 East, P. C. 438. Russell, 303.

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