The Sailor's Pocket Book: a Collection of Practical Rules, Notes, and Tables: For the Use of the Royal Navy, the Mercantile Marine, and Yacht Squadrons

J. Griffin, 1875 - 432 sivua
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Sivu 57 - If he fails so to do, and no reasonable cause- for such failure is shown, the collision shall, in the absence of proof to the contrary, be deemed to have been caused by his wrongful act, neglect, or default.
Sivu 51 - In the following rules every steam vessel which is under sail and not under steam is to be considered a sailing vessel, and every vessel under steam, whether under sail or not, is to be considered a steam vessel. The words "steam vessel" shall include any vessel propelled by machinery. A vessel is "under way...
Sivu 51 - Art. 13. If two ships under steam are meeting end on, or nearly end on so as to involve risk of collision, the helms of both shall be put to port, so that each may pass on the port side of the other.
Sivu 52 - ... which must, if both keep on their respective courses, pass clear of each other. The only cases to which it does apply are when each of the two vessels is end on or nearly end on to the other; in other words, to...
Sivu 286 - On each occasion that the body is replaced on the face, make uniform but efficient pressure with brisk movement, on the back between and below the shoulder-blades or bones on each side, removing the pressure immediately before turning the body on the side.
Sivu 287 - Silvester's method, as follows: — Place the patient on the back on a flat surface, inclined a little upwards from the feet; raise and support the head and shoulders on a small firm cushion or folded article of dress placed under the shoulder-blades.
Sivu 59 - The distant signal, consisting of a square flag, having either above or below it a ball or anything resembling a ball. 4. A continuous sounding with any fog-signal apparatus.
Sivu 221 - ... being made larger, than requisite for the use of the crew of the vessel as a merchant vessel; or more than one boiler, or other cooking apparatus, of the ordinary size.
Sivu 288 - ... into the lungs.} Then turn down the patient's arms, and press them gently and firmly for two seconds, against the sides of the chest. (By this means air is pressed out of the lungs.} (See./^r.
Sivu 282 - On swimming to a person in the sea, if he be struggling do not seize him then, but keep off for a few seconds till he gets quiet, for it is sheer madness to take...

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