The Author, Nide 3

William Henry Hills
Writer Publishing Company, 1891
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Sivu 15 - Act or by treaty; or when such foreign state or nation is a party to an international agreement which provides for reciprocity in the granting of copyright, by the terms of which agreement the United States may, at its pleasure, become a party thereto...
Sivu 5 - The author, inventor, designer, or proprietor of any book, map, chart, dramatic or musical composition, engraving, cut, print, or photograph, or negative thereof, or of a painting, drawing, chromo, statue, statuary, and of models or designs intended to be perfected as works of the fine arts...
Sivu 16 - That no person shall maintain an action for the infringement of his copyright unless he shall give notice thereof by inserting in the several copies of every edition published, on the title page or the page immediately following, if it be a book ; or if a map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, engraving, photograph painting, drawing, chromo, statue, statuary, or model or design intended to bo perfected and completed as a work of the fine arts, by inscribing upon some visible portion thereof...
Sivu 5 - SEC. 4954. The author, inventor, or designer, if he be still living and a citizen of the United States or resident therein, or his widow or children if he be dead, shall have the same exclusive right continued for the further term of fourteen years...
Sivu 65 - To lend himself, to project himself and steep himself, to feel and feel till he understands, and to understand so well that he can say, to have perception at the pitch of passion and expression as embracing as the air, to be infinitely curious and incorrigibly patient...
Sivu 13 - SEC. 4965. If any person after the recording of the title of any map, chart, musical composition, print, cut, engraving, or photograph, or chromo, or of the description of any painting, drawing, statue, statuary, or model...
Sivu 16 - Copyright," together with the year the copyright was entered, and the name of the party by whom it was taken out ; thus —" Copyright, 18—, by AB
Sivu 15 - That for the purpose of this act each volume of a book in two or more volumes, when such volumes are published separately and the first one shall not have been issued before this act shall take effect, and each number of a periodical, shall be considered an independent publication, subject to the form of copyrighting as above.
Sivu 157 - ... business, I walk out, sit down now and then, look out for objects in nature round me that are in unison or harmony with the cogitations of my fancy and workings of my bosom, humming every now and then the air, with the verses I have framed. When I feel my Muse beginning to jade, I retire to the solitary fireside of my study, and there commit my effusions to paper, swinging...
Sivu 8 - ... any society or institution incorporated or established solely for religious, philosophical, educational, scientific, or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use or by order of any college, academy, school or seminary of learning in the United States, or any state or public library, and not for sale, subject to such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe.

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