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that the bodies fhould not re- for fins, the juft for the unjuft; main upon the cross on the fab- (that he might bring us to bath-day (for that fabbath-day God) being put to death in the was an high day) befought flesh, but quickned by the SpiPilate that their legs might be rit: by which also he went and broken, and that they might be preached unto the spirits in pritaken away. Then came the fon; which fometime were dif foldiers, and brake the legs obedient, when once the longof the firft, and of the other fuffering of God waited in the which was crucified with days of Noah, while the ark him. But when they came to was a preparing; wherein few, Jefus, and faw that he was dead that is, eight fouls, were faved already, they brake not his by water. The like figure wherelegs. But one of the foldiers unto, even baptifm, doth also with a fpear pierced his fide, now fave us, not the putting and forthwith came there out away the filth of the flesh, blood and water. And he that but the answer of a good confaw it bare record, and his re- fcience towards God) by the record is true: and he knoweth furrection of Jefus Chrift: who that he faith true, that ye is gone into heaven, and is on might believe. For thefe things the right hand of God, angels, were done, that the Scripture and authorities, and powers fhould be fulfilled, A bone of being made fubject unto him. him fhall not be broken. And The Gospel. S. Matth. 27. 57. again, another Scripture faith, Hen the even was come,

they pierced.

The Collect.

of Arimathea, named Jofeph, who alfo himself was Jefus difciple. He went to Pilate, and begged the body of Jefus. Then

that as

are baptized into the be delivered. And when Joseph death of thy bleffed Son our had taken the body, he wrapSaviour Jefus Chrift; fo by ped it in a clean linen cloth, continual mortifying our cor- and laid it in his own new tomb, rupt affections, we may be which he had hewn out in the buried with him, and that rock; and he rolled a great through the grave and gate of ftone to the door of the fepuldeath, we may pafs to our joyful chre, and departed. And there refurrection, for his merits, who was Mary Magdalene, and the died, and was buried, and rofe other Mary, fitting over against again for us, thy Son Jefus the fepulchre. Now the next - Chrift our Lord. Amen. day that followed the day of t The Epiftler S. Pet. 3. 17. the preparation, the chief priefts and Pharifees came to gether unto Pilate, faying, Sir, we remember that that deceiver faid, while he was yet alive, After

T is better, if the will of God be fo, that ye fuffer for welldoing, than for evil-doing. For Chrift alfo hath once fuffered

After three days I will rife a- to the Son and to the Holy gain. Command therefore that Ghoft;

the fepulchre be made fure, Anf. As it was in the beginuntil the third day, left his di- ning, is now, and ever shall be: fciples come by night, and fteal world without end. Amen. him away, and fay unto the The Collect. people, He is nifen from the Amine only begotten Son Lmighty God, who thro'


be worse than the firft. Pilate Jefus Chrift, haft overcome faid unto them, Ye have a death, and opened unto us the watch, go your way, make it gate of everlasting life; We as fure as you can. So they went humbly beseech thee, that as and made the fepulchre fure, by thy fpecial grace preventing fealing the stone, and fetting a us, thou doft put into our minds good defires; fo by thy continual help we may bring the fame to good effect, through Jefus At Morning Prayer, inftead Chrift our Lord, who liveth and of the Pfalm O Come, let reigneth with thee and the Hous, &c.] thefe Anthems ly Ghoft, ever one God, world fhall be fung or faid. without end. Amen. Hrift



Cficed for pallover is facit - The Epifle. Col. 3. I with us keep the feat. Not with old I Chrift, reek thofe things leaven, neither with the leaven which are above, where Chrift of malice and wickedness: but fitteth on the right hand of with the unleavened bread of God. Set your affection on fincerity and truth. I Cor. 5. 7. things above, not on things on

Hrift being raised from the the earth: For yeare dead, and

hath no more dominion over God. When Chrift who is our him. For in that he died, he life fhall appear, then shall ye died unto fin once: but in that alfo appear with him in glory. he liveth, he liveth unto God. Mortifie therefore your mem. Likewife reckon ye alfo your bers which are upon the earth; felves to be dead indeed un- fornication, uncleannefs, inorto fin: but alive unto God, dinate affection, evil concupi through Jefus Chrift our Lord. fcence, and covetoufnefs, which Rom. 6.9. is idolatry: for which things Hrift is rifen fromthe dead: fake the wrath of God cometh on

of them that flept. For fince by the which ye alfo walked fome man came death: by man came time when ye lived in them. alfo the refurrection of the The Gospel. S. John 20. 1. He first the week

dead. as in Adam die:

even fo in Chrift shall all be Toneth Mary Magdalene

made alive. I Cor. 15. 20. Glory be to the Father, and

early, when it was yet dark, unto the fepulchre, and feeth the


his and



the ftone taken away from the Holy Ghoft, ever one God, fepulchre. Then the runneth world without end. Amen. and cometh to Simon Peter, For the Epiftle. Acts 10. 34. and to the other disciple whom Jefus loved, and faith unto said, Of a truth I perceive them, They have taken away that God is no refpecter of perthe Lord out of the fepulchre, fons, but in every nation he and we know not where they that feareth him, and worketh have laid him. Peter therefore righteoufnefs, is accepted with 1 went forth, and that other di- him. The word which God sent fciple, and came to the fepul- unto the children of Ifrael, chre. So they ran both toge- preaching peace by Jefus Chrift ther, and the other difciple did he is Lord of all) That word out-run Peter,and came firft to I fay) you know, which was the fepulchre; and he ftooping publifhed throughout all Judown, and looking in, faw the dea, and began from Galilee, linen clothes lying, yet went he after the baptifm which John not in. Then cometh Simon preached: How God anointed Peter following him, and went Jefus of Nazareth with the into the fepulchre, and feeth Holy Ghost, and with power, the linen clothes lie; and the who went about doing good, napkin that was about his head, and healing all that were op not lying with the linen clothes, preffed of the devil: for God but wrapped together in a place was with him. And we are witby it felf. Then went in alfo that neffes of all things which he did, other difciple which came first both in the land of the Jews, to the fepulchre, and he faw and in Jerufalem, whom they and believed. For as yet they flew, and hanged on a tree: knew not the Scripture, that he Him God raifed up the third muft rife again from the dead. day, and fhewed him openly; Then the difciples went away not to all the people, but unto again unto their own home. witneffes chofen before of God, even to us, who did eat and drink with him, after he arofe from the dead. And he commanded unto

Munday in Eafter-Week.

The Collect.


Athy only begotten Son Je- people, and to teftifie that it is fus Chrift, haft overcome death, he who was ordained of God and opened unto us the gate of to be the judge of quick and everlasting life; We humbly dead. To him give all the probefeech thee, that as by thy phets witness, that through his fpecial grace preventing us, Name, whofoever believeth in I thon doft put into our minds him, fhall receive remiffion of good defires, fo by thy continu- fins. al help we may bring the fame.

The Gofpel. S. Luke 24.13. to good effect, through Jefus Behold, two of his disciples

Christ our Lord, liveth went that fame day to a and reigneth with thee and the village called Emmaus, which


was from Jerufalem about of heart to believe all that the threefcore furlongs. And they prophets have spoken! ought talked together of all thete not Chrift to have suffered these things which had happened, things, and to enter into his And it came to país, that while glory? And beginning at Mo. they communed together, and fes, and all the prophets, he reafoned, Jefus himself drew expounded unto them in all near, and went with them. But the Scriptures, the things contheir eyes were holden, that cerning himself. And they drew they fould not know him. And nigh unto the village, whither he faid unto them, What man- they went; and he made as ner of communications are thefe though he would have gone that ye have one to another, further. But they conftrained as ye walk and are fad? And him, faying, Abide with us, the one of them, whofe name for it is towards evening, and was Cleopas, anfwering, faid the day is far fpent. And he unto him, Art thou only a went in to tarry with them. ftranger in Jerufalem, and haft And it came to pafs, as he fat at not known the things which meat with them, he took bread, are come to pass there in thefe and bleffed it, and brake, and days? And he faid unto them, gave to them. And their eyes What things? And they faid were opened, and they knew unto him, Concerning Jefus of him, and he vanifhed out of Nazareth, who was a prophet their fight. And they said one mighty in deed and word, be- to another, Did not our heart fore God and all the people: burn within us, while he talk and how the chief priests, and ed with us by the way, and our rulers delivered him to be while he opened to us the Scripcondemned to death, and have tures? And they rose up the crucified him. But we trufted fame hour, and returned to Je that it had been he, who rufalem, and found the eleven fhould have redeemed Ifrael: gathered together, and them and befide all this, to day is the that were with them, saying, third day fince these things The Lord is rifen indeed, and were done. Yea, and certain hath appeared to Simon. And women alfo of our company they told what things were made us aftonifhed, who were done in the way, and how he early at the fepulchre; and was known of them in breaking when they found not his body, of bread. they came, faying, that they had also seen a vifion of angels, which faid that he was alive. And certain of them who were


Tuesday in Eafter-Week.
The Collect.

with us, went to the fepul Almighty God, who thro

only begotten Son Jechre, and found it even fo as fus Chrift haft overcome death, the women had faid; but him and opened unto us the gate of they faw not. Then he faid everlasting life; We humbly unto them, O fools, and flow befeeeh thee, that as by thy




fpecial grace preventing us mercies of David. Wherefore thou doft put into our minds he faith alfo in another Palm, good defires, fo by thy con- Thou shalt not fuffer thine holy tinual help we may bring the one to fee corruption. For Dafame to good effect, through vid after he had ferved his own Jefus Christ our Lord, who li- generation by the will of God, veth and reigneth with thee, fell on fleep, and was laid unto and the Holy Ghoft, ever one his fathers, and faw corruption. God, world without end. Amen. But he whom God raised again, For the Epistle. Acts 13. 46. faw no corruption: Be it known IX En and brethren, chil- unto you therefore, men and

ME dren of the ftock of A- brethren, that through this

braham, and whofoever among man is preached unto you the

you feareth God, to you is the forgiveness of fins: and by him A word of this falvation fent. all that believe are juftified For they that dwell at Jerufa- from all things, from which ye lem, and their rulers, because could not be justified by the they knew him not, nor yet the law of Mofes. Beware there. voices of the prophets which fore, left that come upon you, are read every fabbath-day, which is fpoken of in the pro they have fulfilled them in con- phets; Behold, ye defpifers, demning him. And though they and wonder, and perifh: for I found no caufe of death in him, work a work in your days, a yet defired they Pilate that he work which you shall in no fhould be flain. And when wife believe, though a man dethey had fulfilled all that was clare it unto you. written of him, they took him down from and laid him in a repulchre. But God raised him from the dead: and he was feen many days of them

The Gospel. S. Luke 24. 36. Efus himself ftood in midst of them, and faith unto them, Peace be unto you. But they were terrified and which came up with him from affrighted, and fuppofed that Galilee to Jerufalem, who are they had feen a spirit. And he his witneffes unto the people. faid unto them, Why are ye And we declare unto you glad troubled, and why do thoughts tidings, how that the promise arife in your hearts? Behold my which was made unto the fa- hands and my feet, that it is I thers, God hath fulfilled the my felf: handle me, and fee; fame unto us their children, in ́for a spirit hath not flesh and that he hath raised up Jefus a- bones, as ye fee me have. And gain, as it also written in the when he had thus fpoken, he fecond Pfalm, Thou art my fhewed then his hands and his Son, this day have I begotten feet. And while they yet beliethee. And as concerning that ved not for joy, and wondred, he raised him up from the he faid unto them, Have ye dead, now no more to return here any meat? And they gave to corruption, he faid on this him a piece of a broiled fish, wife, I will give you the fure and of an hony-comb. And he


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